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Making the toddler sleep in a regular bed is risky as it is high up the ground, and without safety rails, you can fall on the floor and get hurt severely. When you are traveling and carrying your toddler along, we suggest you carry a toddler travel bed with you. A toddler travel bed is designed for easy inflation and deflation, and therefore, you can carry and store conveniently. Here is the list of the top 10 best toddler travel beds to choose from.


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10, Regalo Portable Toddler Bed

Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed, Includes Fitted Sheet, Royal Blue TOP 10 BEST TODDLER TRAVEL BEDS IN 2022 REVIEWS

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The toddler bed comes along with a fitted sheet to increase the practicality of this set. From pre-school cots, sleepovers, vacations, naptimes to playtimes, the bed is also suitable for several occasions for kids. Moreover, the lightweight bed helps parents to carry this inflatable bed while traveling. This toddler travel bed does not require any inflation.

The collapsible frame design also makes this bed easy to fold and unfold. Furthermore, the bed frame holds up to 75-lbs of weight. The steel frame makes this air mattress extremely durable and corrosion and rustproof. The sturdy frame makes this bed suitable to place on different terrains, like tiles, sand, and more. The heavy-duty and rip-resistant nylon fabric extends the lifespan of this bed.

  • Multi-purpose design for consumer comfort.
  • Easily collapsible design for easy storage.
  • Featherweight creation for enhanced mobility.
  • There is no con at all.


9, Hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed

hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed with Safety Bumpers | Portable Blow Up Mattress for Kids with Built in Bed Rail - Navy Blue

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This toddler travel bed makes inflation lesser time-consuming. So, the included air pump also takes a few seconds for inflation. Moreover, the thick vinyl top surface of the air mattress feels soft and offers resistance against punctures. The air bed is free of leads, BPA, and phthalates. The extra-large carry bag keeps all the travel bed and accessories in an organized manner while traveling.

The air mattress also offers a perfect fit for a wide variety of standard blankets and crib sheets. Furthermore, the reinforced air valve traps down air and keeps the mattress inflated for a night. This air bed is a cozy sleeping spot for toddlers above 24-months old. The welded-seams reinforce the construction of this air mattress.

  • Advanced resistive design for user satisfaction.
  • Multi-functional design for superior comfort.
  • Easy deflatable creation for enhanced portability.
  • There is nothing wrong.


8, Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed by Kenley

Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed with Sides - Kids Air Mattress for Camping or Home Use – Easy to Inflate Children's Air Bed - Fleece Blanket and Pump Included

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The toddler travel bed has the construction of child-safe and puncture-resistant PVC material. The high-quality air bed also retains the air almost a day. Moreover, the air mattress for kids is an ideal addition to your home, camping, and sleepover parties. The plush and tender velvet flocky layer of this bed deliver a plush touch to your baby’s skin.

The air bed also comes along with an electric air pump to offer faster inflation and deflation. The high side bumpers and low-ground design of this air mattress offer a safe sleeping place for children. Furthermore, the battery-electric pump only takes about a few seconds to inflate the air bed. The soft inflatable toddler bed is easily washable whenever needed.

  • Dynamic safety creation for enhanced safety.
  • Superior quality material for improved sturdiness.
  • Highly universal creation for consumer comfort.
  • There is no drawback.

7, hiccapop Inflatable Bed Rail for Toddlers

[2-Pack] hiccapop Inflatable Bed Rail for Toddlers | Travel Bed Rail, Blow-up Bed Bumper with Soft, Non-Slip Machine-Washable Cover | Portable Bed Rail for Hotel, Grandma's, Vacation

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If you are out of room for a toddler travel bed, then this inflatable bed rail is ideal for you. The skid-resistant flap also keeps the bedrails in the proper place while providing good sleep to toddlers. Moreover, the bedrails majorly work with most of the beds during sleepovers. The practical push-button design of the release valve helps users to deflate the bumpers in no time.

The bed rails also simply fit under most of the fitted bed sheets. Furthermore, the bedrails support pump-free installation. You can simply throw the covers into your washing machine to keep them clean. The bumpers have the construction of heavy-duty and thick vinyl material. The space-saving bedrails simply fold into a drawstring pouch for stress-free storage and transportability.

  • Hypoallergenic material for enhanced safety.
  • Easily foldable design for improved mobility.
  • Highly resistive features for longevity.
  • There is nothing negative.

6, Little Sleepy Head Toddler Bed

Little Sleepy Head Toddler Inflatable Bed, Perfect Kids Travel Bed, Toddler Cot for School, Kids Camping or Floor Bed with Bed Rails

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This air mattress for kids is just the right thing for camping, cots for schools, and a floor bed for home. The travel bed also makes inflation and deflation faster than other ordinary air mattresses. Moreover, the air bed has a universal design to fit a wide variety of standard cribs and toddler’s beds. The exterior frame of the air mattress works as the bedrails to ensure your toddlers’ safety.

The toy surface of this mattress also comes with thick, soft, and puncture-resistant vinyl material. Furthermore, for your children’s utmost safety, the air bed is completely free of phthalates, leads, and BPA. The strengthened seams prolong the lifespan of this inflatable floor bed. A carry bag holds all the accessories and this air mattress for hassle-free portability.

  • Featherweight design and deflatable for maneuverability.
  • Premium class material for strength and durability.
  • Highly versatile creation for added performance.
  • There is no such con.

5, Inflatable travel bed by Fabure

inflatable travel bed for kids Toddler camping or floor bed Portable Blow Up Mattress 3 colors

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The floor bed for kids comes with a 7-grid design. With the help of 7 different sections, this toddler travel bed also offers reliable and faster inflation. Moreover, the safety walls of the bed offer added safety to your toddlers. The strong sealed seams increase the safety and durability of this air mattress. This mattress consists of a leak-proof air valve to trap down the air for hours.

You can also use most of the standard crib with this air bed. Furthermore, from home, camps to other outdoor spaces, the air mattress lets your children feel like home while sleeping. The set includes an inflatable pillow, an electric air pump, and repair patches. This ultra-light yet sturdy inflatable travel bed holds up to 300-lbs of weight.

  • Superior quality material for added weight capacity.
  • Easy setup and foldable for enhanced transferability.
  • Enhanced resistant design for long-lasting comfort.
  • It does get dirty quickly.

4, Sleep by Grace Toddler Travel Bed

Sleep by Grace Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed with Safety Bumpers | Portable Blow Up Mattress for Kids with Built in Bed Rail

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This inflatable toddler travel bed set includes all necessary items to support stress-free storage as well as transportability. The air bed also comes with a thick and puncture-resistant vinyl top surface. Therefore, this air mattress provides your children with a cozy resting spot. Moreover, the provided air pump takes about 30-seconds to offer faster inflation. The welded seams and toughened air valve retain the air all night long.

The quick-release valve also does not let the air come out from the air bed. Furthermore, this air mattress for children works with most of the standard-sized blankets or crib sheets. The high safety walls of this air bed offer safety to your kids while sleeping. This mattress comes in a carrying bag and neatly stores additional accessories.

  • Multi-functional creation for consumer satisfaction.
  • Advanced spacious creation with added weight ability.
  • Toxic-free construction for improved safety.
  • It is a relatively new product.

3, Hugbino Toddler Travel Bed

Hugbino Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed - Kids Air Mattress - Portable Blow Up Bed for Children, Lightweight and Sturdy - Floor Beds and Mattresses for Youth, Durable Traveling Accessories for Toddlers

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With the help of high bed rails, the toddler travel bed offers enough safety to your little ones. This portable air mattress for kids also offers a perfect fit for most of the standard crib sheets. Moreover, the manufacturer brings you a universal hand pump. So, you can inflate this mattress quickly, almost everywhere. This blow-up bed supports rapid inflation and makes perfect gear for camping with children.

This air mattress also comes with a detachable inner mattress. So, you can simply remove this inner layer to offer convenient cleaning. Furthermore, the soft and luxurious velvet flocking of this air bed keeps your children warm and cozy while sleeping. You can use this travel bed as a floor bed for your home.

  • Easy detachable and deflatable creation for enhanced mobility.
  • Enhanced safety construction for consumer comfort.
  • Ergonomic design with improved resistant features.
  • There is no such con.

2, Sleepah Toddler Travel Bed

Sleepah Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed – Inflatable & Portable Bed Air Mattress Set –Blow up Mattress for Kids with High Safety Bed Rails. Set Includes Pump, Case, Pillow & Plush Toy (Coral)

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This travel toddler bed makes traveling with children fun for every parent. The air mattress also comes along with an electric pump, pillow, patching kit, and a drawstring pouch. Moreover, to keep your infants cozy and comfortable, the set brings them a small stuffed animal. The air mattress withstands the weight up to 300-lbs. The 7-section of the top flocky layer delivers a comfortable sleeping spot for little ones.

The leakage-proof valve also prevents the air from escaping. So, this bed retains its shape for hours. Furthermore, the high side bumpers ensure the safety of your children while sleeping. The bed is just the right sleeping spot for kids above 18-months old. This blowup mattress is perfect for children up to 4-feet.

  • Easy weight design for effortless durability.
  • Multi-functional design for user satisfaction.
  • Finest grade material for enhanced durability.
  • Jumping on the bed can reduce its lifespan.

1, Milliard Portable Toddler Travel Bed

Milliard Portable Toddler Travel Nap Mat

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The toddler travel bed comes along with a bumper. The convenient design of this little one’s bed also folds down into a briefcase-style carrying case. So, the portable bed is pretty much travel-friendly for adventure-loving parents. The waterproof cover of this baby bed makes cleaning trouble-free. Even, the cover offers resistance against accidental spilling. The zippered closure makes removal and putting on easier of this portable bed.

The inner surface of the bed also comes with luxurious and tender velour material. So, this inner sheet does not cause any trouble while cleaning. Furthermore, the nursery furniture with soft and padded bumpers keeps your infants safe while sleeping. The travel nap mat with Velcro flap closure makes folding stress-free for all.

  • Effortless setup and transferable design for comfort.
  • Anti-allergic creation for improved safety.
  • Easily maintainable design for a long-lasting experience.
  • There is no drawback at all.


Buying Guide For Toddler Travel Bed –

Here is the list of parameters a buyer should check.


Toddler travel beds are available in different designs including inflatable, air mattresses, and ready beds. You will have to see if it meets your requirements and allows you to have better convenience.


Consider the one that lets you have easy storage and portability. For this, you can see if it is available in a folding design. It must not come in a heavy design that makes it difficult to carry.


The construction has to be strong enough so that there will be reliable performance. You will have to see if it is composed of high-quality materials and has good strength. Some of it can also come with a cover that makes it ideal for everyday use.

Weight Capacity:

The weight capacity is one of the most important criteria that you will always have to see while buying a toddler travel bed. It has to be easy to use, and you will have to see if it has a higher load-bearing capacity.


You will always have to get a toddler travel bed according to the size of a child. Make sure that there will be a comfortable experience while traveling, and it must let you have easy transportation. You need to get the product according to the age range of your little one.


Select the one that offers superior comfort to your child. You will have to see if it includes sides so that you are baby will stay perfectly on the bed. In addition to this, you will have to see if it is safe to use.

You should definitely consider going through the buying guide so that you do not miss out on the parameters to check while you go through the products. The products are selected on various points so that you get the best value for your money. There are different types of toddler travel beds available to choose, and hence, you should go through the entire list before choosing the perfect one for your toddler.

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