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A rebar tier has outstanding performance, and you can use it in a wide range of projects. It lets you save time and is in a compact design. A rebar-tying tool has brushless motors that let you have easy operation, and it can be a perfect investment for professionals. It comes in innovative design and makes sure there will be cost savings. You can use it to have better convenience and make sure there will be increased productivity. The following list contains the top 10 best rebar tiers to choose from.


10, MAX USA RB398 Rebar Tier


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This rebar tier machine is very compact in size. The lightweight and handheld model also comes along with an ergonomic handle. So, you can work with this machine without stressing your arms. Moreover, the machine offers a one-hand operation. This machine can hold 21-ga of wire. The machine requires a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The wire-tying speed of the model takes less than 1 second.

The battery of this machine also comes with a maximum capacity of a 3.0-mAh battery. Furthermore, this machine with a single charge can knot wire up to 2000 times. This model provides 120 times wire knotting with each coil. This model is convenient enough to do tying jobs 5 times faster than the manual models. The machine comes along with a brushless motor to promote durability.

  • One-hand operation and quick tying.
  • Lightweight, compact, durable, and lasting battery.
  • Features tying speed less than 1-second.
  • It is a relatively new product.


9, MAX USA Rebar Tier

MAX USA Rebar Tier

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With the help of a large jaw size, this rebar tier provides faster tying than the other models. This model also offers the perfect dual-wire coiling. Therefore, the machine delivers a quick load magazine design. Moreover, equipped with a dual-wire feeding mechanism, this model provides faster and hassle-free tying. Therefore, this machine helps users to increase productivity. The enclosed design protects the model from getting moisture and debris.

The wire pull-back mechanism also discharges the right amount of wire for précised tying. So, the machine does not waste wire. The battery-powered model can tie wires up to 4000 times with a single charge. With the help of an easy-push gear release, the machine promotes faster and tangle-free wire feeding. The wire bending mechanism offers a shorter tie height to cover a wire tie.

  • Faster tying and dual-wire coiling.
  • Increases productivity with hassle-free operation.
  • The enclosed design protects from moisture and debris.
  • It is a completely new product.


8, Makita Brushless Rebar Tying Tool

Makita XRT01ZK 18V LXT Brushless Rebar Tying Tool

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This rebar tier machine requires a rechargeable 18-volt 5.0-mAh battery. You can also use this machine to tie wire knots for 5300 times with a single charge. Moreover, the machine has a brushless motor. Therefore, this model easily eliminates carbon brushes. However, the motor stays cool even after long-term use. This handheld model comes along with an ergonomic rubber handle to reduce fatigue.

With the help of the center load reel position, this machine also offers hassle-free wire management. Furthermore, the automatic feeding mechanism of this model makes it convenient to use in commercial workspaces. With the help of 2 operational modes, this unit supports both single and continuous wire tie actuation. The digital adjustment helps users to adjust the different tensile strengths.

  • BL brushes motor eliminates carbon.
  • Enables BL cooler to run cooler.
  • Fast, seamless wire reel easy-load.
  • There are a few reviews available.

7, Max TwinTier Rebar Tying Tool

Max RB441T TwinTier Rebar Tying Tool

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This rebar tier machine can tie wire knots up to 4000-times with a single charge. You can also use this machine to tie knots from 3X3 to 7X7mm. Moreover, you can use this model to tie steel rods faster than other ordinary models. This lightweight and handheld model helps you to use this machine for hours without stressing your arms.

This rebar tying tool also comes with a double-wire feeding mechanism. Therefore, this model can provide faster wire knotting to increase overall productivity. Furthermore, you can use this machine to tie knots for 240 times per coil of wire. The compact model makes both storage and transportation comfortable for users. This handheld rebar tying tool uses lesser wire to tie knots.

  • Double the speed and increases productivity.
  • Features 3 new innovative mechanisms.
  • Most efficient rebar tying tool.
  • It is also a new product.

6, Rebar Tier Tying Machine by cjc

Rebar Tier Tying Machine Automatic Steel Bar Rod Tying Binding Tool Handheld Electric Tying Tools with 2 Rolls of Tying Wires (Tying range: 8-34mm)

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This rebar tier comes with a rechargeable battery to automatically perform tying. The steel bar rod tying process of this machine also offers a faster and more convenient rod tying. Moreover, the ergonomic grip of this machine offers a comfortable grip for users. The machine works with a wire length range of 300 to 500mm. This model has a tying range of 8 to 34mm.

This machine also automatically reduces the labor by 3 to 5-times. Furthermore, this unit is very much efficient for the fields, like floor piping, civil building, and more. This model does not require any additional maintenance. With a single charge, this tying machine can knot wires up to 1500 times. This machine comes along with powerful 6600-mAh lithium-ion batteries.

  • Equipped with simple and convenient operation.
  • It features high efficiency and convenient maintenance.
  • A handheld machine without additional maintenance.
  • It is difficult to judge from reviews.

5, Rebar Tying Tool Kit,9.6V,16 ga.

Rebar Tying Tool Kit,9.6V,16 ga.

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The rebar tier with digital display delivers accurate tight regulation reading. Equipped with a high-quality motor, this machine also provides faster wire tying. Moreover, the sharp knife edge helps users to tie the rods with no difficulty. The handheld model comes with an ergonomic grip, and you can operate this device without hurting your arms. This automatic machine works with wires from 8 to 34mm diameters.

The automatic wire-tying of this machine also allows you to tie a single knot within 0.8-seconds. Furthermore, with a single charge, this device can tie knots up to 1000 times. The modularized spare parts of this machine make maintenance hassle-free. The rechargeable battery of this steel bar rod tying machine only takes about 1.5-hours.

  • Ergonomic design and comfortable operation.
  • Light and handy and reasonable design.
  • Intelligent settings with automatic tying.
  • It is a completely new product.

4, Makita Cordless Rebar Tying Tool Kit

Makita XRT01TK 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Rebar Tying Tool Kit (5.0Ah)

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The rebar tier works with most of the wires with a maximum diameter of 21mm. The cordless model also comes along with a brushless motor. Moreover, the battery-driven machine comes with an 18-volt rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Moreover, the motor of this unit simply gets rid of carbon brushes. Therefore, this motor works without generating heat. This machine can provide 5,300 ties with a single charge.

This machine also comes along with 2 different modes of operations. Furthermore, this unit provides both single and continuous wire tie actuation. Therefore, this model provides no-delay tying. The seamless wire reel convenient loading design of this unit provides an automatic lock mechanism. You can conveniently recharge this device within 45-minutes. The cushioned grip of this machine offers convenient operation.

  • Runs efficiently for longer life.
  • Equipped with an automatic locking mechanism.
  • Fast, seamless wire reel easy-load design.
  • There is no con at all.

3, BN Products Cordless Rebar Tier

BN Products Tiger BNT-40X Cordless Rebar Tier

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The rebar tier comes along with a powerful 18-volt lithium-ion battery. This handheld and cordless model also comes with a convenient carrying case. So, you can carry it to your workspaces. Moreover, this tying tool is very light in weight and offers fatigue-free and long-term use. With the help of a well-balanced design, this model helps users to pull the trigger with ease.

The easy-to-charge batteries also take a very lesser time to reach full charge. Furthermore, this model is convenient to tie up to 2 bars within a diameter of 20mm. The long-lasting battery of this model can deliver up to 5000 ties with a single charge. The zinc-plated housing extends the lifespan of this cordless model.

  • Comes with a  glove-friendly grip.
  • Compact design and very lightweight.
  • Comes in a tough molded carrying case.
  • There is no review available.

2, NEWTRY Automatic Rebar Tier

NEWTRY Automatic Rebar Tier 7-34mm 4400Mah Rechargeable Handheld Steel Bar Rod Tying Binding Tool Tightness adjustable 12.8V (MF-870 (4400MAh 0.28-1.34"))

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This battery-operated rebar tier requires powerful lithium batteries. So, the model also works for a very long time. Moreover, the unit comes along with 4400-mAh rechargeable batteries. This is a handheld model to make operation convenient for users. This machine helps users to offer convenient control over the length of the filament. So, this tying bar provides convenient line-length regulation.

You can also conveniently adjust the tightness of the steel bar. Furthermore, this model helps users to bind steel bars instantly and stably. This machine can conveniently finish a single knot within 0.8-seconds. By using a fully recharged battery, this model can provide 3000 knots. The copper motor extends the lifespan of this complete unit. With the help of an ultra-sharp knife edge, this tier helps users to cut iron wire in a faster and more convenient way.

  • Tightening regulation, line length regulation.
  • Sharp knife-edge and pure-copper motor.
  • Large-capacity lithium batteries work longer.
  • There are a few reviews available.

1, RSTJ-Sjef Handheld Rebar Tier Binding Machine 18.5V

RSTJ-Sjef Handheld Rebar Tier Binding Machine 18.5V

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This handheld rebar tier helps users rebar the steel bars in no time. This model is also suitable for tying steel bars within a diameter of 8 to 34mm. Moreover, this rod tying binding tool is able to reduce the labor of men up to 5-times. The combined plastic and metal construction make this machine exceptionally durable. The lithium-ion batteries take about 1.5-hours until full charge.

The machine also requires tying wire with a maximum diameter of 0.8mm. Furthermore, the machine offers a knot wire length of 300 to 500mm. This model provides a knot number of 1500 per charge. You can use this machine to finish a single knot within 0.8-seconds. This model comes along with pliers and a convenient carrying case.

  • High efficiency and convenient maintenance.
  • Reasonable structure and advanced craft.
  • Simple and very convenient operation.
  • It is a completely new product.


Buying Guide For Rebar Tier –

Check out the following points when you buy a rebar tier.

Speed –

The rebar tiers are designed to reduce the hassles of certain tasks. Therefore, the speed of the models is one of the major things you have to consider. A rebar tier with high-speed performance can make your job easier. These tools generally come with a wide variety of speed options. Most of the high-end models can take about 0.8-seconds to tie rebar. Nevertheless, if you are going for a rebar tier with lesser than this speed, it will definitely slow down your overall productivity.

Safety –

For each power tool, safety should be on the top of your priority list. These tools do not associate with some sharp objects, like drillers or blades, so they do not usually have any specific safety features to look for. However, it is good to check if the products you are going to purchase should match the safety standards. In this way, you can get a rebar tier without any malfunction.

Battery Capacity –

Backed up by rechargeable batteries, most of the rebar tiers last for hours usually. The hours of activation depend on the quality as well as the capacity of the batteries. Therefore, you need to pay additional attention to the battery service of particular power tools.

Different batteries come up with several different uses time after every single charge. Secondly, you need to keep an eye on the voltage usage of the batteries. However, the higher voltage indicates that the batteries are powerful. You can also look for a model with multiple batteries for your convenience.

Versatility –

The versatility of a tying tool depends on its different strengths of tying settings. Most of the machines offer different tying speeds. You can also choose these machines on the basis of your requirements and their customizable tying strength controller.

There are various types of rebar tiers available based on various specifications and parameters. When you buy, you need to be aware of the different parameters. That is why we have put together a brief buying guide so that you can understand those parameters and check them while going through the list of best rebar tiers we have hand-picked for you.

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