10 Best Leather Car Seat Covers in 2022 Review

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Do you want to maintain the seats of your car looking neat and new for a long time? You need to consider getting leather car seat covers. The leather car seat covers are durable and waterproof to ensure the seats do not contact dirt, spillage, or even sweat.

Although these covers are crafted to safeguard the seats, they are comfortable and have non slip materials to make sure the driver and passengers are comfortable. Some models come with pillows to offer neck and lumbar support, especially for long hour drivers. Here is our review for the best leather car seat covers on the market currently.

List of Best Leather Car Seat Covers in 2022

10. ANKIV Full Set Universal Fit 5 Seats Car Sedan SUV Seat Covers

ANKIV Leather Car Seat Covers

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Car seat covers with waterproof crafting are the best if you have small kids since they are easy to maintain in case of spillage. These ANKIV 5 seat covers are made with waterproof leather material that easily wipes any spillage or dirt. The other feature of these seat covers that stands out is that they have a universal fitting.

Meaning, you easily fit them on different cars as the sizing are compatible with multiple car seat models. The materials feature an infusion of durable PU leather plus rayon cotton that guarantees the seat covers’ durability. Other than durability, these car seat covers guarantee the users are comfortable as well; hence, they have head and waist pillow for support.

Special features

  • These car seat covers have a universal fit
  • They are spillage proof for easy cleaning
  • They offer support and comfort
  • Features eco-friendly materials

9. OASIS AUTO Leather and Fabric Car Seat Covers


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One crucial feature to note is that these car seat covers are made in varying colors. So it is easy to choose the color of covers that match your car interior. These seat covers are super durable as they have faux leather materials. The leather materials are waterproof such that you can easily wipe off any spillage on the seat.

The seat covers have a universal fitting, which makes it smooth to fit on multiple car seats. This means that you can use the seat covers in your truck, USV, or other small cars. I love these car seat covers because they fit seamlessly to give the car a neat look such that no one can notice you have installed seat covers.

Special features

  • These seat covers come with 30 days money refund
  • The covers come in over 100 colors
  • Comes with a video installation guide
  • Has quality faux leather materials

8. FH Group PU207GRAYBLACK102 Gray/Black Leatherette Car Seat Cushions

FH Group Leather Car Seat Covers

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I love these car seat covers because they have a high-quality design yet are affordable. The covers’ outstanding features are the 3D air mesh that ensures the user has enough airflow, especially during the hot seasons, and the middle perforation that adds cushioning for support.

These covers do not have the side parts to equip airbags for safety, which ensures the seat belt buckle fits nicely on the seat. These car seat covers are washable with a machine, which makes maintenance easy.

Special features

  • These car seat cushions have non slip design
  • Have thick padding for support
  • Have 3D air mesh design
  • The back sections of the covers have pockets

7. LUCKYMAN CLUB 5 Car Seat Covers Full Set with Waterproof Faux


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The matte black finishing on these car seat covers gives the car a sleek interior design without compromising the user’s comfort. These seat covers have anti-slip clothe materials for your comfort throughout the trip. The fitting on the seat is sleek as the cover fits firmly. One pack comes with five-seat covers, two for the front seats and three for the back area.

One crucial detail worth noting is that the front covers are compatible with airbags considering they are not fully covered to leave enough space to fit them. Cleaning these car seat covers is easy since they have waterproof leather materials. So, you can remove and clean with water. Other than securing your car seats, these covers are essential for support and comfort.

Special features

  • The seat covers have quality PP cotton for good fitting
  • Installing the seat covers is easy
  • Are water and tear-proof
  • These car seat covers have non slip material crafting

6. INCH EMPIRE Car Seat Cover-Water Proof Synthetic Leather Cushion

INCH EMPIRE Leather Car Seat Covers

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These car seat covers have universal fittings since you can equip them in all sedan SUV vehicles and trucks. The seat covers have durable and easy to maintain leather materials, plus they have a breathable design to allow airflow for comfort during the hot seasons.

These covers have multiple pockets to store small essentials like phones, chargers, or money for easy access. The seating and back sections are infused with cotton material that prevents one from slipping off the seat while seated. Each seat cover has a thickness of 0.99 mm to guarantee durability and ensure optimal protection of your car seats.

Special features

  • The seat covers come with a free replacement warranty
  • Have 9 mm thick sponge in the middle
  • Fitting the seat covers is easy
  • The seat covers facilitate airflow

5. Amooca VTI Universal Front Rear Car Seat Cushion Cover


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With Amooca VTI seat covers, you will not think of buying new car seat covers for many years since one pack of these consists of 10 pieces. The infusion of black and beige color makes these seat covers look great in any car model you equip them with. Speaking of car models, these seat covers have universal fittings, and thus you can use them with multiple car models, including trucks and trailers.

These car seat covers are made with comfort essential like the neck and waist pillows to support the lumbar and the neck. The colors of these seat covers are quite durable, so you don’t have to worry about the covers fading after using them.

Special features

  • Installing these car seat covers is easy
  • Comes with neck and waist pillows
  • These car seat covers have a beautiful finish
  • Have breathable materials

4. Luxury PU Leather Seat Covers, Front Seat Protector

Big Ant Leather Car Seat Covers

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If you need quality car seat covers to protect your truck’s front seats or trailer, I root for this brand. These covers are crafted with heavy-duty, durable PU leather material that is thick to secure the car seats for a very long time. The driver and passenger’s comfort is guaranteed since the covers have anti-slip rubber material construction at the back, plus have heat-insulated materials for support and comfort.

In case of spillage, all you need to do is wipe off with wet clothe since these covers have waterproof materials construction. These car seat covers are compatible with multiple car models ranging from trucks, SUVs, and trailers. They are super affordable since they cost less than 50 dollars!

Special features

  • The interior has heat-insulated clothe
  • Have anti-slip rubber materials
  • The cushions have a universal fitting
  • Are smooth and easy to clean

3. Black Panther Luxury PU Leather Car Seat Cover

Black Panther

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No need to walk around looking for car seat covers to equip your car since this Black Panther model is compatible with multiple small-sized types of cars. The seat cover is made of soft yet durable PU leather material that guarantees the driver’s comfort while securing your car seat for longevity.

Fitting the seat cover to the car takes a few minutes, thanks to the universal-fit design. This seat cover has a chuck and hooks that secure the cover firmly on the seat to prevent it from sliding, especially when you move on the seat. The cover has an unfinished style to ensure you can easily access the belt hook.

Special features

  • Are quality front seat covers
  • Have premium leather materials
  • Wraps all-round including the edges
  • Compatible with most small cars

2. FREESOO Car Seat Cover Cushions PU Leather

FREESOO Leather Car Seat Covers

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One pack has five pieces to fit a five-seater car. What makes this car seat covers outstanding is that they are safe and comfortable for all seasons. Although they have leather material crafting, the covers are comfortable and have breathable materials as well. The covers are compatible with small and large cars, plus they come with head and waist pillows for ample support.

The sides of the covers are open. In case you want to equip an airbag, you will have an easy time. The sponge materials on the interior provide a cushioning surface to sit and lean on, plus it helps to shape the cover when you install on the seats.

Special features

  • These seat covers are adjustable
  • Have zipper and Velcro connection modes
  • Have pillows for support
  • These seat covers come in multiple colors

1. Waterproof Universal Car Seat Cover Cushion

Big Ant

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Maintain the cleanliness and original texture of your car seats by equipping these PU leather seat covers. They are crafted in universal fitting, so you can easily install the covers on different car models. They are compatible with both small and big cars like a van.

The waterproof materials prevent any spillage from penetrating the seat while making it easy to maintain the cover. The cover has elastic bands and buckles for easy slipping on the seat and securing the seats.

Special features

  • These car seat covers have a universal fitting mode
  • Have quality materials construction
  • Have waterproof materials
  • The seat covers are easy to install


Keep your car seats clean from dirt, sweat, and other stains by equipping these durable and quality leather car seat covers. The covers come in different quantities where some models are packed for five car seats, others for the front seats, and others are packed as a piece for the driver seat only. These car seat covers have a universal fitting, making it easy to find most car seats for efficiency.

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