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Guns are certainly not cheap. For this reason, you need to protect them from rust and corrosion. Well, one of the best ways to keep your guns in perfect condition is to invest in the best gun safe dehumidifier. A top-notch gun safe dehumidifier does a great job of reducing humidity levels. It also gets rid of condensation and mildew. Moreover, this gun safe dehumidifier is effective enough to work nicely in a large enclosed room. This means it is also recommended for pantries, closets, boats, RVs, and more. In the following reviews, we have talked about highly-rated models to make sure you get nothing but the best unit.


10, Red Rock Desiccants Big Betty Gun Safe Dehumidifier

Big Betty Ultra High Capacity Gun Safe Dehumidifier - Desiccant - Dryer with Humidity Indicator Card TOP 10 BEST GUN SAFE DEHUMIDIFIERS IN 2020 REVIEWS

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One reason why the Big Betty Gun Safe Dehumidifier is highly rated is that it works well even with large safes. Most people also like it because it eliminates the need for those annoying wimpy can dehumidifiers. It contains nearly 2,500 grams (6 pounds) of bentonite clay, and it is made of sturdy fabric so it can deliver solid performance every time.

The good amount of bentonite clay allows this gun safe dehumidifier to absorb lots of water vapor. Furthermore, this gun safe dehumidifier comes with a humidity indicator card that lets you know the exact humidity level in your gun safe. Plus it is extremely easy to deal with. For instance, if the gun safe dehumidifier gets saturated, simply heat it in a convection oven so all the absorbed moisture can be driven out.

  • Comes with instructions to ensure easy use
  • Does a great job of reducing humidity in the gun safe
  • The humidity gauge lets you know when to recharge the dehumidifier
  • Because of its size, the dehumidifier may not be the best for small gun safes

9, SnapSafe 75900 110 Volt Rechargeable Gun Safe Dehumidifier

SnapSafe Rechargable Gun Safe Closet Pantry Dehumidifier - 110 Volt - Medium (75900)

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According to SnapSafe, this rechargeable gun safe dehumidifier is effective in spaces up to 333 cu. ft. This means it can do a great job not just in a gun safe but also closet, pantry, and other enclosed areas. It is rechargeable, and its voltage rating is 110V. It lasts up to 30 days on a charge and does not rely on batteries or cords to work. Needless to say, expect it to be very convenient to use.

Inside the dehumidifier, there are moisture-control crystals, which change color when the dehumidifier needs to be recharged. Furthermore, this gun safe dehumidifier features a moisture indicator, which informs you of the presence of humidity. The dehumidifier is so effective that it not only eliminates humidity but also gets rid of condensation and mildew.

  • Versatile; great for pantries, gun safes, and closets, etc
  • Eliminates condensation, humidity, and mildew
  • Has a moisture indicator
  • Can be used in a car to reduce condensation
  • None at the moment

8, SnapSafe 75901 110 Volt Rechargeable Gun Safe Closet Pantry Dehumidifier

SnapSafe Rechargable Gun Safe Closet Pantry Dehumidifier - 110 Volt - Large (75901)

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If you have even a larger space to keep free of humidity, you need to go for the SnapSafe 75901 110V Gun Safe Closet Pantry Dehumidifier. It is effective in spaces up to 500 cubic feet, and this makes it the perfect package for larger gun safes and enclosed areas. Another reason why you need to pick this gun safe dehumidifier over others is that it does not contain harmful chemicals.

Needless to say, the gun safe dehumidifier is safe for homes with kids and pets. It does not need cords or batteries to work, and it lasts up to 30 days on a charge. This means the dehumidifier is very much safer to use. It has moisture-control crystals that change from orange to green to let you know that it needs recharging.

  • Very simple to use
  • Keeps gun safes dry and nice
  • Works great up to 500 cubic feet
  • When plugged in, it takes longer than expected to dry out

7, SnapSafe Rechargeable Gun Safe Dehumidifier (75900)

SnapSafe 75900 Gun Safe Dehumidifier, Rechargeable

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Humidity, when not controlled, can make your gun safe rust and get damaged quicker than expected. That’s why you need the SnapSafe 75900 Rechargeable Gun Safe Dehumidifier. It is designed to absorb humidity from enclosed areas such as pantries, closets, and, of course, gun safes. By so doing, the SnapSafe 75900 model prevents mold and mildew, thereby, helping to extend the lifespan of your gun safe or wherever you have placed it.

It requires no cords to work plus it is very convenient to use. It has moisture-control crystals that change color to show you that it needs recharging. Well, if you notice that the gun safe dehumidifier needs recharging, simply plug it in so the crystals can dry out and the dehumidifier can work as effectively as before. The dehumidifier is available in two sizes to choose from, and these are medium and large.

  • Works well in keeping gun safes moisture-free
  • Available in two sizes; medium and large
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • May arrive with some issues, but both the seller and manufacturer are great

6, SnapSafe Rod

SnapSafe 12 Inches Gun Safe Dehumidifier Rod – Eliminates Condensation, Mildew, Humidity and Dampness, Maintenance-Free Coverage up to 100 cubic feet, Prevents Rush and Corrosion

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SnapSafe is a well-known company that produces a variety of safe sizes and accessories such as racks and organizers. They also manufacture lock boxes and specialty safes, which can be stored under beds, in vehicles, or in walls. That being said, it is no surprise that this dehumidifier rod is highly rated. It is available in 3 different sizes, including 12”, 18”, and 24”.

These various sizes allow you to pick what best meets your needs. It is important to note that the larger the size, the more the space this dehumidifier keeps dry and nice. That being said, a 12-inch dehumidifier rod produces 7 watts, which is enough to dry around 100 cubic feet of space. The dehumidifier rod can be stored either horizontally or vertically. Ideally, you should note that it is designed for indoor use only.

  • Installation is easy and straightforward
  • The price point is low
  • Works exactly as advertised
  • Can be installed a bedroom wardrobe
  • The plug leaves a lot to be desired

5, Hornady 12” Electronic Gun Safe Dehumidifier Rod (95903)

Hornady 95903 Electronic Gun Safe Dehumidifier Rod (12"),Black

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Rust and corrosion should be the least of your concern when you have a gun safe. After you have bought the gun safe, simply get the Hornady 12” Electronic Gun Safe Dehumidifier. It is designed to keep your gun safe dry and nice by making sure rust and corrosion are always at bay. It is easy to use since all you need to do is plug it in and then begin using it.

Since it is 12 inches long, this gun safe dehumidifier rod is effective up to 100 cubic feet. This means it is not just great for gun safes but also can be used in an enclosed area. It is vital to note that once you have plugged in this dehumidifier rod, do not touch it. Also, you should note that you can remove the plug to install the cord through narrow openings and holes.

  • The removable plug is amazing
  • Works great in keeping humidity out
  • It is shipped very fast
  • Not the best for larger safes

4, Hornady 95900 Rechargeable

Hornady Rechargeable Gun Safe Dehumidifier 95900

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The specifications of this gun safe dehumidifier are a shipping weight of 2 pounds; a width of 4.1 inches; a length of 6 inches, and a height of 1.5 inches. What’s more, this gun safe dehumidifier is DOT regulated plus it is effective enough to keep an area up to 333 cubic feet nice and dry. Because of its effectiveness, the Hornady 95900 Rechargeable Gun Safe Dehumidifier is ideal for gun safes, closets, and pantries.

It has a quick-connect bracket that makes it extremely easy to mount. The gun safe dehumidifier also features moisture-control crystals that change color to show you that it is time to recharge it. Once this dehumidifier is plugged in, crystals will dry out, thereby, renewing its effectiveness. The Hornady 95900 Rechargeable Gun Safe Dehumidifier does not contain any chemicals; hence, it is safe for children and pets.

  • Keeps rust away from guns
  • Easy to use, and it recharges quickly
  • Does not take up valuable space
  • Easy to set up
  • Crystals may not change as written in the instructions, but the manufacturer is very helpful

3, Zarpax 4-Pack Reusable Outdoor Gear

Zarpax Reusable Outdoor Gear and Gun Safe Dehumidifier, 4-Pack

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When you first see these gear & gun safe dehumidifiers, the first thing you will notice is a unique design. All of them are in a camo print design, which makes them look really great in any gun or outdoor gear safe. As if that’s not enough, these gear & gun safe dehumidifiers are perfectly sized to easily fit in tight areas. This means you can put them in different drawers or compartments.

Like other premium gun safe dehumidifiers, the Zarpax 4-Pack Reusable Outdoor Dehumidifiers have an indicator. The indicator turns pink to show you that it is time to recharge the dehumidifiers. And when the dehumidifiers are fully recharged, the indicator turns to blue. These dehumidifiers will never leak or leave ugly stains, which might damage your gun safe, ammo, bag, or case.

  • Dehumidifiers have good absorbency
  • Great for ammo cabinets and gun safes
  • Simple and convenient to use
  • Easy to know when recharging is required
  • May arrive not working/recharging as promised, but the manufacturer is helpful

2, INTERTECK Silica Gel Desiccant Dehumidifier (2 Pack)

INTERTECK PACKAGING Dry Disc - 40 Gram, 2-5mm Premium Orange to Green Silica Gel Desiccant Dehumidifier for Gun Safe, Electronics, and Filament Dryer - Rechargeable (2 Pack, Indicating), 3 Cubic Feet

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One drawback of most gun safe dehumidifiers is that they may fail to work or recharge as expected. That being said, we are over the moon to note that INTERTECH provides a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee on these silica gel desiccant dehumidifiers. The guarantee allows for a hassle-free full refund or replacement in case you are far from happy with your purchase.

The silica gel dehumidifiers are designed for moisture control and will play a huge role in preventing corrosion, mold, rust, and mildew from attacking your gun safe. Better yet, they are not just ideal for gun safes but also recommended for clothing, ammo cans, jewelry, firearms, photos, electronics, documents, books, cameras, and more.

They contain silica gel desiccant beads, which are reusable and change color from orange to green. What’s more, these gun safe dehumidifiers come with recharge instructions to provide you with information on how to recharge and use them.

  • Dehumidifiers come with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee
  • They come with recharge instructions
  • Versatile; great for gun safes, offices, homes, RVs, boats, stores, etc
  • None at the moment

1, PEET Safekeeping Dryer and Dehumidifier for Gun Safes and Cabinets

PEET, SafeKeeping Dryer and Dehumidifier for Gun Safes and Cabinets

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The 5-year warranty proves that PEET expects this dryer & dehumidifier to last. The manufacturer is also confident that this dryer & dehumidifier will exceed your expectations year in year out. To take advantage of the warranty, all you need to do is register the dryer within 10 days after purchase. What’s more, this safekeeping dryer & dehumidifier is extremely easy to use.

Simply install it, plug it in and then forget about it. Installation instructions are included to make sure you have no problem setting it up. Although it is powerful and effective, this dryer & dehumidifier quietly get rid of humidity from safes. It also works great in cabinets and any enclosures up to 80 cubic feet. It does not consume a lot of energy to get the job done. To put this into perspective, the unit uses less electricity than a standard light bulb.

  • Works great in reducing humidity levels
  • The dryer is easy to install
  • It is delivered on time
  • A bit large; hence, it might take up valuable space in small safes

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Gun safe dehumidifiers are not just designed for gun safes and ammo cans but also ideal for pantries and closets. There are different types of gun safe dehumidifiers. And these include those that are recharged in the microwave and those recharged directly by plugging them in. Regardless of what you are looking for, we have it here.

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