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One can have better convenience with gas struts as it allows for easy opening and closing of doors and windows. It has elastic deformation and can withstand powerful external force. It is also suitable for automobiles, office chairs, and other appliances. There are different forms of gas struts and you will have to get the one according to your usage. It usually includes a shock absorber and a spring that helps to support the weight. With it, you don’t have to worry about an impact due to any kind of irregularity. The following list contains the top 10 best gas strut available online.


10, Gas Prop Lift Springs Rod Struts by Red Hound Auto

(2) 20 Inch 60 lbs Gas Prop Lift Springs Rod Struts Heavy Duty Tool Box Lid Top RV Pair TOP 10 BEST GAS STRUTS IN 2022 REVIEWS

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This pair of gas struts come with a diameter of 6mm. You can also adjust the length of the struts from 12 to 20-inch. Moreover, the auto gas-powered lifting process effectively reduces your physical level during lifting or opening cabinets and doors. Therefore, the gas props come with a maximum stroke length of 8-inch. Derived from heavy-duty metal construction, these durable gas-spring struts are free of deformation.

Each of the struts also comes with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 60-lbs. Furthermore, you can simply mount the lift support by using 10mm ball mounts. So, you can use this tool for lifting the RV bed cover, tonneau cover, boat latch and more.

  • Suitable for multiple lifting jobs.
  • Supports ball-mounting installation.
  • Supports automatic gas-powered lifting process.
  • There is no such drawback.


9, Apexstone Gas Struts

Apexstone 45N/10lb 10 inch Gas Struts,Gas Springs,Gas Strut,Lift Support,Gas Shocks,Lid Stay,Lid Support

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This pack of 4 pieces of gas struts helps you with different lifting jobs. You can also extend the length of the gas proper from 9 to 16-inch. Moreover, you can open a lid or lift the doors at the angle up to 100-degree. Each strut withstands up to 10-lbs of lifting pressure. The gas-spring mechanism helps you to operate the opening or closing functions like a breeze.

The struts with the help of included screws also support stress-free installation. Furthermore, the gas props are suitable for the door or cabinet with a maximum weight of 11-lbs. These 10-inch gas props provide lifting support to cabinets or doors of residential places.

  • Suitable for different domestic lifting purposes.
  • This comes with an extendable strut length.
  • It comes with a gas-spring mechanism.
  • It is slightly difficult to put together.


8, Apexstone 15inch Gas Strut

Apexstone 2pcs 300N/67LB 15inch Gas Spring/Prop/Strut/Shock/Lift Support with L-type Mounts (300N)

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This pair of gas struts independently can hold up to 65-lbs. You can also adjust the length of the gas props from 9.06 to 14.96-inch. Moreover, the struts all together can withstand the weight up to 165-lbs. The best working temperature range of the tools starts from -10 to 40-degree Celsius. Therefore, you can easily lift objects, like RV under-bed storage, car lids, trailers, beds and trap doors.

You can also lift doors or cabinets from 90 to 120-degree. Furthermore, you can simply move the mounting points from 20mm to 75mm. Therefore, the contracted gas props can produce a pressure pull of 65-lbs. These tools effectively work with toy chests.

  • It comes with a wide working temperature range.
  • Suitable for different automobile lifting parts.
  • Withstands a large amount of weight.
  • There is no instruction available.

7, Maxpow Gas Struts

Maxpow C16-10944 C1610944 35.43 Inches Gas Prop Force 80 Lbs Per Prop Camper Rear Window Tonneau Cover Lift Supports Struts

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This set of 2 gas struts is perfect for universal lift support. These gas props also can individually take the load of 80-lbs. Moreover, you can simply extend the length of the equipment from 19.29 to 35.43-inch accordingly. Therefore, the pair of struts can jointly take the weight up to 160-lbs. The tubes involve the construction of heavy-gauge steel material.

With the help of Teflon backup rings, the gas props also come with extended lifting pressure capacity. Furthermore, you can use these struts to lift windows, tonneau cover, camper rear windows and more. The struts take a few minutes to install and make your lifting job easier for years.

  • Supports hassle-free, with the no-time installation.
  • It comes with Teflon backup rings.
  • Compatible with most of the cabinets, doors.
  • It is not suitable for heavy-duty work.

6, DerBlue Gas Strut

DerBlue 4 Pcs 100N/22.5lb Gas Strut Lift Support Cabinet Door Lift Pneumatic Support

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The set includes 4 pieces of gas struts. The gaskets also come with a copper-layered gasket to work efficiently than the rubber ones. Moreover, the gas props are perfect for lifting cabinet doors with precision. Therefore, each tool can take a maximum weight of up to 22.5-lbs. You can effortlessly adjust the length of the struts up to 10.5-inch.

The gas props also come along with the high-quality piston and brass conductor. Furthermore, you can simply operate the lifting up to 100-degree. The props work efficiently to control the lifting or opening of the cabinets, overhead cabinets, boxes and doors with precision. The metal struts come with a high-quality satin silver polished finish.

  • Comes in a pack of 4.
  • Mostly works with different cabinets, doors.
  • It comes with an unusual copper gasket.
  • It needs considerable effort.

5, Suspa Gas Prop Struts

Suspa C16-08316 C1608316 20" Gas Prop, Quantity (2), Force 40 Lbs Per Prop, Force Per Set 80 Lbs, Camper Rear Window, Tonneau Cover Lift Supports, Window Lift Support, Struts, Made in USA

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This pair of gas struts come along with the fitting style of 10mm nylon ball sockets. These gas props are also length adjustable up to 20-inch. Moreover, the equipment can separately withstand a maximum 40-pound of pressure. The compressed length of these tools is of 11.8-inch. On the other hand, you can extend the length of the props up to 19.7-inch.

You can also use these struts lifting various parts of automobiles and windows. Furthermore, the equipment works best for lifting camper rear windows, residential windows, tonneau covers and more. Therefore, you can simply install the gas struts against ball mounting brackets. The durable gas props involve industrial-grade steel construction.

  • Ideal for lifting different glass windows.
  • It offers almost hands-free lifting.
  • Suitable for different domestic lifting purposes.
  • There is no con as such.

4, Gas Strut by ARANA

C1608054 20" Gas Prop Force 100 Lb Per Prop Camper Shell Window Truck Tonneau Cover RV Bed Box Lid Lift Support Struts Shocks 2Pcs 20 inch 200 Lb Per Set ARANA

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The gas-spring mechanism of the gas struts independently can take the load of 100-lbs with ease. Each strut also comes with a maximum length of 20-inch. Moreover, the high-density steel cylindrical design of the equipment stands for durability. Therefore, the high-quality sealing of the can withstand the lifting process up to 20,000 times.

The high-pressure bearing power of the struts also helps you to hold up to 200-lbs of weight. Furthermore, the deformation-free gas props are suitable for several DIY projects. Therefore, you can use these lifters for bed cover, tonneau cover, truck canopy, RV bed, tanning bed and more. These gas props are perfect for different DIY lifting projects.

  • It comes with heavy-duty steel material construction.
  • The arms are entirely deformation-free.
  • It comes with a gas-spring lifting mechanism.
  • It needs a little bit of extra pressure.

3, ARANA 15-Inch Universal Lift Gas Strut

ARANA 15-Inch Universal Lift Supports Struts/Gas Spring Prop Force 300N/65LB Per Shock for RV Bed Platform/Floor Hatch/Outdoor Bench/Cabinet/Tool Box/Truck Canopy/Camper Shell Cover Lid Door, 2 Pcs

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With the wide variety of weight-lifting capacity, the set of gas struts solely withstands up to 135-lbs of weight. You can also adjust the length of these tools from15 to 35-inch. Moreover, you can use the lift support for garbage shed, shed lid, inbuilt trash bin lid, trap door and so on. Therefore, the equipment fits most of the domestic and commercial-grade lifting needs.

You can also lift the door or cabinet at different angles from 90 to 150-degree. Furthermore, you can simply use this tool with a tanning bed cover, boat hatch, RV bed platform, outdoor bench lid and more. Each of the arms can take a maximum weight of 65-lbs.

  • Ideal for countless lifting jobs.
  • Suitable for different DIY applications.
  • It comes with heavy lifting capacity.
  • There is no con at all.



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Equipped with gas-spring technology, this lift support is suitable for lifting medium to heavy car lids. With the help of two L-shaped mounting plates, the gas strut also supports stress-free mounting. Moreover, the equipment comes along with 4 screws with holes to offer hassle-free installation. Therefore, the 2 pieces of gas struts can withstand up to 120-lbs of weight.

You can also use the equipment on various surfaces with no difficulty. Furthermore, the length of the machine is adjustable from 9 to 15-inch. You can open this tool within 90 to 130-degree. Therefore, you can open various barriers or lids with ease. The tool works best for windows or toy-set.

  • Consists of a gas-spring mechanism.
  • Wide variety of angle opening.
  • Wide range of extendable arm length.
  • There is no negative point.

1, Suspa 20″ GAS STRUT

Suspa C16-08054 C1608054 20" Gas Prop, Quantity (2), Force 100 Lbs Per Prop, Force Per Set 200 Lbs, Camper Rear Window, Tonneau Cover Lift Supports, Window Lift Support, Made in USA

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This set includes a pair of gas struts. The lift support is also very much versatile. So, you can use this equipment to lift windows, tonneau covers and more. Moreover, the gas prop has a compressor length of 300mm from center to center. The tool offers a maximum extended length of 500mm from center to center.

The gas prop also individually can withstand the weight of 100-lbs. Furthermore, with the help of nylon ball sockets, the equipment makes the lifting jobs lesser hectic. For application, you have to use 2 ball brackets individually for each piece. The lift support is suitable to hold the trailer tilted with a 900-lbs of a motorcycle.

  • A huge lifting capacity.
  • Works with most of the windows.
  • Ideal for lifting parts of automobiles.
  • There is no such con to point out.


Buying Guide For Gas Struts –

Check out the following points when you opt for a gas strut.

Purpose –

You must know your purpose before buying a gas strut. Make sure that it must have a smooth opening and closing action. Consider your need if you require it for doors, windows, or for your vehicle. Some will also allow you to use it for your chairs. You need to have a clear idea of the action so that you can have a smooth operation. Calculate the right gas spring and use a gas spring calculator to see if it fits the purpose.

Types –

There are two types of gas struts, adjustable gas struts, and compression gas struts. Adjustable struts have maximum internal pressure making them deliver outstanding performance. This will let you de-gas it according to your needs and does not require any prior force calculation. When it comes to compression gas struts, it is like a traditional compression spring. It allows you to use it for different applications and helps to store the energy. Both the designs come with their own functionality and you will have to see carefully if it suits your needs.

Adjustability –

We have already discussed adjustable gas struts. The feature of adjustability will let you use it conveniently even when the force is unknown. It comes in a pre-set and lets you have maximum force. It is also perfect for fine-tuning when you mount the gas strut. Adjustable gas strut helps to lower the force with the release valve at the end.

Construction –

Keep an eye on the overall construction and then make your buy. You need to see if it is durable enough, that allows you to use it for a long time. It must deliver reliable performance so that you can have peace of mind. Stainless steel struts can be ideal for corrosive environments. You can even use it for marine use as you don’t have to worry about corrosion.

Fixed Force –

With fixed force, you can have an exact match and switch to the fixed force gas struts. It is perfect for powerful purposes and lets you use it for different functions. This is an important aspect and provides a better advantage.

Mounting –

Always get a gas strut that lets you mount it conveniently. Look for the one that comes with all the necessary hardware that lets you have easy mounting. The primary mounting points are moving and fixed.


We have seen the functionalities of different types of gas struts. You can now easily select the one that meets your needs. However, do consider some of the important features while making your selection. Consider the one that comes with an adjustable push-in force so that you can have maximum convenience. Make sure it comes with an extended stroke and includes at least two must integrate the different suspension parts and have compact assembling. Most importantly, you will have to see the construction and see if it has the ability to deliver heavy-duty performance.

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