10 Best C Shaped Tables in 2021

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An essential piece of furniture, “the C shaped table” in the current era of urban apartment living. We cannot afford to miss this sleek article in confined modern homes. This piece has numerous reasons to be liked by the present generation. They perfectly fit the mold in every sense, can be fitted in any room, any corner of the house, it can be put to multipurpose use and how easily it can be transported around the house as per the need. Their comfort is just too likable to be ignored. This small but multi-faceted small C shaped table can unknowingly help in keeping the small crumbs of food and bits of paper away when you are relaxing on your couch and eating or writing something.

You place these super wonderful tables near your activity area and it will be just a simple stretch to get access to your wants. You needn’t be disturbed by getting up and moving around to get the books and other things needed. The best part is you would wonder how the room would look diligent regardless of many books being removed and being used.  Here, offering you the best of the choices available around the market. Conferring the top 10 ‘C’ shaped tables of 2021.

Top 10 Best C shaped table in 2021 Review

10. Topeakmart C-shaped Side Sofa Snack Table

Topeakmart C-shaped table

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The fantastic C-shaped table is an excellent snack table. The super solid wooden top makes it a wonderful choice. No qualms about the overall style as it can gel with any house model. To make it more stylish and likable materials like faux leather and sponge are used.  Its suave design doesn’t make it an odd one at home. It very well suits any interiors. This buy would not seem impulsive and cause much of a worry with regards to the other dedicated wooden pieces. The lustrous polish makes it really a smart one.


  • An ideal side-table
  • The frame is of Iron and the board of MDF.
  • Its length is12 inches, width is 8.3 inches and height is 21.3 inches.
  • The stain-resistant property makes it highly durable.
  • It can be easily assembled as well.
  • The C side table weighs 4.2 lbs.

9. Kings Brand Metal Snack Side Sofa Table

Kings Brand

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Kings Brand has crafted this C-shaped table with the faux marble top. The base material is polished black metal. It is a treat to the eyes to wonder how such a pleasing piece was created. It weighs 8.45 pounds.

The quality is just inarguable with the materials being used. The space needed is just minimal. This rectangular table has a conveniently big top.  Why should you leave your cozy space just to have breakfast? You very well can keep the breakfast and your tea/coffee and have it comfortably on the sofa.


  • The top is a faux marble made.
  • The base is a finished black metal.
  • It’s rectangular and large enough to accommodate the snack and drink.
  • The placement can help you enjoy your beverage without any much movement which is not possible with the usual tables.
  • Easy assembling process as well.
  • Length x width is 16 x 10.25 inches. The height is 24.25 inches.

8. HOMFA Bamboo Snack Table

HOMFA C-shaped table

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You need to have it with you to experience its beauty and utility. You are mesmerized by its look and if you are do not step back, go ahead and buy one. Believe us, it is worth every dime. Unlike others, it is a 100 percent eco-friendly, bamboo made table. How can you not get attracted by this beauty spot? The design aspect is aimed to make it the best available C side table amongst in the market. It is feather-lite and minimal space is required. This ensures it stays comfortably next to you when you are resting in your luxury on your sofa. It supplements to be an artifact in your abode in the main hall. HOMFA’s creation is by far gracious enough to beat any other C shaped table.


  • The only material used is Bamboo.
  • No expertise needed to assemble, it’s simple.
  • The design complements the home.
  • Whether home or office or reading room, it can adjust to any place.
  • Effortless assembling process.
  • It itself is a feather on the cap, can also add to the beauty with a vase or similar kind.
  • The bottom shelf provides an extra storage facility.

7. Reclaimed Wood Look Finish Chrome Snack Side End Table


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This C side table is a multi-functional product. You can use it as you want, as a table to place a lamp or to decorate your room, can place a vase, anything. It can be called a black beauty due to its excellent finish in black and the faux gives a nice tabletop look. The carpenters have a very well designed and ideal C side table. The topmost point is it requires very little space so no much thought needed in its placement. Secondly, it is lightweight. The main purpose is to make it portable. The finishing black color and the faux regained wooden top is the best quality. Hence this table is wonderfully durable.


  • The metal frame makes it durable and stable.
  • The faux reclaimed wood and the black finish steal your heart.
  • It can be utility friendly or can become a décor, it’s your think-fit formula
  • Dimensions are 25 x14x 2.6 inches.
  • Weight is 7.25 pounds.

6. C-Hopetree Sofa Side Table

C-Hopetree C-shaped table

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The catchy thing about this side table is its style combined with functionality, which demands full marks. So, your living room has an additional makeover. This table will trick you by its capacity of sheltering in a beverage, a book or a snack or a lamp et al. You can very well call it a unique table, with the way the manufacturers have made them. It’s designed to be tall so that you can use it for eating your food. Nevertheless, keeping it lightweight and durable as well. Steel is used for making it durable and long-lasting along with a matte finish for the top and the entire frame.


  • Steel makes it sturdy and stable.
  • Visually appealing due to its black matte finish
  • Hassle-free assembling.
  • Total weight is 8.2 pounds and the carrying capacity of the shelf is 25 lbs.
  • Dimensions are width 14 inches, height 34 inches, length 20 inches

5. Weathered Grey Finish Expandable Snack Side End Table


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This particularly crafted table is phenomenally artistic. What can one expect if a product settles neither the style nor the function? You can blind-folded place it in the living room.  What when it wins its place next to your sofa? Anything can gain access on it, be it your phone or your laptop or the lamp on a snack plate and there you get your composure. Why rise up, when you can stretch and get what you want. The weathered finish in grey makes it very attractive and the wooden table-top resembles the reclaimed one. Its weight ensures easy movement from one spot to the other, wherever it’s needed. The compact nature saves space. The durable metal frame makes it stable.


  • The top is wood and the frame is metal.
  • Expandable table-top to the right or left on the space availability.
  • Weathered grey finish.
  • Dimensions are 25 x 12 x 24 inches.
  • Ideal for serving beverages, placing a lamp or gadgets. Additionally, can serve as a display piece or a decorative piece.
  • It weighs 14.2 pounds.

4. Ameriwood Home Crane Glass Top C Table

Ameriwood Home C-shaped table

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This table is simply superb because it takes care of your relaxation on the sofa as well when you are at work or studying, to have you enjoy your snack or a drink. You can be assured that you can enjoy your TV time or movie time cozily. A blend of its finish in black and the latest design makes it look stunning. It has a glass top and black coated metal. Apart from being durable, stable, strong, and absolutely lightweight and trimmed look to make it an excellent table to be placed next to the sofa.


  • A trimmed style to make it compact.
  • Weight is 11 pounds.
  • Dimensions are 23.65 x 15.75 x 15.75 inches.
  • The top is of glass and the frame is of metal
  • It can carry up to 10 lbs to hold any simple book, laptop, drink etc.
  • Easy assembling.
  • The powder-coated black metal makes it delightful and also stable, sturdy and durable.

3. GIA C Shape Side End Table


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The noticeable feature of this product is that it has a wooden top and a wooden bottom. Hence, can be used to very well place a phone or a beverage or a snack and laptop. The base won’t go waste, you can use the extra space to keep the books. In spite, of its double storage space – the top and bottom, the place required to keep it is just minimal. Due to this, it can very well accommodate in any corner of any room. The leg of this table can be easily slid under the bed, sofa or chair for easy reach. The overall metal frame and the faux wood uplift the quality and make it a durable piece.


  • Double utility in a single piece – top and bottom.
  • No special tools needed for assembling.
  • It’s multipurpose – can be kept at home or used in gatherings.
  • Dimensions are 24.6 x 17.7 x 11.8 all in inches.
  • It has a stable metal frame and the top and bottom made up of faux wood.
  • The best solution for the lack of space in smaller homes.

2. Monarch Specialties I 3008  Accent Table

Monarch C-shaped table

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Monarch Specialties have come up with an excellent piece to simplify life. With this table by your side, you need not worry about a place to snack or drink. At the same time, the tidiness is taken care of without any spills or crumbs on the floor.  One needs to just wipe the tabletop after the meal. It is simply outstanding and sturdy. and long-lasting. The table quality makes it stand out in the market, hence a highly recommended product in today’s times. With the other products of the Monarch Specialities brand, this table has lived the time cycle. The modern-day design is its added advantage. The company has used both the hollow board and the chrome.


  • Easily portable due to its weight of 29 pounds only.
  • The top dimensions are 23.8 x 15.8 x 10.2 inches.
  • Can be used as a corner piece for handy things or a snack table.
  • It looks sophisticated because of its table-top look made of dark taupe.
  • Place a meal, a snack or any of your gadgets, it can carry it all.
  • The chrome metal base makes it stylish and sturdy, but slim legs allow it to slide under the chair or sofa.

1. Coaster Home Furnishings 901007 Rectangular Snack Table

Coaster Home Furnishings Store

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This table brightens up the living room or any room it occupies. It can easily slip under the sofa or another table, due to its wonderfully slim structure. The bottom gives you space to accommodate books, magazines. It makes the room look organized and beautiful. Its structure ensures it takes up minimal space for it to stand comfortably and be compact. The top surface serves many purposes to hold many things. It is absolutely lightweight, portability is not an issue at all.  The faux wood on the top and bottom and the metal body for the frame ensures stability and durability.


  • Faux wood is used both at the top and bottom.
  • Weight is 10.2 pounds, dimensions are 12 x 19.75 x 24 inches.
  • It has a metal frame.
  • Assembling is like a cakewalk.
  • Use it as a snack table or an end table.


If picking a C shaped table for the living room, it must definitely be stylish. It should be easily reachable when there are guests or visitors, so needs to be presentable.  Additionally, a few more things should be considered before you buy out one. The main point is the dimension and sees to it that it fits into your thought-out mold. Also, the budget, must fit into and most importantly the purpose you want to use it for. We have chalked out a list of best C shaped tables for the year 2021, so now it’s your job to dig into the options and select the most suitable one.  Get one surely to experience its comfort.

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