- Last Updated : August 16, 2019

Top 10 Best Video Conference Cameras in 2019

Seeing whom you are talking to and their seeing you is importan in video calls. One of the top 10 best video conference cameras in 2019 will help you display your image better than ever.

Once you employ one of these cameras, you should look professional as well as good to your other participants. To make a better impression on business clients, you need one of the top quality video cameras to handle your video conference calls.

It is not first impressions only that help spark confidence in you and your business.

Our video conference cameras review

Top 10 Best Video Conference Cameras in 2019

10. Huddly GO Video Conferencing Camera

Huddly GO Video

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Using aplug andplay video camera makes your video cnferences eaiser to set up. Just plug them in and turn them on and you are good to go. This camera can use both USB 2 & 3 when yu update the software.

Once installed this camera provides up to 150 degree viewing angles and 4x zoom. Your clients can see what you are showing them as well as getting a very close look of your materials. A 180 degree flip feature is also built into this camera.

That feature corrects the view if you attach this camera upside down. Regular updates are available ot make sure this camera remains up to dat and producing top quality images for you.

9. Huddly GO Video Conferencing Camera

Huddly GO Video Conferencing

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Get the right qualit of images and video when you turn to the right video camera equipment. This equipment makes sure your video data is transfered correctly and in high quality. Also, this camera is perfect for smaller board rooms holding 2 to 8 people.

In addition tthat you get the 180 flip function. If you install the camera upside down, it automatically flips the view so it is the right side up. Then the wide angled lens makes sure your business partners can see what you are showing them. A 4x zoom gives them top level close ups as well.

On top of that, this is aplug and play syatem that works with both Windows and MAc operating systems. Check the owner’s mamual to see which ones work best.

8. Aver Information Video and Audio USB Conference Camera

 Aver Information VC520

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Just plug it in and this video conference camera is ready to be used. Once you have the USB cable connected you get 1920 by 1080 p quality with every video shot. A 12x zoom function allows you to show your clients the small print with ease.

Plus, a remote control lets you handle all the features built into your new video camera without you having to leave your chair. You can also operate this camera from anywhere in the room.

With the included daisy chain speaker phone, you can talk to your associates without echo interference or background noise. 10 preset locations lets you move the camera where you want it as you talk. This video camera has a wide compatibility range.

7. Logitech MeetUp HD Video and Audio Conferencing System

 Logitech MeetUp HD

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Handle your video conferences with a touch of abutton. The handy yet cmpact remote lets yu touch a button to get the conference up and rolling and manipulate the camera at the same time.

The remote also handles the built in speaker phone for better communication. In addition to those features, you get 1080 and 720 p video qualities at 4K levels. Once activated the camera provides views up to 120 degree angles.

On top of that, you get 3 built-in mics to make sure everyone in the room is heard when they speak. The Bluetooth capability lets you use this camera without having a bunch of wires getting in the way. It is the most modern way of having a business vido conference.

6. Aver Professional USB Plug-N-Play Camera

VB342 Professional

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This stylish looking yet professional video conference camera produces great images and transmits top quality sound. With its 4k image capability your busines spartners can see you very clearly. The 94 degree camera angles and 4x zoom gives them a clear picture of what is happening onyour end of the call.

Also, the built-in mics makes sure you can be as far away as 12 feet and still have your voice heard. All the buttons to access all the features are contained next to the camera lens. Your video conferences remain in your total control.

In addition to al of that, the speakers produce a great bass sound so you do nopt miss a word being spoken to you.

5. HuddleCamHD Video Conference Camera


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Its overall design seems to be influenced by one of the storm troopers from the Star Wars movie series. Its round shape does not have any sharp edges in case someone bumps into it. That shape also does not hurt its functions.

After you hook it up, you should get video images in 1080 p quality and compatibility with a USB 3.0 port. Once your conference gets going, you can use the 10x zoom to show your partners the details of your proposals.

The only drawback to this top rated video conference camera is that it doe snot come with an audio option. You have to handle that part of your conference nin another way. Other than it is a great camera to use in your next long distance meeting.

4. SMTAV HDMI Support Video Conference Cameras

SMTAV-30x Optical

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After you get this video conference set up, your HD quality images will know no boundaries. You get a wide range of images from 480 up to 1080 p and more. You should look great no matter which image option you choose touse.

In addition to that this video conference camera has a 8x zoom function that makes sure every little detail is examined by your long distance clients. The 30x optical range provides you with lots of F stop choices.

Those are not the only features tha come with this video conference camera. There are just far too many to mention here. This camera is that good. You shoul dnot be disappointed in its production and video clarity.

3. Aver Refurbished Conference Camera

(Refurbished) VC520

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Used or repaired video conference cameras are just as good as new ones. The only difference may be you will save alittle money using a refurbished model. On top of that, this video conference camera comes with a lot of functions and features that make it a vital part of your business activities.

The 1080 p at 30 frames per second is second to none. Also, the 12x zoom, 82 degree viewing perspective and the 10 camera presets gives you lots of video options to make your conference presntation better. The presets are handled by one button for convenience.

Then the duplex audio ensures your participants can hear you clearly, But that is not all, This is a plug an dplay video conference camera. That makes using all those features super easy.

2. Logitech Group Video Conferencing Bundle

Logitech Group Video

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One way to be heard in your important conferences is to use this video conference camera. It has an expansion feature that lets you hook up several mics at one time so everyone can be geard without trouble. Everyone can hear the other side just as easily.

In addition to that feature, onc eyou employ this video camera you get 90 degree viewing along with a 28 foot audio range. A remote handles the features or use the control panel if someone else is holding the remote. All the buttons are ther to make your video conference a success.

After you plug it in, this camera is ready to go, giving you 1080 p quality without downloading alot of software. A minimum of WIndows 7 or MAc OS X 10.7 is required to use this camera system.

1. Meeting Owl 360 Degree Video Conference Camera

Meeting Owl 360 Degree

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Give your clients or business partners a full view of the ntire room with this 360 degree video conference camera. Once it is set up, it will shift the view to whomever is speaking at the moment. No one has to move to be seen or heard.

Plus, its a plug and play system that uses a USB port and your favorite conference platform. Setting up your video conferences should be easier than ever. No software to install or download.

Also, this camera will connect to your wifi system for better performance. The camera just needs to be placed in the center of the room to provide you and your participants the best views and audio.

Some final words

Technology has upgraded the web cam so that you can have better vbusiness video conferences. These top 10 best video conference cameras in 2019 work with you so you can have a successful conference.

Your clients should also gain confidence in you as they see your tiop judgment in action. Use the best equipment so you make the best business impression while creating a very clea video conference.

You will be glad you stayed with technology and upgraded your conference equipment.