Best Kids Digital Watches Reviews In 2022

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If you are looking to introduce your child to know the time, then a kid’s digital watch can be a perfect product. There are different types of kids’ digital watches and you will easily find one for him or her. It can come with multiple features as some will also let you know about the date, day, and year. Moreover, some can have an alarm function and it comes in a highly fashionable design. Kids digital watch can be a perfect item to gift your little one and introduce them to the real world. Here is the list of the top 10 best kids digital watches to choose from.


10 Marvel Light up Kids Digital Watches

Kids Light up Watches (Batman, Despicable Me, Paw Patrol, Shopkins, Spiderman)

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The Spiderman-themed kids digital watch increases the demands in kids. The timepiece also comes with a strap width of 16mm. Moreover, the round-shaped dial case comes with a maximum diameter of 38mm. The digital watch for kids has a band of skin-friendly plastic material construction. This timepiece comes with a quartz movement. Therefore, this smart accessory offers the right time every time.

The buckle strap also helps your children to wear and remove this watch from their hands with ease. Furthermore, this smart timepiece has flash LED lights. Therefore, your children can change the colors of the LED lights accordingly. You can adjust the strap from 5.5 to 8-inch. The graphic on the wrist band makes the digital watch look attractive and stylish.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Hypoallergenic material for enhanced safety.
  • Customized design for secure fit.
  • Easy to read display for user comfort.


9 Casio Classic Quartz Watches

Casio Women's Classic Quartz Watch with Leather-Synthetic Strap, White, 14.8 (Model: LA-11WL-4ACF

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By remembering the choices of a growing teenage girl, this manufacturer brings the best and classiest watch for women. Unlike the kids digital watches, this timepiece also comes with a classy appearance. So, your child can wear this digital watch for years. Moreover, the artificial leather band delivers a soft and delicate touch to the wrists of wearers. The watch is somewhat water-resistant and withstands water splashes.

The quartz mechanism also ensures the accuracy of displaying time on the digital screen. Furthermore, this smartwatch has some specifications. Therefore, apart from showing the time, it includes alarm, stopwatch, auto calendar, and hourly time signal. The timeless square dial enhances the beauty of this timepiece. This watch comes with a battery with an approximate lifespan of 2-hours.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Multi-fucntion creation for user comfort.
  • Non-allergic material for safety.
  • Advanced design mechanism for enhanced performance.


8 Venhoo 3D Cartoon Kids Watch

Venhoo Kids Watches 3D Cartoon Waterproof 7 Color Lights Toddler Wrist Digital Watch with Alarm Stopwatch for 3-10 Year Boys Girls Little Child

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Make your toddlers happy by gifting them this cute kid digital watch with a pink 3D unicorn band. The 3D cartoon strap also makes this watch attractive to the eyes of your little honey-buns. Moreover, this timepiece is perfect for 4 to 10-years old boys and girls. The dial comes with a backlit EL lamp with 7 different colors. The smartwatch has several smart functions, like stopwatch, alarm, and date and 12/24-hour time format.

The watch also offers resistance against water. Furthermore, the heavy-duty and soft silicone band causes no harm to the delicate skin of your babies. The resin glass shows a crystal-clear view of time. This timepiece comes with the Japanese movement for accurate timing. By simply pressing the backlit button for a few seconds, you can change the color of the LED screen.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Highly versatile creation for user satisfaction.
  • Multi-color flexible creation for enhanced comfort.
  • Hypoallergenic design with improved display for accuracy.


7 Timex Girls Kids Digital Watches

Timex Girls Time Machines Digital 34mm Watch

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With a sober structure, this wristwatch matches the personalities of both boys and girls. With a case diameter of 34mm, this kids digital watch also gives a fashionable look to individuals. Moreover, the waterproof material construction makes this timepiece resistant to water up to the depth of 30-meter. So, the children can wear this smartwatch while swimming, showering, and washing hands.

The watch also comes with sturdy wrist traps with durable slip-through nylon fabric. You can adjust the strap up to 6-inch. Furthermore, you can conveniently wash this band without any difficulty. The acrylic lens of the dial helps kids to read out time with no hassle. This digital timepiece has a few smart functions, like alarm, chronograph, and countdown timer.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Advanced water-tight creation for longevity.
  • Multi-functional design for consumer comfort.
  • Dynamic design with adjustable features for superior fit.


6 Casio Blue Resin Kids Digital Watches

Casio F108WH Water Resistant Digital Blue Resin Strap Watch

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This beautiful kids digital watch comes with a gender-neutral design. So, both boys and girls can also wear this timepiece regularly. Moreover, the heavy-duty smart accessory is water-resistant up to the depth of 50-meter underwater. The square-shaped dial has a case diameter of 42.2mm. This watch comes with a quartz movement to offer the correct time all the time. The sports timepiece is perfect for water sports, like swimming and snorkeling.

The blue resin bands also make this smart accessory look classy and come with buckle closure. This watch with smart functions, like daily alarm, LED light, stopwatch, and auto calendar makes it convenient for teenagers. Furthermore, the mineral crystal dial window displays clear time, date and calendar, and other functions. It is one of the best kids digital watches to choose from.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Enhanced functions for user satisfaction.
  • Easy fit creation with adjustable features.
  • Highly resistive structure for added protection.


5 Casio Women’s Classic Quartz Watches

Casio Women's Classic Quartz Watch with Resin Strap, Pink, 9 (Model: LA-20WH-4A1CF

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The classic-style kids digital watch is just the right accessories for smart and growing kiddos. The square-shaped dial also comes with a case diameter of 2.85mm. Moreover, the water-resistant timepiece easily withstands the light rain and water splashes. So, this watch makes an ideal accessory to wear on a regular basis. This timepiece comes with a quartz movement.

So, this digital watch also runs flawlessly and gives accurate time every time. Furthermore, the resin wrist straps offer a soft and comfortable touch. So your children can wear this watch all day long. The smart timepiece has some additional features, like LED light, calendar, and an alarm function. However, the battery of this digital watch can last more or less 5-years.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Advanced personalized design for improved functions.
  • Unique resistive qualities for long-lasting performance.
  • Non-allergic creation for safe and comfortable use.


4 Paw Patrol Red Kids’ Digital Watches

Paw Patrol Kids' Digital Watch with Red Case, Comfortable Red Strap, Easy to Buckle - Official 3D Paw Patrol Character on the Dial, Safe for Children - Model: PAW4016

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Inspired by the famous cartoon show ‘Paw Patrol’, the kids digital watch will definitely grab your children’s attention. The quartz movement of this timepiece also offers equal and accurate time all the time. Moreover, the digital display comes with a 40-mm case diameter. Suitable for little boys, the watch looks good on everyone. This timepiece has a pair of heavy-duty canvas straps with Velcro closure.

So, little boys also can wear this watch all by themselves. Furthermore, this cute little timepiece is the perfect gift for ‘Paw Patrol’ lovers. Even your children can wear this smart accessory while going to schools or play in the ground. But, it is better to keep this watch away from water to extend its lifespan.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Dynamic adjustable features for user comfort.
  • Sturdy Velcro straps for superior fit.
  • Broad display for easy viewing.


3 Cofuo Kids Digital Watches

Kids Digital Sport Waterproof Watch for Girls Boys, Kid Sports Outdoor LED Electrical Watches with Luminous Alarm Stopwatch Child Wristwatch

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With an attractive color and appearance, this kids digital watch seems to be attractive to the eyes of children. The round dial also comes with a diameter of 1.3-inch. Moreover, this fashionable accessory comes along with skid-friendly silicone-rubber bands. Therefore, these bands offer resistance against wear and tear. This smart timepiece comes with an EL lamp backlit with 7 different colors.

This timepiece also comes with some additional features, like light, date, stopwatch, and alarm. Furthermore, the waterproof construction and mechanism withstand everyday hand washing, swimming, and showering. The watch is water-resistant up to 50-meter. The precise mechanism offers accurate time every time. This timepiece has a lucid resin glass and a stainless-steel case. Kids above 5-years old can easily wear this watch.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Multi-color and water-tight creation for consumer comfort.
  • Highly resistive features for longevity.
  • Multiple display function for enhanced satisfaction.


2 WUTAN Kids Digital Watches

WUTAN Watches for Girls Boys Adorable Cute Wrist Watch Girl Fashion Waterproof Wrist Watches for Kids Children

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With a sleek profile, the kids digital watch suits the personalities of both little boys and girls. This fashionable timepiece is also suitable for everyday use. Moreover, the LED screen shows accurate time with the help of a digital mechanism. The bands of this watch have the construction of lightweight, soft, and breathable silicone. The touch-sensitive screen of this accessory comes with a stylish sports rectangular dial.

The timepiece is also entirely waterproof. So, your children can wash their hands, take a shower or swim while wearing this watch. Furthermore, the high-tech gadget makes an ideal present for kids above 11-years old. This timepiece comes with functions like 12/24-hour time format, automatic date. The digital watch with a powerful rechargeable battery retains the charge for almost 18-months.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Easy and secure fit design for user comfort.
  • Skin-friendly design added safety.
  • Universal design with improved resistant configuration.


1 CakCity Camouflage LED Kids Digital Watches

Boys Camouflage LED Sport Watch,Waterproof Digital Electronic Casual Military Wrist Kids Sports Watch with Silicone Band Luminous Alarm Stopwatch Watches

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With the Japanese automatic timepiece movement, the LED sports watch ticks the time with precision. This kids digital watch also offers water resistance up to the depth of 50-meter underwater. Moreover, the camouflage design makes this timepiece look pretty classy and fashionable. You can wash your hands, take shower or run under the rain without worrying about damaging the mechanism. It is one of the best kids digital watches on the list.

The sporty dial design also makes this watch look a military-style outlook. Furthermore, the multifunctional timepiece comes with soft and skin-friendly silicone wrist straps. The smart design of the watch matches the personalities of little boys above 10-years old. This smart accessory includes some additional features, like EL backlight, stopwatch, light, calendar, and more. The heavy-duty timepiece offers resistance against accidental dropping.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Sturdy rugged design with enhanced resistive qualities.
  • Advanced functional design for user comfort.
  • Dynamic customized creation for improved comfort.


Buying Guide For Kids Digital Watches –

Check out the following parameters when purchasing.


You will have to get a digital watch for kids according to the preference of your child. If you want it for a boy, then you can see if it includes attractive characters of superheroes. However, if you want it for a girl, then you can select the one that comes in pink or red color and have an attractive girly appearance.


While buying a digital watch for kids, you will have to get it according to the appropriate age. Never go for the one that comes in a fancy design, and it must allow your little one to use it conveniently.


Consider the one that has high quality construction so that it can last for a long time even after rugged usage. You need to see if it is in a versatile construction and is composed of premium quality materials.


The digital watch for kids must offer superior comfort to your little one. Consider the one that comes in an adjustable design so that it can easily fit in wrists of different sizes.


To make sure there will be a reliable performance, you can go for the one that comes in a waterproof design. This will give you the advantage of using it while bathing or being in a swimming pool.


You will have to see if the digital watch comes with multiple functions including date and alarm. It must offer time teaching function to your child, and you can also see if it is available in an attractive design.


Conclusion –

There is no doubt that kids love wear fancy watches and that is exactly why we have picked the best modern digital watches with variety of designs. Different watches have different features so that your kid finds it fun to wear and use to their advantage. The construction is top-notch and some of them are also waterproof so that they are long-lasting.




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