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A diesel compression tester or gauge is a handy tool designed to help you diagnose internal issues that may arise within a diesel engine. It consists of a high-pressure hose, a fitting, and, of course, a gauge. The fitting is meant to attach the gauge to a spark hole. The best diesel compression tester comes with all the necessary adapters and components to let you work on both agricultural and industrial engines without any hassles. Besides, it is well made with quality materials that will not corrode, rust, or bend. In the following reviews, we take you through some of the brands you should consider for maximum user satisfaction.


10, Mityvac Digital Compression Test Kit (MV5532)

Mityvac MV5532 Digital Compression Test Kit TOP 10 BEST DIESEL COMPRESSION TESTERS IN 2021 REVIEWS

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A good digital compression test kit is highly durable. Durability in compression test kits is very important because it helps prolong the lifespan of the test kit. By so doing, durability prevents you from buying a new digital compression test kit. In a nutshell, a durable compression test kit, like the Mityvac MV5532, will help you save a lot of money in the long run. But it’s not just durability that makes the Mityvac MV5532 one of the best in its class. Designed to be easy to use, this compression test kit will satisfy your needs. It is designed to not just test but also to record maximum cylinder compression in engines that use gasoline. The dimensions of this compression test kit are 15.8 by 11.8 by 3.4 inches and the overall weight is 4.85 pounds. It is a nice test kit that you should consider investing in.

  • Comes with all the necessary adapters
  • Saves readings as you cycle through the rest of the cylinders
  • Comes in a premium case that will last a lifetime
  • Hoses could be less stiff


9, OTC Diesel Compression Test Adapter for Ford (6076)

OTC 6076 Diesel Compression Test Adapter for Ford

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If you have the No. 5021 diesel engine compression gauge by OTC, you should consider the OTC 6076. It is designed to work with this diesel compression gauge. With it, you will be able to connect the No. 5021 compression gauge to a glow plug port in order to perform a compression test. However, you must note that the glow plug port must be removed before you carry out the compression test. The adapter is compatible with 1994 – 2003 Ford pickups and vans that have 7.3-liter DIT (direct-injected turbocharged) diesel engines. It is constructed with top-notch materials to make sure it delivers exceptional performance every time it is relied on to get the job done. That being said, this tool is perfect both for simple repairs and the most complex drivability concerns.

  • The shipping is good
  • The price range is perfect
  • The adapter is very easy to use
  • The O-ring seal tightens nicely by hand – no need for a wrench
  • No proper information on the fitting to the gauge

8, OTC Universal Diesel Engine 5021 Compression Gauge

OTC 5021 Universal Diesel Engine Compression Gauge

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OTC has been making quality tools and equipment since 1925. It is a company which has been around long enough to know exactly what’s great for its customers. The OTC 5021 is one of its tools. It is universal, and this is what most people like about it. Well, the fact that it is universal means it can be used on any diesel engine. As if that’s not enough, this diesel engine compression gauge comes with straight and 45-deg hose connectors. It also features a check valve & push button compression release as well as a quick-disconnect high-performance fitting on the hose end. Furthermore, this unit delivers test compression up to a whopping 1000 psi and 7000 kPa. Buying a quality diesel compression tester is the best decision you can ever make. Well, one is right in front of you.

  • Comes with a quick-connect 45-deg adapter
  • Appears to handle the pressure without any issues
  • The tester feels solid
  • The sealant for plugging the pieces together tends to be moist and then rubs off on the hands and clothes

7, ATD Tools Diesel Compression Test Set – 5682

ATD Tools 5682 Diesel Compression Test Set

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Another diesel compression tester you can spend on is the ATD Tools Diesel Compression Test Set. It comes with lots of pieces so you can begin using it right out of the box. To be more precise, this test set includes a tester and nearly all the most popular adapters required to test heavy-duty equipment and trucks. Adapters in this set are designed to test Caterpillar, Case, Bedford, Cummins, Wisconsin, John Deere, Volvo, Fiat Allis, Scania, Ford Tractor, Onan, GMC, Mitsubishi-Fuso, Hino, Mercedes, International and Navistar, Massey-Ferguson, Isuzu, and Mack, among others. Based on the quality of this compression test set, it is obvious that ATD Tools is dedicated to making top-notch products. Having said that, expect this diesel compression test set to meet your requirements.

  • Works with several vehicle models
  • All pieces are nicely contained in a case
  • Pieces are heavy-duty and will last a lifetime
  • The set includes a tester and some of the most popular adapters
  • None so far


6, Lang Tools TU-15-53 Diesel Compression Test Set

Lang Tools TU-15-53 Diesel Compression Test Set

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This set includes 9 diesel compression adapters and a diesel compression tester. It is safe to say that it comes with everything you need for total satisfaction. The set includes adapters for all notable vehicle brands, including for GM, Toyota, Isuzu, VW, Lincoln Mark VII Continental, and Ford/Navistar, Peugeot, Mercedes, and Audi. That being said, this is a complete test set that will make your work much easier than ever before. The compression tester features a 16-1/2-inch wire reinforced hydraulic hose that, in turn, boosts a swivel-end quick coupler. The wire reinforced hydraulic hose allows for effortless connection to all adapters by Lang Tools. There is also a 2-1/4-inch gauge, which has a dual scale dial that, in turn, features ranges from 0 – 1000 PSI and 0 – 70 bar. The dual scale dial also has an easy-to-read black and red face.

  • All the pieces in the set work great
  • Set has several adapters for use with many different vehicle brands
  • The red & blackface is easy to read
  • It May come with defects, but returning it if you are dissatisfied is easy

5, Goplus 16 pc Diesel Engine Compression Gauge Test Set Kit

Goplus 16 pc Diesel Engine Compression Gauge Tester Cylinder Pressure Test Set Kit for Auto Tractor Semi with Case

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Goplus produces a wide range of items, and this 16-piece diesel engine compression test set kit is one of them. It is made by a manufacturer which knows that for a diesel compression tester to work great, it must be solidly constructed. That being said, Goplus has made this test set kit with premium steel and copper. Well, with such heavy-duty construction, expect to use this test set kit for a long time. Also, expect the pieces to stay in shape even after several rounds of use. Goplus also made sure that this diesel engine compression gauge test set kit is made with ultimate precision, which, in turn, eliminates the possibility of any errors. What’s more, this set kit includes swivel end quick couplers that ensure a quick and effortless connection of adapters.

  • The price is great, given the number of adapters the set comes with
  • Adapters of this set use standard airline fittings
  • All pieces look well made
  • Would be better if o-rings were included

4, 8milelake

8milelake Diesel Engine Compression Tester Set Comaptible for Cars, Trucks, Tractors

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You need many different components to test diesel compression. Well, we think the 8milelake Diesel Engine Compression Tester Set is what you should turn to in order to achieve that. It includes all the necessary tools to let you test diesel compression on various diesel tractors, cars, and trucks. Besides, this diesel engine compression tester set comes with a 0 – 1000 psi/0 – 70 bar gauge, which, in turn, features a release valve as well as a 14.5-inch hose. As if that’s not enough, all the pieces in this set are heavy-duty; hence, they will not change shape even after long-term use. They are made of durable carbon steel featuring a chrome-plated gauge for precise measurements in hostile environments. The set also includes a swivel end coupler that allows for quick and effortless change-out of adapters.

  • Available in two colors (Blue and Red) to choose from
  • The case holds each piece securely
  • The case is made of ABS for superior durability
  • May not work smoothly with some engines, such as the Kubota engine

3, Pittsburg 14 Piece

14 Piece Diesel Compression Tester Set for Cars, Trucks, Tractors

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The fact that this set includes 14 pieces means it does not just have the tester but also has all the necessary adapters to help you get the job done without breaking a sweat. It is worth considering if you want to have an easy time measuring cylinder pressure on most diesel-equipped tractors, cars, and trucks. The adapters that come with this set are for the following engines: Ford/Navistar 6.9/7.3-liter engine Audi, VW, Volvo, Cummins 5.9-liter, and more. This set also includes a 0 – 1000 PSI/0 – 70 bar gauge featuring a release valve and a 14.5” long hose. All the pieces are made of carbon steel and their tips hardened for unrivaled durability. Best of all, the entire case weighs 11.35 pounds only despite having several tools boasting heavy-duty construction.

  • Great for the price
  • Pieces work as promised
  • The set works with many different diesel-equipped engines
  • Tools are made with quality material
  • The case is not very heavy
  • Some manufacturers have complained about receiving used products as brand new


WINTOOLS Compatible for 1000 Psi Diesel Engine Compression Pressure Tester for Ford Cummins NAVISTAR Detroit

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This diesel compression tester has made it to this list because it is designed to work with the most popular tractor and truck engines. Some of these engines are Cummins 5.9, Ford 6.0L, and Ford Powerstroke International Navistar 6.9/7.3L, among others. The tester comes with adapters of all kinds to make sure no job is impossible. It also comes with a 14.5-inch long hose to further make your work of testing engine compression much easier than imagined. Another vital piece included in this set is a dual scale 80-millimeter diameter liquid filled gauge with a range of 0 – 1000 PSI and 0 – 70 bar. Since there are lots of tools, WINTOOLS has thought it wise to fit everything in a case. Having said that, expect to have an easy time storing the tester and adapters when they are not in use.

  • Compression adapters are of nice quality
  • Tools work smoothly with most popular diesel engines
  • The length of the hose is decent
  • The quality of the gauge leaves a lot to be desired

1, OCPTY All in 1 Diesel Engine Compression Tester Gauge

OCPTY All in 1 Diesel Engine Compression Tester Gauge Applicable for Car Tractor Trucks Repair Kit

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OCPTY advises that to avoid being inconvenienced in one way or another, it is important to check the product information before you purchase this diesel engine compression tester gauge. What’s more, the company encourages you to contact them should you experience any issues with your newly-acquired diesel compression tester kit. The kit comes complete, and it is great for most car repairs. Besides, this diesel compression tester kit is made of top-notch metal that is durable and resistant to both corrosion and rust. Given the second-to-none quality, this kit is ideal both for professional and personal use. With it, you will be able to repair the engines and tires of cars in a snap. The kit weighs 11.1 pounds; hence, we can confidently say it is fairly lightweight. This means moving around with it will not be a hassle.

  • Made of premium metal that will not rust or corrode
  • Suitable for professional and personal use
  • Repairs engines and car tires within a cinch
  • Works with cars, trucks, and tractors
  • None at the moment



Before you pick a diesel compression tester, read as many reviews as possible. If you do that, you will have a lot of options to choose from. The above diesel compression testers may have their flaws. However, this does not seem to hinder them from working as advertised. What’s more, these diesel compression testers are within an affordable price range. They are, therefore, worth considering whether you are a professional or someone who simply loves to work on their personal cars.

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