10 Best Water Trampolines for Summer Fun in 2022

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If you love water activities, especially during the summer seasons, you need to consider a water trampoline for ultimate fun. The water trampolines are inflatable trampolines that you can use on water surfaces. These trampolines function almost like the outdoor trampolines, although they may have minimal bouncy effects.

The water trampolines are versatile fun water equipment that you can either use to jump or relax when basking. However, when choosing a water trampoline for your family use, consider the size, weight capacity, and other accessories like water slides to suit your family setting.

Best Water Trampolines for Summer Fun in 2022

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10. SportsStuff PVC Funstation Bouncer

SportsStuff Water Trampolines for Summer Fun

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Take your outdoor fun moment to the waters by acquiring this water trampoline. It comes in two sizes: 10 and 12 feet wide, so you can select the best choice to fit your family. This water trampoline is designed to withstand the summer’s harsh weather as it has heavy-duty K80 PVC, which is resistant to damages outdoors.

Besides that, it is quite strong such that even adults can jump on it. The bounciness provided by the mat guarantees a day full of fun with friends and family. The trampolines come with a molded platform at the base to secure them in water, plus molded handles for grasping, especially when kids are swimming.

Special features

  • Inflating this trampoline is easy and quick
  • Has quality K80 PVC construction
  • Comes with removable platform
  • The bounce surface is large

9. Island Hopper 13′ Bounce N Splash Padded Water Bouncer

Island Hopper

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Unlike the traditional trampolines crafted with springs to facilitate bounciness, this water trampoline features tube flexes. It is an excellent choice for traveling, considering you can inflate and deflate to pack for the trip. Another feature that stands out on this trampoline is the strong materials crafting such that even adults can bounce on it.

Besides, the trampoline measures a whole 13 feet wide to fit more people for that extra fun. The sides are made with 26 inches high tubes that keep the bouncer off the water for convenience. It has a ladder and ten inbuilt handles for support when swimming or accessing the bouncer.

Special features

  • This trampoline is safe for kids and adults
  • Inflates within 10 minutes
  • Has 10 handles for support
  • Comes with a ladder for access
  • Weighs 77 pounds

8. RAVE Sports O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer

RAVE Sports Water Trampolines for Summer Fun

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If you need a durable yet straightforward water trampoline that your kids can play with within the swimming pool, I would suggest this model from Rave Sports. It is a versatile trampoline that comes attached to a slide so the kids can enjoy more than one activity. The unit has heavy-duty and durable UV treated materials to make sure your kids can still enjoy water splashes during the hot seasons.

The bouncing space measures 5 feet across, and the bouncer is recommendable for kids younger than ten years. Thus, it has safety features to make sure your babies are comfortable and safe. For example, there are handles all around to provide good gripping and swimming platform that has handles for grasping and support for kids still learning how to swim.

Special features

  • The entire unit weighs 60 pounds for portability
  • Comes with a slide on the side
  • Comes with a lounger attachment
  • Can carry heavyweights of more than 400 pounds

7. Island Hopper 25′”Giant Jump Water Trampoline

Island Hopper

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A giant water trampoline is worth investing in if you love to travel in large crowds. Although this water trampoline model is expensive, it has quality materials, plus it is large to serve you for a very long time. The jumping space measures 25 feet across, plus it comes with a side slide for optimal fun, and so you can enjoy more than one game. The inflatable tubes have PVC material treated against UV damages, and they inflate so high to ensure you are floating above waters.

Accessing the trampoline’s top surface is relatively easy since it has a side ladder, plus eight handles all around. One feature that makes this an excellent water trampoline is the available inbuilt springs that facilitate a superb bounce effect.

Special features

  • The ladder has quality stainless steel materials crafting
  • The inflatable tubes have D rings to keep it floating
  • Comes with a slide
  • Have springs for effective bouncing results

6. Inflatable Water Trampoline, 10 FT Splash Padded Water Bouncer

Brakites Water Trampolines for Summer Fun

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This water trampoline has been thoroughly tested and passes all the safety requirements to be used in the water. Also, we cannot ignore the heavy-duty materials plus excellent seams to secure water getting inside. You can tag this trampoline for all your outdoor water activities since it is deflatable after use.

So, you can fold it to store when traveling. The jumping mat is large and gives a significant bounce effect to accommodate kids and adults. Setting up this trampoline is smooth, considering it only has a single valve for inflating purposes.

Special features

  • The trampoline is safe for kids and adults
  • Features single valve inflation mode
  • It is durable and easy to maintain
  • Weighs only 24 pounds

5. AQUAGLIDE Platinum Supertramp Water Trampoline


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From the design to materials construction, this trampoline is designed to withstand daily use. The octane frames ensure the trampoline is stable and durable for multiple uses. The 17 inches wide trampoline mat provides an extensive and excellent bouncing space that can accommodate around five people.

This water trampoline comes with anchors to hold it firmly, and the best part is that it does not require a lot of time to set up. The trampoline has an inflatable mat with handles for relaxing if you don’t want to jump on the mat. Moving around with it is easy since you need to deflate and fold it to keep your car or transportation bag.

Special features

  • It has two climbing handles
  • The quality reinforced PVC materials
  • Has an octane frame for additional stability
  • Comes with three years warranty

4. Homefami Inflatable Water Trampoline Bouncer Water Splash Padded Swim Platform

Homefami Water Trampolines for Summer Fun

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Your water activities don’t have to be usual sports or swims since you can incorporate this fantastic trampoline for more fun. The trampoline is crafted for waters, and you can use it during the scorching seasons as the materials are heat-treated to withstand high UV rays. This trampoline is an inflatable model but inflating and setting it up does not take hours to complete.

The trampoline is made of strong molecular composite PVC mesh cloth that has been tested for durability. So, rest assured it will last you and your family for a long. The jumping mat measures 10 feet wide and can accommodate up to 4 to 5 adults.

Special features

  • The trampoline is extensive and affordable
  • Has robust, abrasive resistant materials design
  • Setting it up is easy
  • Comes with a warranty

3. Popsport Inflatable Water Trampoline Series Splash


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The materials used in making this trampoline are strong and treated against all the weather climates. The PVC is strong, abrasive /UV resistant, and waterproof. The item is also perfect for all water types such that you can use it at the lake, ocean, or even river. The trampoline is relatively easy to set up and comes with handles all around for griping when carrying.

The handles can also be used to aid people, especially kids when swimming. This trampoline is versatile that you can use for jumping or a relaxing surface while in the waters. The entire item measures 16 × 12 × 10 inches with a 10 feet wide jumping mat to fit a lot of people.

Special features

  • This trampoline comes with a ladder for access
  • There is a slide on the side
  • Setting up is easy
  • Has quality abrasive resistant PVC materials

2. Island Hopper 15′”Classic Water Trampoline

Island Hopper Water Trampolines for Summer Fun

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Enjoy your aqua activities by tagging this trampoline when going on vacations with your family and friends. The water trampoline is perfect for all water types and can be used even during the extreme sunlight seasons without worrying about it deflating. The 30 oz 1000 denier UV resistant PVC materials used to make it are quite strong and durable.

The trampoline has springs essential for providing great bounciness. Thus, you can use it for more than one activity, especially if you love to workout.

Special features

  • The trampoline comes with five years warranty
  • Features 7 anchor-tie-D-rings
  • Has a waterproof aluminum ladder for access
  • Comes with a storage bag

1. Rave Eclipse AJ-120 Trampoline

RAVE Sports

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Your kids or family will enjoy this trampoline while playing in water since it has springs that boost the mat’s bounciness. This water trampoline from Rave is flexible since you can use it with other aqua accessories like a mat or log for other fun moments.

The item has high quality and top-grade PVC materials construction that guarantees durability and efficiency. Setting up and carrying this trampoline is easy since it has the inflate mode. You can quickly inflate and deflate to use and pack to carry.

Special features

  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Has a beautiful finish
  • Suitable for kids and adults
  • Can hold 500 pounds


These are our top best summer water trampolines to consider buying for your family. The trampolines have quality materials that can withstand all weather conditions and water so that you can use them either at rivers or lakes. They have different sized mats that can fit different quantities of people.

These trampolines can also accommodate various weight capacities that determine the people who can use them. So, find the best choice for these reviews.

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