Top 10 Best Vertical Garden Planters in 2022

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Do you love planting or gardening; however, you live in a small limited space that is not practical for you to do so? Do you want to grow your own fruits or vegetables as well as engaging your little children to have fun and at the same time learning about how each plant grows? If your answer is yes, we would like to recommend these top 10 vertical garden planters that can connect you with nature and are both suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing. With these planters, you do not have to worry about the added GMO or chemicals in the ingredients that are going to your dishes anymore.

List of Top 10 Best Vertical Garden Planters in 2022

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10. Altifarm Combo Home Farm: Vertical Raised Bed Elevated Garden Self-Watering Planter Kit

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There are 4 tiers in total and each tier has a rubber end cap as well as a carry handle to allow a convenient and easy mobility. Another great thing about these tiers is that they are all equipped with an automatic self-watering system, so you will not be troubled watering your plants every day. You can also set the level of the watering to high or low. The height of each shelf is adjustable, and it is very durable because it is made out of a heavy-duty steel frame. You can choose to grow your plants with LED lights to get an even better house decoration during a night time. You can easily place it anywhere whether it is in your kitchen, basement, or porch because it is designed with a minimal space of thoughts.

It can be very troublesome to harvest from farm to table, however, with this vertical garden planter at home, you can easily harvest the freshest vegetables and deliver them immediately to your table in less than 3 minutes. You can now have an indoor planting and enjoy your nutritious meal every day.

Key Features

  • LED grow lights
  • Greenhouse cover
  • BPA free materials
  • Mobility wheels

09. Earth Tower Vertical Garden: 4-sided Wooden Planter on Wheels

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This beautiful wooden planter comes with a 4 sided side that offer you 46 feet of garden row. It holds a 5 cubic feet of planting. If you want your cubic to last long, it is recommended to get the soil moistened as often as possible. This tower is capable in holding about 300 pounds of weight. You can easily move it from one place to another since it comes with wheels. You can plant different types of plants, for example, strawberries, radish, lettuce, tomato, kale, broccoli and many more to get the colorful scenery and variety of great colors combination. This tower comes with an internal water tube that can assure you that all your plants are hydrated.

You can also use this tower as indoor gardening, however, it is important to make sure that your plants receive enough sunlight, and you should also install a pan under this tower to avoid any runoff or any excess water. If you have little children, they will have fun seeing the plants in this tower grow day by day and enjoy harvesting their home grown vegetables or fruits.

Key Features

  • Very easy to assemble
  • Require little space only
  • Capable in growing plants, herbs, fruits, vegetables, or flowers

08. 5-Tier Strawberry and Herb Garden Planter – Stackable Gardening Pots with 10 Inch Saucer (Stone)

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There are 3 colors available for these gardening pots including black, stone, and hunter green. It can be stackable, so it does not require you to have a big space. The overall height is 13 inches after stacking all the pots together. You do not need to be concerned that the tower will collapse since the plastic materials are only chosen the ones that can guarantee a great balance and stability. Plus, the material is a food safe as well. You can grow 20 different plants with these pots set. In addition, you can also easily assemble these pots without requiring any extra tools. If you need more pots, you can buy a few more via its website.

Another great thing about these pots is that they are lightweight, so they are very convenient for portable use. The most efficient way in watering your plants without washing the soil out is to use a sprinkling system. You will love seeing this great vertical space.

Key Features

  • Maximize planting space
  • Unique and sturdy design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with a drainage system

07. GROWNEER 4 Feet Vertical Garden Planter

Cascading Water Drainage 5 Container Boxes Freestanding Elevated Plastic Planters with 15 Pcs Plant Labels

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This vertical garden planter comes with 5 container boxes in total. The assembly is very simple because all you need to do is place each container box into the provided wire holders. This planter only requires a small space, but it allows you to grow a lot of plants. You can create a very colorful and beautiful little garden of your own by planting different flowers, herbs, vegetables, or fruits. You can place it anywhere that you believe has enough sunlight to come through, for example, balcony, patio, porch, or garden.

This planter integrates a cascading drainage system, thus, your plants will be watered evenly and will not leave any stagnant water. In addition, it comes with 15 labels so you can write some notes on them to remind or help you identify something specifics about each plant.

Key Features

  • Applicable for both Indoor and Outdoor planting
  • Made from high quality plastic and iron
  • Sturdy, durable, and reusable planter
  • Container boxes are detachable

06. Active Gear Guy Vertical Hanging Outdoor Wall Planter with 36 Roomy Pockets for Herbs, Succulents, Artificial Plants or Flowers

Great Outdoor Wall Decor for Patios and Gardens

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We would definitely recommend this wall hanging planter for you since we are certain that it will surely add a beautiful decoration to your outdoor. You do not have to own a big yard or garden to hang this, making it very convenient for limited space. There are 36 available pockets for you to plant different flowers, herbs, succulents, or even mix the real plants with the artificial ones for a greater color combination.

These pockets are deep and made of a breathable material, thus, your plants can produce a great oxygen for your garden and it can also retain and seep the moisture very well into the roots. Another plus is that it is very easy to hang since the weights of each row are divided evenly. You will be happy with this great vertical garden.

Key Features

  • Durable and Breathable pockets
  • Sturdy metal grommets
  • Very easy to plant and water

05. GreenStalk Patented Large 5 Tier Vertical Garden Planter with Patented Internal Watering System

Planter Great for Growing a Variety of Strawberries, Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers (Stunning Stone)

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This Vertical Planters is made from a high quality material that is BPA-free and has UV resistant polypropylene. This planter makes it very easy and effortless for users since it uses a patented watering system. With this system, you can just simply fill the water till it reaches the fifth tier mark, then the water reservoir will automatically water all the tiers below at the same time and evenly. So you do not have to worry that only the plants at the top row can get enough water.

With this planter, you can grow any of your favorite fruits, vegetables, herbs, or flowers. You can grow about 90 plants in this vertical planter. It is time to start adding more vegetables, farms or gardens to make this world a greener environment.

Key Features

  • 5 years warranty
  • No electricity or pump needed
  • Also Suitable for little space

04. Factory Seconds Vertical Garden 32W x 45H x 9″D – Assembled

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With this Vertical Garden Planter, your planting and gardening experience will become easier and more enjoyable. You will not encounter any assembly frustration because it comes in a 100% assembly and you will be ready to plant as soon as you unpack the packaging. It is a freestanding, but we would recommend you to attach it with something to ensure its balance, for example, a wall or fence, so it will not flip over when there is a strong wind. In addition, to provide a more convenient gardening, it comes with a drip line irrigation system that could be hooked with a hose or your sprinkler.

Thus, you can easily water your plants every day without getting tired. You can plant different types of vegetables and fruits or even herbs such as lettuce, radish, onions, beans, strawberries, and more.

Key Features

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • No assembly required
  • No need to use liners (simply add the soil from bottom up)

03. Amazing Creation Stackable Planter Vertical Garden for Growing Strawberries, Herbs, Flowers, Vegetables and Succulents

Indoor/Outdoor 5 Tier Gardening Tower| Hanging Planter (Off-White)

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This Stackable vertical planter is a five tier gardening tower. This set comes in 11 pieces which include 5 planting pots, 5 soil separators to prevent roots rot, and 1 bottom tray. With this bottom tray, you can effortlessly move the tower from one place to another. The height of this tower is 24 inches after you stack all the pots together. It is very easy to stack from one pot onto another and the design makes it very convenient to water, manage, and grow your plants. It adopts a trickle down system to help save a lot of water. Since it is a beautiful tower shape, it can help you to save a lot of space while at the same time allowing you to grow up to 15 different plants or flowers.

You can place this indoor or outdoor, just make sure your plants get enough sunlight. By growing your own fruits or vegetables, it will in turn provide back nutritious food for your family.

Key Features

  • Made from a high quality polypropylene plastic
  • Very durable and crack resistant from the hot or heated weather
  • Design with a space saving thought
  • Perfect for balcony, porches, or backyard

02. 6-Ft Raised Garden Bed – Vertical Garden Freestanding Elevated Planter with 4 Container Boxes

Good for Patio or Balcony Indoor and Outdoor - Cascading Water Drainage (1-Pack/Forest Green)

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This freestanding vertical garden is 65 inches tall. It comes with 4 container boxes. Even if it is a freestanding, we can assure you that it is very sturdy. The assembly is very quick and easy. There is enough space between each pot for the convenience of your plant’s growth. The containers are made from a chemical free material so you can worry free about the safety of your vegetables, herbs, or fruits. The Cascading Drainage System allows the plants to receive the water evenly from the top down, so that they can all grow healthy together.

This system will not leave any stagnant water, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Furthermore, it has an ergonomically designed for efficiency and comfort for the elderly, so they will not have a back pain when they have to sit up or stand when doing gardening.

Key Features

  • Easy to assemble
  • Great for small space
  • High quality materials that can withstand the heat from the weather
  • Cascading Water Drainage
  • Food grade plant containers

01. 4FT Vertical Garden Freestanding Elevated Planter with 5 Container Boxes Outdoor Elevated Raised Bed

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You can easily install this freestanding vertical garden in less than 10 minutes. This is perfect gardening for your balcony, porch, or patio. You can grow any of your favorite fruits, vegetables, herbs, or plants. This elevated planter comes with 5 container boxes that are made from high quality plastic and is guaranteed to be food safe for your family. For a better balance and stability, it is designed with a strong steel frame that is powder coated. Another plus about this planter is that it has built a cascading water drainage, so that the boxes have drainage hole to avoid water-logging. You will love seeing all your plants bloom together.

Key Features

  • Good for both indoor and outdoor
  • Suitable to grow any vegetables, fruits, or herbs
  • Food grade plant (BPA free)
  • Comes with a support frame for a good stability

Buying Guides

Material of the container boxes

It is a must to make sure that your boxes are BPA free or mercury free because if they are not, your homegrown fruits or vegetables are still not organic or chemical free.

Cascading Water Drainage

With this system, it can be assured that all your plants are watered adequately, so they can be bloomed and harvested altogether that surely add a beautiful scenery to your living.

Ergonomically designed

Our body is still flexible since we are young. If you are planning to purchase one of these gardening planters for your parents or the elderly, we would recommend you to get the one that is designed ergonomically, so that it will not cause a back or west pain when your older do their gardening.


In conclusion, we hope that this article could help you to decide which types of vertical garden planter that would be best suited for your home. With one of these planters, you can do gardening at home without having to put a lot of effort into taking care of them every day. It can also give you a good mood and calm you down when you are surrounded by nature. Last but not least, you will always harvest fresh vegetables or fruits for your healthy and delightful consumption.

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