Top 10 Best Solar Powered Outdoor Water Fountains in 2021

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For some people, they like to use the solar system because it is convenient, economical and sort of easy to use. Nowadays, most manufacturers produce products that run on solar power instead of electricity due to demand and popular preference from the customer. Honestly, using solar is the best choice if you need to put something that is energy consuming outside the house like a walkway light, security camera, lamp, water fountain or solar tree.

Meanwhile, a solar powered outdoor water fountain is good for decorating your house and making it more lively with water running continuously. These are ten best water fountains using solar power you can surely buy without any worry.

List of the 10 Best Solar Powered Outdoor Water Fountains in 2021

10. Chatsworth Smart Solar Fountain

solar powered pond fountain

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This solar powered outdoor water fountain, Chatsworth, is the product from Smart Solar. The two tires on the top where the water flows from, will only let a necessary amount of water out. You can change the shape of the flowing water to shoot in either umbrella form or bubble. You could pause or resume the water fountain whenever you want. It’s not too heavy which is easy to move around and put anywhere.

It does not take much space so you can choose to place the fountain in front of your house or in the garden, just make sure the environment has enough light of the sun to absorb to fully charge. Furthermore, the product uses a system that automatically pumps the water out by solar power which is efficient for you.

Key Features

  • The solar power will last 6h when it’s fully charged
  • The components are made from glass fiber reinforced concrete which is light in weight, weather resistant and impermeable.
  • Including 2 gallons of water on top of each other, the smaller one is above the bigger one.
  • Doesn’t make any annoying noise but rather quiet while the water is running.

9. Solatec Solar Fountain

solar wall fountain

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Solatec has a solar powered outdoor water fountain product that you do not need battery or electricity for it to work and is in a suitable size of color black. It has a circle and rounded shape which is why you can put it anywhere since there’s no leg or anything attached to it. You can change the water style to 4 different ways and adjust the rage and height you want the water to shoot.

The height is about 30 to 50cm. This solar fountain is suitable for various purposes, since it’s floating on the water. You could also put it in a place where animals like turtles or fish or birds like to get some water.

Key Features

  • You will receive a 1 year warranty after purchasing the product
  • The solar fountain is water-repellent, and you don’t have to wait long after the function is started, just a few second under the sun it will run immediately
  • This plump can float and the head of the watershoot can transform into 4 different types and the height of water is adjustable.

8. Ceramic Frog Solar Powered Outdoor Water Fountain

best solar water fountain

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This solar powered outdoor water fountain has a small size which is easy for you to put on table or on the balcony or in the garden. This fountain made from a green ceramic with a small feature of a frog on top displays a nozzle head for water to flow out from. The water is running back and forth in cycles. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry if it only runs for a few hours; as long as it’s a sunny day or has light from the sun, it will work fine.

The gallon for water can store around 1.5 gallon or 5.7L. And, it’s not heavy and easy to move around. This water fountain is perfect for outdoors and will decorate your house to look more lively.

Key Features

  • It’s easy to install and use
  • It’s using solar panel which is why wire or battery is not needed
  • The solar panel is separated from the fountain so you can put it anywhere as long as it is within 10ft from the solar panel under direct sun.

7. Smart Solar Ceramic Cascade Fountain

solar powered cascade fountain

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This smart solar powered outdoor water fountain is perfect for your yard or veranda. There are a total of 4 medium size bowls arranged in a level on top of each other and at the bottom part is a large bowl for keeping the water and recycling it backward to the top. The fountain is separately powered by a solar panel, no wire or cable for connecting the solar.

You just have to let it absorb sunlight and the cascade fountain will run at that instant, but you must be sure that the distance is within range of 10ft for it to work.

Key Features

  • The fountain doesn’t have to fully charge first before it can use, you can put the solar panel the sun and it’s good to go since they’re separated
  • It can store water up to 2 gallons for it to run smoothly
  • There’s an AC adapter included for using it indoors.

6. Umbrella Series Solar Fountain

smart solar fountains

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Another solar powered outdoor water fountain is also from Smart Solar. Unlike before, this fountain has a structure of a boy and a girl holding a book under the umbrella where the water is coming from while running to make it look like it is raining. There’s a pleasing sound coming from the fountain which is you can relax and enjoy it in your garden.

This product uses solar power instead of battery or electricity; the reason why it can be placed anywhere around the house and able to take the light from the sun. The height is tall and above the ground, so you do not have to put it on top of anything, just leave it as it is.

Key Features

  • This glass fiber reinforced concrete water fountain come in antique bronze which is almost black
  • The bowl keeps up to 1 gallon of water running in a cycle.
  • It’s still able to run under a cloudy day even though it’s not at its full performance.

5. YaNovate 2021

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This YaNovate 2021 solar powered outdoor water fountain is the latest model with a powerful life span. With this new design, you don’t have to worry about it running out of power when it’s a cloudy day or doesn’t have enough sunlight because there’s an additional battery to back up for that scenario. This high technology product has a sensor for problems you might face when using it like shortage in water or when there’s something blocking it to absorb the water or stay idle, the fountain will immediately pause after 15 seconds.

There’s also a protection for the surface of the fountain. This will be a good choice for you and your family to enjoy as there are 4 different styles of nozzle head to change the shape of water. The shooting height of water can be flexible also to your preference.

Key Features

  • There’s an backup battery of 800mAh
  • The fountain can also store up the power directly from the sun to use later on for the cloudy day
  • The protection from idly use unnecessary power or blocking the water flow
  • The height of water shooting is at maximum of 50cm

4. Sunnydaze 2-Tier Solar Powered Outdoor Water Fountain

solar cascading water

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You could choose the solar powered outdoor water fountain from Sunnydaze for your outdoor decoration of the house. This white waterfall fountain is made up from 3 layers using a separate solar panel to generate the power for water to flow by itself. During the day, it’s charging and running at the same time, to store up the power for later use when there’s not enough sunlight for it to take.

Water is flowing from the top layer inside the spiral head down to the bottom layer and reprocessing back again. It might seem really heavy but it’s not easy to install for use. You can simply connect the cord from the solar panel to the fountain tube and put it under the sun. The height is 21 inches, perfect for your outdoor water fountain.

Key Features

  • The rechargeable battery is super convenient for using it later as a backup power when you need it to run at night
  • The 1 year warranty for all customer that purchase this water fountain
  • It is made from polyresin which is lighter in weight than other product
  • Separate solar panel from the fountain
  • There’s a switch at the back of panel for you to change from battery to solar power

3. MADETEC Solar Powered Water Fountain Pump

solar powered water feature

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For this solar powered outdoor water fountain for outdoor use, also use the solar system to function. With a different shape of water running but convertible, you could make a change to your like. The 4 head kind of head spray that is included will give you a diverse feeling by looking at it. Not just inside the pond but a fish tank or pool for kids is possible.

The quality is pretty good and will last for a long time while it consumes only a small amount of energy each time it is working. However, you must make sure the place using it has direct sunlight and the level of water is not too low.

Key Features

  • There are 4 nozzles head for changing and easy to install
  • This pumping water fountain will run automatically with the solar power
  • The lifespan last more than 10,000 hours
  • It’s floating on water

2. Sunnydaze Outdoor Solar Fountain

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This solar powered outdoor water fountain of Sunnydaze has 3 cups as decoration for water running from top to bottom. When the solar panel is placed under sunlight the fountain will start running, at the same time the battery is charging itself for use later when there’s no sun to support the capacity it needs for the water fountain. The rechargeable battery lifespan will last at the maximum of 4 hours.

There’s also a LED cord for the waterfall fountain at night. This product builds from polyresin with a beautiful texture which is durable and doesn’t require a lot of strength to move it around. It’s easy to put together since everything you need is already included.

Key Features

  • There will be 1 year warranty for anything related to malfunction of the product while using it
  • A solar panel which the source of power for fountain and rechargeable battery for the backup use
  • Lightweight and have a simple step of setting it up

1. Sunnydaze Desert Spring Solar Powered Outdoor Water Fountain

diy solar water fountain

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This waterfall fountain has unique features from others. The color is a bit dark green and perfectly blends into your garden. On the top of the fountain where the water flows from, looks like a ball with a helix curve around. This tall fountain with a classic look of pottery, you don’t have to worry that it might fall even if it’s light to move around since it is made from fiberglass resin. This product builds with proper balance in overall and plus the weight of water.

You must put the solar panel under direct sunlight to generate the fountain and charge the battery to full. When the battery is fully charged it will last around 4h for use. There’s also an inside LED to light the top of the waterfall and change color at dark.

Key Features

  • You will get a warranty with the duration of 1 year life time
  • The battery for supporting the power of solar when there’s no sunlight
  • Need the power from direct sun for solar panel to work
  • There’s a LED light for evening or night when using this water fountain

Buying guide:

The type of material: you need to look at this part since there are many components it can be made from including ceramic, polystone, fiberglass resin, or terracotta. Some are easy to take care of and clean but some need extra cautious while using.

Style of fountain: you can choose according to your personal preference since there’s many of it: Cascading, Tiered, birdbath, statuary, or many more.

Brand: when you purchase anything, it will be a good choice to look for the product with a reliable brand name in that certain field of producing water fountain.

Additional battery: this will be your backup battery power since solar powered outdoor water fountain use solar panels as the source of power so it will be a problem if the day is cloudy or you use it at night. In that case, you should choose one with a rechargeable battery as a backup.


All in all, most houses would like to have one water fountain for both decoration and other purposes like playing with their children. So, after the above descriptions of the best solar powered outdoor water fountain you need for your house’s garden, you can now decide to get one without any worry. You can also choose them according to your own taste by using the buying guild we provided to ensure the quality so you won’t end up making a wrong decision and waste money.

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