Editor’s Choice: The 10 Best Smart Nano Drones in 2021

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If you are looking for the best drone for your leisure or work, we recommend you to choose the smart nano drone which is the most advanced and latest invention. There are several types of drones available nowadays, and the smart nano drone is the best option to accompany you in outdoor activities and trip. Grab one from the list below if you going to hunt for one.

List of the 10 Best Smart Nano Drones in 2021

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10. Holy Stone HS 100 Smart Nano Drone

Holy Stone HS 100

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With Holy Stone HS 100, you are looking at one among the most popular drones out there. This one qualifies the latest technologies that include several features such as quadcopter, GPS system, return home functionality, HD video recording, and much more.


  • The battery strength of 2500 mAH offers an airtime of 15 minutes
  • The advanced GPS mode assists in return to home
  • Warns you of the low battery system so you can immediately call it back and starts charging
  • You can record videos of 720P quality with the Wide-Angle Camera
  • LED Lights for night rime flying

9. DROCON Beginner Drone – Best Smart Nano Drone

DROCON Beginner Drone

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The next on your list is a drone from Drocone that is an excellent drone for beginners and anyone who wants to do some cool experiments with aerial video recording. The drone connects with real-time Wi-Fi connection and offers you an HD recording.


  • A fully premium device that suits beginners and pros alike
  • Return to home option makes the retrieval process easy
  • A sturdy controller that lets you control when you fly it high in the sky
  • Wi-Fi transmission lets you stream live videos in high quality
  • The twin speed mode is lets you control speed as per your choice

8. QCopter Quadcopter Nano Drone

QCopter Quadcopter Drone

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If you want an even longer flight experience, then go and purchase this QCopter Quadcopter Drone. It gives you flawless 30-minutes flying time and that is a lot inn drone time. The battery serves greatly for that purpose, so you don’t have to get frustrated with the battery life. Let’s explore other features.


  • 3.7V 1100mAh battery that gives it a fly time of 30 minutes
  • Quadcopter drone with a tiny camera that records everything in 720p
  • The device looks premium as it comes in glossy green with a red-black controller
  • It connects straight to your phone, so you can operate it like a pro even if you are a kid
  • A kit comes with replacement tools that you can add in case of a crash

7. Holy Stone HS 160 Smart Nano Drone

Holy Stone HS 160

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The next one is from Holy Stone that is more powerful than HS100. It comes with a more powerful and innovative design that lets you explore the world and record it right on your phone. The sharp LED enables you to control it in the night or dull light.


  • It comes foldable that makes it a small and easy to carry along
  • It connects to the Wi-Fi and provides live video experience in 720P
  • It offers an app control system where you just need to download the app and manage the controller
  • It features you two batteries with a capacity of 3.7V 500mAH that assure you more flight time

6. MOTA JETJAT Nano Drone


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It is one of the smallest drones on the list yet functions smartly. It is available in two colors: Black and White, and comes very handy while operating. The handling is very easy as the drone is very agile and the controller is very responsive.


  • One of the world’s smallest Nano drones that doubles as a quadcopter
  • Suitable for kids and beginners who want a small drone to try their skills
  • Easy to carry and store and the weight is not noticeable
  • It includes six-axis gyroscope stabilization technology and a low battery warning mode
  • Features crash resistant technology and faster charging

5. DROCON U31W Navigator Nano Drone

DROCON U31W Navigator

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This one packs punch even when it is considered to a beginner drone. Just like other quality drones U31W Navigator also can be controlled via app. additionally, it features VR mode so you can experience the virtual reality with just a click.


  • Supports custom route mode that you draw on your phone’s screen and the drone will follow it
  • VR access that lets you explore the 3D world with the virtual reality headset
  • It handles altitude hold and air pressure, so it doesn’t compromise with the picture quality
  • Records videos in real time and let you share them
  • One key function of taking -off and landing

4. Force1 Smart Nano Drone

Force1 Drone

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The next one is from Force 1 that assures accessing all the advanced features that a drone should have. From powerful battery to brushless motors, it has it all. The controller is light enough to operate, and it just takes a minute to learn all the functioning.


  • The quadcopter drone comes with the smartphone holder so you can attach the controller with your smartphone.
  • Built-in GPS with one key press to return home
  • 1080p camera and video recording
  • Handles and altitude and air pressure
  • One key operation for taking off and landing
  • Brushless motor that is known for efficient and powerful operation

3. DROCON Hacker Drone

DROCON Hacker Drone

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A drone that is both small and smart with all the bells and whistles. The construction is from good quality materials and it feels very sturdy and durable.


  • This small looking drone has a powerful camera that shoots 720p HD Pictures and Videos
  • ABS qualified material with flexible blades
  • Headless mode can made the task of flying the drone easy even for an amateur
  • Build from durable nylon material
  • Size: 4x2x1.8 cm

2. Beebeerun Wifi FPV Quadcopter Drone

Beebeerun Wifi FPV Quadcopter Drone - Smart Nano Drones

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Having this one means much more fun than any other. This one serves as a great performing drone if you are a beginner or an advanced operator.


  • It is super solid material that does not allow the blades to break nor crush
  • ABS material that is super flexible so you can bend it and it won’t be broken
  • Wi-Fi real-time transmission that allows connecting it to your phone and shoots live
  • It allows experiencing virtual reality
  • Features headless mode plus handles the altitude
  • You can operate it either via the app or the controller

1. Sky Viper m500 Nano Drone

Sky Viper m500 Nano Drone

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Well, Sky Viper is one of the bestselling drones of all time. If you have a great love for Nano drones, this one would be the perfect one for you. The drone includes several innovative features that are not available in most of them.


  • It supports flight firmware and an autopilot mode, and with just one key it can perform auto launch, land, and even hover
  • It is extremely lightweight which allows sharp stunts with your drone in just one touch
  • It is known for its stability and durability
  • It is also easily manoeuvrable inside the home or tight spaces


Drones come in all shapes and sizes and features are the thing that sets the price. Our selection of drones mentioned above covers it all, and now the selection depends on your choices of features and budget. Happy shopping.

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