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Sandblasting is very important for removing rust, paint, and pollutants from different types of surfaces. A sandblasting cabinet will serve as an ideal product for the purpose, and it has multiple functions. It is suitable for cleaning, recycling, and collection of dust particles. Moreover, it reduces cost, as you don’t have to worry about getting other gadgets for protecting yourself. It makes sure there will be a pollution-free environment and is an ideal surface treatment process. Check out the following list of the top 10 best sandblast cabinets.


10, OEMTOOLS Bench Top Abrasive Blast Cabinet

OEMTOOLS 24815 Bench Top Abrasive Blast Cabinet | Removes Rust, Grime, Paint, & More | Great for Automobile Rebuilders or Anyone Restoring Antique Metal Objects | Inexpensive & Efficient TOP 10 BEST SANDBLAST CABINETS IN 2020 REVIEWS

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This sandblast cabinet offers hassle-free installation onto any bench-top. The skid-resistant rubber feet also keep the machine in a place during operation. Moreover, you can use this model to remove rust, oxidation, and old paint from different metal surfaces. The removable ceramic tips of the nozzles help you to use this model for years. You can use this model to add diffused or matte surface to eliminate the roughness of different metals.

This machine also conveniently works on different surfaces to remove grime, rust, paint, and other impurities. Furthermore, the inbuilt exhaust of this model easily handles smaller blast cleaning tasks. The removable filter keeps the abrasive in one place during the sandblasting process. The model is perfect for cleaning and polishing antique metal objects and jewelry.

  • Replaceable air filters and ceramic tip.
  • Built-in exhaust for cleaning jobs.
  • Easily removes paint, rust, and oxidation.
  • The average rating is low.

9, Redline Sand Glass Blast Cabinet

Redline RE28 Sand Glass Bead Media Blaster Blast Cabinet

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This sandblast cabinet has a workspace of 29X16X18-inch. The model also works with sand or glass bead. Moreover, this machine comes along with 18-gauge steel panels to ensure durability. Moreover, the interior space includes a fluorescent lighting system to keep the workspace illuminated. The viewing window comes with a measurement of 22X10.5-inch. The air-sealed rubber gloves offer safe access to the interior space of this model.

This machine also requires an airflow of 7-CFM at the rate of 40 to 80-PSI. Furthermore, this model comes along with 4 pieces of removable ceramic nozzles. Therefore, this cabinet comes with an extended lifespan. The wobble-free base keeps the machine steady during the sandblasting process. This machine does not leak sand throughout the operation.

  • Interior grate with fluorescent light bar.
  • Equipped with fully weather-stripped viewing.
  • Comes with a removable plastic.
  • It is a relatively new product.

8, Shop Fox Benchtop Sandblaster

Shop Fox M1114 Benchtop Sandblaster

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This bench-top sandblast cabinet comes along with a sturdy blast gun with ceramic tips. The top-loading model also comes along with a pair of sealed rubber gloves. Therefore, you can conveniently put your hands directly into the interior space of this cabinet. You can conveniently use this machine to remove rust or old paint on different metal surfaces.

This machine also comes along with 16-inch side access doors. Furthermore, you can quickly remove your workpieces in no time. This cabinet needs a 15-watt fluorescent light bulb to illuminate the workspace. This machine requires an air pressure rate of 60 to 100-PSI. The model comes with an abrasive capacity of 10-pounds. The large viewing window helps users to monitor the sandblasting process.

  • Great for preparing small parts.
  • Blasting gun with ceramic tips.
  • A built-in fluorescent lamp, sealed glove ports.
  • The ratings are low.

7, Grizzly Industrial Sandblast Cabinet

Grizzly Industrial T27156 - Top-Loading Benchtop Sandblast Cabinet

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This top-loading bench-top sandblast cabinet is very much compact in size. With the working area of 23-3/4X19X19-inch, this model also makes the sandblasting process convenient for users. Moreover, this top-loading model makes operation easy for everyone. This machine comes along with sealed gloves. So, you can have safe access to the interior space of this cabinet. With the help of the inbuilt fluorescent lamp, this model keeps working space illuminated.

This lightweight model also diffuses different metal surfaces to eliminate roughness. Furthermore, you can work on different metal surfaces for cleaning, polishing, and finishing. The blasting gun of this cabinet comes along with 4 pieces of ceramic tips. The wobble-free metal legs keep the machine in one place during the sandblasting process.

  • Complete access inside the enclosed cabinet.
  • Fill with abrasive materials for cleaning/polishing/finishing.
  • Blasting gun with 4 ceramic tip sizes.
  • It is a completely new product.

6, Grizzly Industrial Mini Sandblaster

Grizzly Industrial T27359 - Mini Sandblaster

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This compact sandblast cabinet comes with a maximum sand capacity of 12-lbs. The mini sandblasting machine also offers a working surface of 16.1X12.2X7.9-inch. Moreover, the durable and heavy-duty steel construction makes this model exceptionally long-lasting. This machine comes along with inbuilt blast gloves. This cabinet consists of an inbuilt fluorescent lighting system. The sandblasting tool does not cause any sand leakage.

The lighting system also properly illuminates the workspace to make the process visible to users. Furthermore, this lightweight model comes along with a ceramic nozzle of 3.5mm. This machine requires 7-CFM of airflow at the air pressure rate of 80 to 115-CFM. This lightweight, bench-top model comes with space-saving design to support stress-free installation. The model works with 110 to 130-Volt power sources.

  • It comes with built-in blast gloves.
  • Equipped with heavy steel construction.
  • Features ergonomic and compact design.
  • There are no reviews available.

5, Eastwood Modular Blast Cabinet

Eastwood 28 in. X 18 in. X 12 in. Modular Blast Cabinet Bench Top Abrasive Blast Electrical Cabinet Glass Viewing Windows

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With the work area of 28X28X12-inch, this sandblast cabinet offers plenty of space to make the sandblasting process easier. This model also comes along with a large 22X10.5-inch viewing window. Moreover, the cabinet includes a 120-volt bulb to illuminate your workspace. The cabinet comes with the construction of sturdy and powder-coated material. This sandblasting machine comes with a powerful 15-inch hg blast gun.

The vacuum port of this machine also simply works with 1.5-inch vacuum hoses. Furthermore, this machine offers a working space of 6-cubic feet. The super-bright LED work lamp helps users to see the sandblasting process with no difficulty. This bench-top model requires 7-CFM of airflow with an air pressure rate of 80-PSI. The sandblasting machine also comes with a space-saving design.

  • Features quality powder coated finish.
  • Specifically designed with heavy-duty components.
  • It provides years of trouble-free service.
  • It is difficult to judge from reviews.

4, BONEW Double-Pen Sand Blasting Machine

BONEW Double-Pen Fine Sand Blasting Machine Dental Lab Sandblaster

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This versatile sandblast cabinet has the construction of a sturdy metal surface to promote durability. With the help of see-through bottles, this model also helps users to see the entire sandblasting process. Moreover, you can use this machine to remove molds, rust, and oxidations from casting, heat-treated, welding, and other parts. This cabinet includes a 25-watt bulb to illuminate your workspace.

The cabinet also includes a large window. Furthermore, with the help of twin-pen, this tool helps users to polish various materials of different hardness. You can conveniently diffuse rough surfaces and remove residual salt and burr. This machine allows users to use it before starting spray treatment of metal surfaces. The sandblasting machine perfectly also removes carbide and other finishing treatments.

  • Observes sand during the sandblasting process.
  • Removal of carbide, finishing treatment.
  • The large window and the twin-pen.
  • It is a completely new product.

3, Duevin Sand Blasting Machine

Duevin Sand Blasting Machine, Portable Gravity Sandblaster, Air Sandblaster, Sand Blasting Tool, Portable Sand Blasting Machine, Rust Removal Polishing Jewelry Sandblasting Tools

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This portable sandblast cabinet involves the construction of heavy-duty, rustproof material. The model is also perfect for removing metal oxide layers, impurities, and rust from the groovy and concavity parts. Moreover, this model works with most of the metal, jade, glass, plexiglass materials. You can conveniently use this model to polish jewelry. This cabinet conveniently minimizes or maximizes the surface roughness.

You can also use this cabinet to pretreatment before painting. Therefore, you can simply spray zinc chromium, nickel, and other paints on metal surfaces. This energy-efficient sandblasting machine produces no annoying noise during the sandblasting process. The cabinet stores the sandblasting powder. Therefore, you can reuse the powder for the next use. You can hassle-freely get diffuse or matte surface on metal objects.

  • Increase or decrease surface roughness.
  • Get a polished metal surface finish.
  • Will increase the surface friction coefficient.
  • It is a new product.

2, TP Tools USA Sandblast Sandblasting Cabinet

TP Tools USA 2846 Skat Blast Sandblast Sandblasting Cabinet with HEPA Vacuum, 46"W x 28"D x 28"H Work Area, Made in USA

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This sandblasting cabinet comes with an extra-wide work area. Equipped with a powerful Vac-50 HEPA vacuum filter, this model also offers complete removal of dust. Moreover, with the work area of 46X28X28-inch, this cabinet helps you to remove oxidation from different objects. This cabinet comes along with an adjustable 90-watt floodlight to offer clear visibility while blasting. The power tool has 28-inch long dual-strength cabinet gloves.

This cabinet also comes with a foot-pedal operated power gun for convenient sandblasting. Furthermore, the cabinet can produce 10 to 15-CFM at the air pressure of 80 to 125-PSI. The frame of this cabinet comes with the construction of sturdy welded angle-iron. The door of this sandblasting model also involves the construction of 11-gauge steel.

  • A power gun offers operator convenience.
  • Provide good visibility while blasting.
  • Expanded metal screen holds-up objects easily.
  • There is no con at all.

1, JEGS Bench Top Sandblast Cabinet

JEGS 81502 Bench Top Sandblast Cabinet 15-25 cfm @ 40-120 psi

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With the dimensions of 23X29X14-inch, the work area of this sandblasts cabinet makes it very much convenient for users. This model also comes along with a spray gun with 4 pieces of ceramic nozzles. Moreover, the funnel of this cabinet comes with a maximum capacity of 1.7-gallon. The frame of this model involves the construction of heavy-duty steel material. The removal of the air filter makes it convenient to clean and traps down dust.

The viewing window of this work also comes with a measurement of 19X15-inch. Furthermore, with the help of silicone-sealing, the cabinet provides a completely airtight chamber. With the help of an easy to illuminate 16-inch fluorescent light, you can keep your workspace properly illuminated. The detachable plastic films also cause no damage to glass caused by etching.

  • It creates an airtight seal.
  • It comes with extra-large rubber gloves.
  • It comes with durable steel construction.
  • There are only a few reviews available.

Buying Guide For Sandblast Cabinet –

  1. Types Of Cabinets

These power tools are mainly categorized into- Standard, Split-Level, and Portable sandblasting cabinets.

  1. Standard sandblasting tools come with front and dual-side openings. You can conveniently use these tools to work on small to medium-sized objects.
  2. Split-Level cabinets come with top-loading lids and the hinged jointed mechanism that opens the doors in upwards. These models are perfect for working on the heavier and large items.
  3. Portable sandblast cabinets effortlessly fit the tight corners of your workspaces. You can conveniently work on delicate or smaller objects by using these mini sandblasters. Most of the time, these models have remote-controllable operations.


  1. Types Of Blasting Systems

Mostly, these blasting systems have 2 different categories; these are-

  1. Shipon Blasting systems include a vacuum gun to remove impurities from objects. Just like a vacuum cleaner, this system typically requires narrow-ended blasting nozzles and a higher air pressure rate to clean debris. These systems are quite easy to use and hardly have a 2-step cleaning method.
  2. Direct Pressure systems use a higher blasting flow rate. Therefore, the system simply pushes the impurities directly away from objects. These cabinets let users control the speed of the flow accordingly.



1, Details And Features

A perfect sandblast machine must include a few of these features-

2, Doors

Doors of the cabinets offer ultimate safety to the whole construction. To get a high-quality and long-lasting machine, then you should avoid the models with plastic doors. However, the plastic material is very prone to get easily damaged or cracked.

3, Air Compressors

Every sandblast cabinet includes an air compressor with its purchase. Therefore, if you are targeting to purchase a model with an air compressor, then it is good to check the CFM and PSI rate of the particular air compressor.

4, Construction

Frame and the body of the sandblasting machines obviously determine the durability of the complete machine. Usually, the lighter steel body models are often cost-effective and withstand medium-duty work pressure. If you want a sandblasting machine for regular use, then it is better to opt for one with durable material construction like heavy-duty steel.

5, Lighting

Illuminate the sandblasting area of these cabinets, some manufacturers add lighting systems. However, if you want focused lighting inside of your cabinet then you should go for the models that come with an interior lighting system.

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There are different types of sandblasting cabinets available. You should go through the buying guide to understand those types and read about all the relevant information. In fact, there are various sandblasting systems present about which you should know about. GO through the guide before going through the products for better understanding.

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