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A good ratchet set or socket wrench set is a must-have for your garage tool collection. A ratchet set generally consists of various sizes of sockets to attach with a socket wrench, torque handles, ratchet, or other tools to help you speed up the process of home or vehicle maintenance and repair, mechanic repair, electrician repair and more. They help you get the task done much faster and easier than with other traditional repair tools. Our reviews of 10 best ratchet sets and the buying guide will help you find the best ratchet set that best suits your mechanical needs.

List Of Our Best Ratchet Sets Reviews On Amazon.Com

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#10.  METAKOO 47 Pieces Ratchet Set

#10.  METAKOO 47 Pieces Ratchet Set

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The drive sockets and ratchets in the METAKOO wrench set are constructed from high-quality chrome vanadium (Cr-V) steel that makes them durable and scratch-resistant. The plated chrome and mirror polish help to prevent corrosion and rust. Each drive socket is laser-etched with its size detail in metric and inch for ease to read and find even in the low light condition which enhances user experience.

This wrench set by METAKOO has a wide range of drive socket sizes. It includes a 72-teeth ratchet, a spark plug, a 6-point, and 12-point socket, and a ratchet set with a size range of 8mm to 21mm. The tools are convenient for multiple uses for your mechanical DIY projects. The ratchet has a quick release feature that makes it easy to quickly exchange sockets. The set also comes with a durable storage case to neatly store your tools as well.

#9. EASTVOLT 12-Piece Flex-Head Ratchet Sets

#9. EASTVOLT 12-Piece Flex-Head Ratchet Set

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Constructed from high-quality Cr-V steel with the mirror-polished surface, these wrenches are guaranteed sturdy and durable for any kind of repair or maintenance use. They are also resistant to corrosion and rust too. The premium design of this ratchet wrench set makes the tool widely applicable to fasten or loosen bolts and nuts in even narrow spaces. It’s suitable for pipeline repair, home maintenance, or mechanic repair.

The set includes 12 pieces of wrenches in common metric sizes ranging from 8mm to 19mm. The set also comes with a storage toolbox that makes it easy to store your tools to prevent missing any of them. The storage toolbox keeps all the tool wrenches neatly in place and also makes it easy for transportation.

#8. SATA 3-Piece Quick-Release Ratchet Sets

#8. SATA 3-Piece Quick-Release Ratchet Set

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SATA is a well-known tool company that has been around for over 20 years. They are committed to providing hand tool products to serve the mechanics in various industries including manufacturing, automotive, construction, and aerospace.

SATA ratchet set comes in standard metric sizes. The tools designed to aid professional mechanics to make their work easier. This set includes 3 pieces of ratchet in ¼-inch,  ⅜-inch, and ½-inch size. The 5° arch design allows for better reach even in tight and narrow spaces. The 72-tooth design of the ratchet offers enhanced precision and access. The ratchet has a design of a teardrop shape with a low-profile head that provides a wider range and better access making it easy to change direction freely. It also features the quick-release mechanism that makes replacing a socket an easy task.

#7. JENLEY 1/4-Inch Drive Ratchet Sets Kit

#7. JENLEY 1/4-Inch Drive Ratchet Set Kit

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This ratchet set by JENLEY consists of 46 pieces of drive sockets, ratchet wrench, spinner handle, all of which are constructed from hardened CrV steel alloy with full plated chrome and mirror-polished. The ratchet wrench features the quick-release and reverse-switch mechanism for easy and quick operation. The handle is covered in soft rubber for an improved and comfortable grip.

The set includes 13 pieces of drive sockets with a wide range of sizes from 4mm to 14mm with 21 pieces of drive bit sockets. It also comes with a durable storage toolbox to keep your tools neatly in place. It’s also conveniently portable as well.

#6. FIXKIT 20-Piece Ratchet Sets

#6. FIXKIT 20-Piece Ratchet Set

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FIXKIT ratchet wrench set is suitable for industrial and mechanical use. The tools are constructed from high-quality heat-treated carbon steel with mirror polishing and electroplated chrome. They are durable, thick in width, long-lasting, and resistant to rust.

This ratchet wrench set contains 10 metric and 10 SAE wrenches. They are constructed from Cr-V material with mirror polishing finish treatment and plated chrome. The ratchet wrenches size ranges widely and provides a great grip to make your repair or maintenance task easier. The tools are double-ended which one end is an open-ended wrench while the other is a box-ended wrench. To keep all your hand tools organized, the set comes with a canvas storage bag which gives each wrench its own marked position to avoid any mess. The canvas bag also makes portability convenient and ready to use anywhere.

#5. PROSTORMER 14-Piece Ratchet Set

#5. PROSTORMER 14-Piece

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This ratchet wrench set by PROSTORMER includes 14 pieces of common size wrench ranging from 6mm to 19mm. The ratchets are designed with 180 degrees rotating heads which makes it easier to reach narrow spaces as it needs only a 5-degree arc swing. These ratchets are constructed from high-quality Cr-V steel and finish with the mirror-polished treatment for corrosion resistance. They are suitable for pipeline repair, electrician repair, mechanic repair, auto repair, bicycle repair, or home maintenance.

The set also includes a sturdy toolbox to store all your ratchet gears as well. The design of the toolbox’s interior keeps your tools organized in a place and also allows for portability too.

#4. ARES Ratchet Set

#4. ARES

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These built-to-last ratchet wrenches are constructed from premium aluminium with a corrosion-resistant finish. The design is lightweight to make it easier to work with. Its 90-teeth ratcheting mechanism makes it great for working in tight or narrow spaces. It also has a reversible ratcheting mechanism that operates on a 4-degree arc, while the direction of the drive can be changed easily with a simple thumb switch on the ratchet head. The handle of the ratchet has an ergonomic design for improved user experience. It grips better and feels comfortable in your hand making it easier to get the job done.

This set also includes a storage tray that’s made of EVA foam. You can easily store your ratchet tools in the storage tray to keep them organized, safe, or for portability.

#3. WORKPRO 39-Piece Ratchet Sets

3. WORKPRO 39-Piece

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This socket set by WORKPRO contains 39 pieces of drive socket and ratchets. The sockets are constructed from forged chrome vanadium for durability, torque, and strength. They are also finished with the heat-treated chrome polish treatment for corrosion-resistant to give the tools a long-lasting ability. The spinner handle is designed ergonomically with PVC for enhanced comfort and better grip performance.  The ratchet features the quick-release mechanism for easy operation.

The set comes with a blow-moulded storage case for ultimate protection as well as portability. The storage case has dedicated spots designed for each socket to keep them organized and easily identifiable based on its size. The kit is designed in small size and lightweight to make it conveniently portable for daily work.

#2. EPAUTO 45 Pieces Ratchet Sets

#2. EPAUTO 45 Pieces

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EPAUTO drive socket set contains 45 pieces of ratchet tools including both metric and SAE sizes which makes this socket kit widely applicable and suited for various uses. The ratchet tools are made from Cr-V material with chrome plated and mirror-polished treatment for corrosion-resistant protection. This socket set is suitable for auto repair and maintenance which can be used for both professional and personal use.

The set also includes a sturdy storage case to keep everything organized and prevent missing. The case has carved-out spaces dedicated to each socket to store them neatly and easily identifiable of its size. It also provides the convenience of portability for your daily work as well.

#1. EPAUTO 40 Pieces Ratchet Sets

#1. EPAUTO 40 Pieces

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This is also another great ratchet kit by EPAUTO which contains 40 pieces of ¼-inch and ⅜-inch drive socket. With a 72-teeth reversible ratchet. The ratchets are made of hardened-treated Cr-V material and finish with chrome-plated and mirror-polished treatment for corrosion resistance. The drive socket in this set includes both metric and SAE sockets.

A sturdy storage box is included in this set to make it easier to keep your ratchet tools organized in just one place and also easy to portable for everyday work as well.

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Buying Guide

These are a few important things you should consider when purchasing a ratchet set:

  • SAE or Metric Sizing: Bolts and nuts often come in SAE (inch) or metric sizing so it would be helpful to check your vehicles or anything that’ll most likely need maintenance and need to work with the ratchets to determine the measuring system it has. Some ratchet kits come with both sizing available, in this case, it shouldn’t be much of a big deal.
  • Fasteners Type: Most bolts have the shape of either 6-point or hexagonal; therefore, most ratchets or sockets are also mostly available in those shapes. Despite that, other shapes also exist, so it would be safer to do a quick double-check of things you will most likely work with before making your decision.
  • Number of Pieces: The number of ratchet wrenches that come in each set varies depending on the brand and model. They can range from 3 pieces set to over 40 pieces in a set. The sizes of the ratchets in each set also vary as well. In this case, you should check what sizes of ratchet you will most likely need to work with to ensure they are included in the set you’re looking to purchase.
  • Non-impact or Impact: There are 2 types of sockets; impact and non-impact. Impact sockets generally have thick walls with carbonized surfaces. They are designed primarily for heavy-duty tasks that involve a higher impact. On the other hand, non-impact sockets are commonly constructed from hardened-treated chrome or polished steel/metal. They are more suitable for vehicle repair, home maintenance, and light DIY projects. Note that most of the ratchet sets mentioned in these reviews are the non-impact type.
  • Reaching Range: This matter would depend on the location and space of the fasteners that you will mostly work with and how difficult it is to reach them. A ratchet set that includes an extension bar or a deep drive would come in handy if you need to reach the bolts and nuts in narrow spaces.


Having one of these ratchet sets as your garage tool collection is a must if you’re passionate about doing mechanical DIY projects or often need functional tools for home repair or maintenance. Each set normally contains common size ratchets, extensions, and everything you need to help you get the task done easily without the need for other additional gears.

Moreover, having a ratchet set with various size options in a place while using only 1 turning tool with exchangeable sockets will save a lot of space in your garage if compared to having multiple tools lying around in your space. All of the above-mentioned ratchet sets come with a storage box or bag to hold your tools in an organized way so that you need not worry about losing or misplacing one of your small sockets anymore. If you need to work remotely, the portable storage case or bag also makes it convenient for you to carry your tools with you as well.

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