The 10 Best Printing Calculators in 2022

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Are you in search for the best printing calculator? If you do, here we have the reviews of various printing calculators for you. These calculators are designed to help you calculate profit margins, price, payroll and sale receipts conveniently. Check them out if you are in need of one!

List of the 10 Best Printing Calculators in 2022

Product Reviews

10. Sharp Printing Calculator

 Sharp EL-1901 Paperless Printing Calculator with Check and Correct

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This printing calculator does not use a printer or a paper to keep tabs on your financial records. Its display screen will print your transactions on its LCD screen up to 5 lines long. The buttons are easy to use, and it doesn’t take much strength to push them with your fingertip.

Then, when the power goes out, it uses a back up battery system to preserve your unsaved work. The machine will store up to 300 previous entries to make sure you have a paperless paper trail. This calculator does not work on batteries alone. You need to plug it in to make it work.

9. Casio Desktop Printing Calculator

 Casio FR-2650TM 2-Color Professional Desktop Printing Calculator

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Its two color system allows you to see your transactions clearly. Black is good and red is not. Then the LCD screen will display up to 12 digits at a time while printing out 3 ½ lines per minute.

Then it will handle tax calculations, and other financial recordkeeping with is 4 key memory. A backspace button allows you to make quick corrections in case you made a mistake.

Your fingers should be able to it these large plastic keys with ease. Measuring 17 x 10 x 5 inches, this printing calculator should not take up too much space on your desktop.

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8. Sharp Portable Printing Calculator

 Sharp EL-1801V Portable 12-Digit 2-Color Compact Printing Calculator

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Another printing calculator that uses two colors to help you see what is happening in your financial world. Then its LCD display brings you your numbers up to 12 digits long. The numbers are in easy to read blue color.

The printer will produce up to 2 ½ LPS and has the cost, sell, and margin functions. It also does tax work as well as simple math calculations. An error key allows you to make corrections easily and quickly. Then the buttons are easy to push, and the controls are easily accessed due to their convenient location.

7. Casio Business Calculator

Casio HR-150TMPlus Business Calculator

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A business needs a good business calculator and this Casio printing calculator is it. Not only does it have the usual cost, sell, margin and tax calculation functions, it will display your numbers up to 12 digits long.

Hen once you are ready to have your paper trail it will print out at the speed of roughly 2 ½ lines per minute. The plastic buttons are not difficult to use, and they are large enough where you won’t hit two at the same time. 4 memory keys allow you to store your work for the next time you need to use them.

6. Canon Desktop Printing Calculator

Canon Office Products 2198C001 Canon MP11DX-2 Desktop Printing Calculator

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The key features that make this unit stand out are its clock, calendar, and currency exchange functions. You can keep track of the time as you convert your money to whatever currency you need to use.

Plus, it has the usual features that other printing calculators have. Two color printing, 12-digit display, cost, sell, margin and tax functions. It also has 4 memory buttons to store your entries.

One nice thing about the clock and calendar features. You can put the time and date on your calculations to keep your records straight. A 5 ½ foot cord, bring s you all the power you need to operate this unit.

5. Casio Printing Calculator

 Casio DR-210TM Printing Calculator

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Time is money, so you do not want to waste time using a bad printing calculator. This unit will save you the hassle and it is easy to use. Its 12-digit display lets you see your numbers clearly. Then prints them out at the rate of just over 4lines per second.

Plus, it contains all the key functions you need to see if your business is making a profit. The cost, sell and margin buttons are conveniently located. Then if you need to keep your calculations you can store them on the 4 memory functions.

2 color printing is also available on this unit.

4. Sharp Printing Calculator

 Sharp EL-1750V 12 Digit Compact Desktop 2-Color Printing Calculator

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For those who like the simple things. This printing calculator will fit easily on your desktop and make it easy for you to do your financial accounting. All the buttons are large, so you shouldn’t hit two at the same time.

Plus, the 12-digit readout is not difficult to read and understand. All your key business functions are located at the top of the keyboard for easy access. You can do your taxes, your cost, sell, margin work and store your work on its 4 memory functions. This 2-color printing calculator will produce printouts at just over 2 lines per sec.

3. Canon Desktop Calculator

Canon P1-DHV-3 Printing Desktop Calculator

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The LCD 12-digit digital display is very clear and easy to read. You get clarity and sharpness with every calculation. Measuring approx. 8 x 4 x 1.6 inches, you do not have to leave it on your desk. You can take it with you and do your calculations anywhere in your office or warehouse.

Then it will work on 4 AA battery power. You do not need a power cord or outlet to use this unit. The ink roller should last you a long time and print out your numbers very clearly. All standard functions and features are on this unit as well.

2. Canon Printing Calculator

 Canon P23-DHV-3 Printing Calculator with Double Check Function, Tax Calculation and Currency Conversion

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2 color printing allows you to see your profit or loss at a glance. Then you shouldn’t have to wait to see the paper results of your calculations. Plus, if you need them you can add the date and time to each calculation to stay organized.

This printing calculator also handles currency exchange calculations. Along with, the usual cost, sell, margin and tax calculations that come with operating a business. A double check feature lets you 2 independent calculations. Any differences will be printed in red. The calculator will work with batteries or a power cord.

1. Casio Inc. printing Calculator

 Casio Inc. HR-100TM mini desktop printing Calculator-Printing Calculators

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Don’t let its small size fool you. Measuring only approx. 9 x 6.5 x 2 inches, this mini printing calculator will do the same job as the bigger models. It handles the usual tax and cost, etc., calculations, as well as print at roughly 2 lines per sec.

Then it will give you your financial calculations in two colors if you want. Also, its small size does not stop it from producing a 12-digit digital display of your numbers. As an added bonus, it will also do currency exchange if you need it to.

Final call

In business money counts. To keep track of your finances it is wise to use the best equipment. That includes your calculator. Using one of the top 10 best printing calculators in 2022 is using the best equipment to keep track of your money. It is also a wise way to make sure you have the proper paper trail for your records.

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