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Many people may not know what a knife belt sander is. It is a simple tool that helps to shape different materials. They have aggressive action and can perform the task in a convenient way. It runs with the help of an electric motor and can be in different sizes and designs. Some of it can come in handheld design while others will let you mount it on the wall or table. Ideal for non-ferrous metals, some will even allow you to adjust the angle and use it according to your advantage. Check out the following list of the top 10 best knife belt sanders to pick from.


10, Grizzly Industrial Knife Belt Sander

Grizzly Industrial G1015 - Knife Belt Sander/Buffer TOP 10 BEST KNIFE BELT SANDERS IN 2021 REVIEWS

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This knife belt sander comes along with a 1-horsepower motor. The motor also can produce a speed up to 1725-RPM. Moreover, the single-phase motor also runs almost silently. So, you can operate the device with no difficulty. The machine works with most of the 2X72 to 2X76-inch belt sizes. The belt speed of the unit can reach up to 3600-RPM.

The machine also comes with the construction of cast iron material. Furthermore, the sanding wheel comes with a maximum diameter of 8-inch. The auxiliary arbor of the unit easily accommodates sanding drums, flap wheels, and buffing wheels. You can simply tilt the belt arm accordingly. The machine comes with quick-release belt tension.

  • Powerful motor for superior performance.
  • Easy to use and durable construction.
  • Aluminum rubber roller and buffing wheels compatibility.
  • The assembling is slightly difficult.


9, Astro Pneumatic Tool Air Belt Sander

Astro Pneumatic Tool 3037 Air Belt Sander (1/2" x 18") with 3pc Belts (#36, #40 & #60)

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The knife belt sander consists of the 360-degree adjustable arm. So, you can simply adjust the angle of the arm according to your needs. The machine also mostly works with the 1/2X18-inch belts. Moreover, the automatic latches of the equipment open the arm while changing the belts. The auto-tension retracts back the arm at its place.

The wide range of RPM of the motor is also adjustable up to 16000-RPM. Furthermore, you can simply use this unit for spot weld removal. The machine comes along with a 0.5-horsepower motor. This sander consists of a complication-free belt tension lever. You will get 40, 60 and 80 grits of sanding belts with this equipment.

  • Easy tension lever and wide application.
  • Long-lasting use with durable construction.
  • Variable speed for user advantage.
  • There is no such con.

8, RIKON Power Tools Disc Sander

RIKON Power Tools 50-151 Belt with 5" Disc Sander, 1" x 30", Blue

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The belt sander comes along with a 5-inch disc sander. The tilting design of the table is also compatible with a 1X30-inch sanding belt. Moreover, the 2-inch dust port works with most of the vacuum cleaners. So, this dust removal is easier and hands-free. The safety switch makes this equipment safe to use by both professionals and commoners.

The metal base with rubber feet also keeps the machine in the proper place while operating and reduces vibration. Furthermore, the belt tracking knob automatically adjusts according to the motor. So, you do not have to put an effort to wrap the belts. You can simply adjust the belt table from zero to 45-degree.

  • Convenient switch for user safety.
  • Easy tilting and dust port.
  • Lightweight design and wide application.
  • The build quality could be better.


7, JET Bench Belt and Disc Sander

JET J-41002 2-Inch by 42-Inch 3/4-Horsepower Bench Belt and 8-Inch Disc Sander

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This knife belt sander comes with the construction of heavy-duty cast-iron construction. The long-lasting equipment also comes along with a steel base and rubber feet. So, the rubber feet reduce the vibration during operation. Moreover, the machine consists of a dust deflector and a dust chute. Therefore, the equipment is very much useful in sanding, finishing or grinding.

The machine is also very much efficient in sanding different odd or curve-shaped workpieces. Furthermore, the tilting table helps you to use the machine at different angles. The abrasive belt works like a coping saw, hand file, and jigsaw. The miter gauge is lockable at both the left and right sides 45-degree angle.

  • Suitable for different applications.
  • Efficient performance and fast operation.
  • Rubber feet and a steel base.
  • The ratings are not very encouraging.


EX ELECTRONIX EXPRESS Mini 1 x 30 Belt Sander 3400 RPM

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The knife belt sander comes along with a belt sander size of 1X30-inch. This belt sander also comes with a powerful 1/3-horsepower. Moreover, the motor can run at the speed of 3400-RPM. Therefore, you can use this sander machine from zero to 45-degree angles. The vacuum diameter of the tool comes with a diameter of 1-3/4-inch.

The size of the stable table also comes with a maximum diameter of 5X5-inch. Furthermore, you can use this machine with different kinds of belts. The unit helps you to sharpen different types of kitchen knives like a pro. The motor comes with a maximum power output of 360-watt. Therefore, this unit does not produce any operational noise.

  • Rotates at 3400 in a minute.
  • Easy to use and high performance.
  • Lightweight construction for easy portability.
  • It is not very powerful.

5, Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

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This knife sharpener machine can run on a powerful 12-volt inverter optionally. So, you can simply use this machine in your truck, car, boat, RV and more. The knife belt sander also can sharpen different types of knives at home. Moreover, you can simply use this machine to sharpen different bladed shop tools and garden tools.

You can also use this tool for sharpening garden pruners, shears, scrapers, shovels, lawnmower blades, and more. Furthermore, the machine comes along with simply replaceable abrasion grit belts. You can efficiently change the belts from medium, fine, coarse, and abrasion belts. You can use the heavy-duty sanding belts from a 40 to 50-degree angle.

  • Abrasive belts for high performance.
  • Wide application and easy to use.
  • Consistent results due to efficient design.
  • There is no con at all.

4, Norse Belt Disc Sander Grinder

Norse BDSG2x6 9681119 Belt Disc Sander Grinder

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This bench grinder comes along with a powerful 1/3-horsepower motor. The disc sander is also able to sharpen different kinds of knives with precision. Moreover, the machine comes along with a 2X42-inch abrasive belt. Therefore, the bench grinder includes a 6-inch PSA abrasive disc. You can easily adjust the belt arm from horizontal and vertical ways accordingly.

The direct-driven motor also automatically adjusts the belt accordingly. Furthermore, the machine allows you to adjust the angles of the belt arm from a 90 to 45-degree angle. The equipment supports both the 1X42 and 2X42-inch belts. The belt drives at a maximum speed of 4480-RPM and the disc rotate at the speed of 3600-RPM.

  • Powerful motor and convenient belt table.
  • Adjustable belt arm for better flexibility.
  • Low noise and fast operation.
  • It is a relatively new product.

3, BUCKTOOL Bench Belt Sander

BUCKTOOL BD4801 Bench Belt Sander 4 in. x 36 in. Belt and 8 in. Disc Sander with 3/4HP Direct-drive Motor

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Equipped with a ¾-horsepower direct-drive motor, this knife belt sander delivers noiseless sharpening operation. The 2-in-1 model of this sander also comes along with an 8-inch disc and a 4X36-inch belt. Moreover, the machine can extend the sanding efficiency up to 25% than any ordinary sander. You do not have to change the angles of the belt from zero to 90-degree.

The machine also comes along with a humanized track control. Furthermore, the driven drum of the equipment helps you to sand any curved objects. The direct-driven motor automatically adjusts the belt tension. You can effortlessly replace the sander belt. This machine comes along with a cast-Aluminum base and rubber feet to offer stability.

  • Allows working at different degrees.
  • Rubber feet to prevent vibration.
  • Two-in-one design and maintenance-free housing.
  • There is no such drawback.

2, TACKLIFE Belt Sander

TACKLIFE Belt Sander 3×18-Inch with 13Pcs Sanding Belts, Bench Sander with Variable-speed Control, Fixed Screw Clamps, Dust Box, Vacuum Adapters, 10Feet (3 meters) Length Power Cord PSFS1A

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This belt sander comes along with 13 pieces of additional sanding belts. The belts also come with 6X120 and 7X80 grits. The machine also comes with a scientific and ergonomic design. So, it comes with a dust-collecting box. You can simply detach and remove the dust conveniently. Moreover, the knife belt sander includes 32 and 35mm vacuum dust adapters. Therefore, you can easily connect it to a vacuum cleaner for hands-free cleaning.

With the help of a metal clamping lever, the sander also lets you change the Aluminum-oxide sanding belts. Furthermore, the machine comes along with two metal screw clamps. The model is easy to install as a bench sander. The lock-on button keeps the sander in place and offers exceptional stability.

  • Complete set and better flexibility.
  • Dust collection system for user advantage.
  • Variable speed and outstanding performance.
  • It is suitable for lighter works.

1, Shop Fox Knife Belt Sander

Shop Fox W1843 Knife Belt Sander/Buffer

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Derived from high-quality metal, the knife belt sander comes along with a powerful 1-horsepower motor. The ball-bearing construction of these buffers also doubles the strength of the machine. Moreover, the motor of this tool can produce up to 1725-RPM of speed. Therefore, the single-phase 14A unit can offer the maximum belt speed of 4500-RPM.

This knife belt also comes along with a 10-inch rubber-faced driver wheel. Furthermore, the cast-iron body with a sanding belt makes this device exceptionally durable and versatile. Therefore, the belt can sharpen and buff pure metal knives. The cool-running abrasive belt precisely sharpens extra-long lathe turning gouges and chisels. There is an adjustable tool holder to deliver a stable platform while operating.

  • Ball-bearing construction for long-lasting use.
  • Operates quickly for saving time.
  • Adjustable tool holder for user convenience.
  • The ratings are not good.


Buying Guide For Knife Belt Sander –

The buyers should keep the following in mind while buying a knife belt sander.


The primary thing that you need to consider is the design. This will let you determine how easy you are going to use it. Look for the one that is suitable for all levels of users.


Another important thing that you need to see while buying a knife belt sander is the construction. You need to see if it has the ability to deliver reliable performance and is safe to use. Consider the one that is made of high-quality materials so that it lasts longer. You can also see if it has stable performance and comes with rubber feet.


If you want to have effective performance, then see if it comes with a powerful motor. The motor has a minimum of 1 HP. The motor must rotate at a minimum of 3400 RPM. Consider the one that comes with variable speed that lets you have a better advantage.

Belt Size:

The belt size is another important thing that determines the performance of the knife belt sander. Some of it can be bi-directional allowing you to have better flexibility.


To prevent any kind of vibration, you will have to see if the knife belt sander comes with solid backing. The backing material has to be abrasive that makes it perfect for different sanding projects.

Dust Collection:

The feature of dust collection will eliminate any kind of mess and lets you have a clean environment. Select the one that includes shop vac ports that makes it easy to navigate the dust and makes your task easier.


There are so many different parameters specified in any knife belt sander you look at. For a first-time buyer, it could be quite confusing. Over that, there are so many cheap-quality knife belt sanders available online that you can easily get tricked into buying one of them. That is why our team has taken enough time spotting the best belt sander keeping in mind all the different parameters mentioned in the buying guide.

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