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Obviously, every cook knows that if you mess up with the ingredient, the whole recipe will go worse. This is how the kitchen scale becomes an essential unit in every kitchen and a secret weapon to your delicious cuisine. Besides cooking, kitchen scales are also used for diet plans since the value of each item needs to be measured precisely so that you can control the serving size on the portion literally.

Having A kitchen scale, you can save your time preparing your meal and you do not have to estimate the amount of the ingredient to add to your food. So, let’s check out our top ten best kitchen scales that are digital, functional, and usable. At the same time, it provides exact weighting value for the family’s needs.

List Of Our Best Kitchen Scales Reviews On Amazon.Com

#10. Domini Stainless Steel Kitchen Scales

#10. Domini Stainless Steel Kitchen Scale

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The Domini kitchen scale is made of stainless steel with an anti-fingerprint feature. It is designed in two-sided buttons. Those buttons are quite easy to use. On the left side, it is the unit bottom that allows you to switch from one mode to another while the other side is on and off with the Z/T button. This side button can zero down the plate, which you have placed on the scale. Plus, the digital design provides accurate measurement and it is also clear to read because of the LCD display. It could be determined in four different modes: gram, ounce, and pound’ ounce as well as a millilitre.

Moreover, the scale can hold from below one gram and up to five kilograms. It does not have any messy cable and it is very convenient to store as it does not take much space. In the package, it also has two AAA batteries to power your unit.

#9. Koios Kitchen Scales With LCD

#9. Koios Kitchen Scale With LCD

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The well-crafted design food scale by Koios is another worth buying scale. The tempered glass platform provides durability with a waterproof function. Therefore, you can clean your scale and you do not have to worry about it getting damaged because you accidentally spill the water on it. After cleaning, you can hang it for convenient storage. The scale can adapt to the ingredient that is up to 5kg. Featuring a unit button that has six optional units for measuring, you can switch it according to your needs and to value different items.

Along with that, the LCD screen allows you to see and read the number and letter clearly. Its best feature is that you can charge it with a USB cable. You do not have to replace batteries, which helps you save the environment and your money. The scale also has tare and auto-shut-off functions.

#8. Weighmax Kitchen Scales with Bowl

#8. Weighmax Kitchen Scale with Bowl

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If you are looking for a bowl that is attached to a bowl, you can consider buying a Weighmax scale. This brand scale comes with a removable plastic bowl, allowing you to clean the bowl or put in the dishwasher. Plus, it prevents the scale from damaging since the water and contaminants might drop or spill as you can flip the bowl to cover the scale. You can still use the scale when you remove the bowl because it has a tare feature and it is easy to store without the bowl as well. The Weighmax scale can be switched to pounds, grams, or ounces and kilograms. You can power this device by four AA batteries (it is included), which will function for a couple of months. After one and a half minutes, the scale will automatically shut off. This scale is perfectly perfect in helping you watch your diet.

#7. Nicewell Kitchen Scales with Tare

#7. Nicewell  with Tare

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The Nicewell kitchen scale offers a 9” x 6.3” weighing area that is big enough for meat, vegetable, and other larger ingredients. The stainless steel and tempered glass construction give you the ability to wash the device without damaging it. The scale has the ability to determine in five optional units such as pounds, kilograms, grams, fluid ounces, and millilitres. It also has a tare feature that allows you to measure your food in a plate, container or bowl. Equipping with auto shut off with the scale will automatically turn off after 90 seconds.

This function helps to save battery life to provide longer usage. You can easily power the scale by inserting two AAA batteries, which is included in the package. This digital weighing scale is perfect for preparing your baking or cooking recipe and tracking your intake for weight loss.

#6. Escali Non-slip Kitchen Scales

#6. Escali Non-slip

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Escali top-rated food scale has an 8.5” x 6” panel and its weight capacity is five kilograms. The entire panel including the button and screen display is sealed with shield protection to prevent accidental spills. That is why it’s called spill-proof and quick clean as well as a compact body with a large LED display. Its small and attractive body makes it easier for you to store and carry around while the LED display will give you a clear letter to read and see. The two buttons allow you to turn on and off or press the tare feature easily. Apart from that, you can change the measurement unit into three different modes: grams, pounds: ounces, and ounces.

The rubber foot is non-slip so that it will not move around. It can operate by putting two AA batteries and it is included in the package so you can use it right away after you get it.

 #5. Inevifit Kitchen Scales

#5. Inevifit

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This top-quality kitchen scale is from Inevifit and it provides highly accurate measurement. The platform of this scale is coated stainless steel and big enough to hold more food. This elegant scale has a tare mode that allows you to weigh your items with a bowl or canister. Above and beyond, you can fix different units including milliliter, pounds: ounces, pounds, ounces, and grams according to your preference and usage. It also offers auto-shut-off, which helps save your battery so that you can use it for a long duration and save your money as well.

The LCD display screen with craftsmanship gives you a very easy reading. Since the scale has been upgraded, the scale can hold up to six kilograms of food and ingredients. You can use the scale to keep track of your weight while you are not on a diet too.

#4. Weigh Gram Kitchen Scales

#4. Weigh Gram

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Weigh Gram pocket scale is famous for its precise measurement and sold at an affordable price. The pocket scale is produced with a stainless steel panel with plastic protection on the surface and its holding capacity is 100g, ensuring that the user will get the accurate value of the items. This scale might look heavy but it is actually light in weight so you can carry it around without much hassle. In addition, the display of this scale is LCD blue backlit providing clearness for the number in order to view and read easily in all conditions of light.

Featuring four optional weight modes: grams, ounces, troy ounces (oz) and pennyweight (dwt), Similar to others, this scale also has tare and auto-switch in 60 seconds functions. The scale is run by AAA batteries. This scale can be cleaned with ease as the surface is smooth.

#3. AmazonBasics Kitchen Scales

#3. AmazonBasics

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This digital kitchen scale is from AmazonBasic. The stainless steel and BPA free construction provide durability and safety to the user. This scale is made in advanced technology that is why it could deliver quick and precise responses. Its panel is 8.7” x 7.1”, which is big enough to determine a larger amount of food while its wide LCD screen provides a viewable number to read and see. The scale will display in three different weight modes which are ounces, pounds, and grams. By pressing the unit button, you can change the setting.

Additionally, there is a tare function that is designed with the on and off button. So, when you want to zero down the plate or bowl, all you need to do is push that button. There are two AAA Amazonbasics batteries in the package. Hence, you are ready to use it right after you get it out of the box.

#2. Greater Goods Kitchen Scales

#2. Greater Goods

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This is an inexpensive but functional kitchen scale from Greater Goods. The ash grey color with a slim body made the scale look really attractive in your kitchen. When you hold it, it feels like you just hold your I-pad. Its weight platform is 6×6 inches, which is large enough for larger food or bowls and it could weigh up to five kilograms. Even better, the plastic panel with touch-sensitive buttons enables you to clean it without getting damaged so that it will stay hygiene. The number and letter can be seen easily due to its high-contrast LCD display.

For your comfort and benefits, this food scale also features auto turn off the system and a tare function. There are four unit settings and it can be operated by two CR2032 batteries (included). Its feet are scratch-resistant, guaranteeing that there will be no mark or scratch on your counter.

#1. Etekcity Kitchen Scales

#1. Etekcity

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Apparently, Etekcity kitchen scale is one among other brands that provide the highest accuracy in measuring. Its panel is crafted from stainless steel with food-grade material. Thus, it is not only durable and safe to consume but it also enables you to clean and maintain it for prolonged use. The multifunctional scale could be customized to its unit from ounces to grams or millilitres and pounds: ounces without complication. On top of that, each side button can be used easily and the tare function is also combined in the button.

With the backlit display, you can look and see the number and letter without trying. The scale can stand up to five kilograms. You can just indicate two AAA batteries in the scale then you can use it right away. The batteries are included in the package. Having this scale, the net weight will never be wrong.

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Buying Guideline

Tare Button: It is quite hard to measure the accurate net weight because of the plate and bowl which is why tare function plays a crucial role. By pressing the tare button, it simply resets to zero but once you add your ingredients into the plate or bowl above it, it reports the weight of your contents.  This means that the scale only measures the heaviness of the items and not the plate or container.

Weight Capacity: You will probably have to weigh a larger amount or variety of food items on the scales at the same time. This is why the larger capacity is, the better you will be. It is because you do not have to measure the items again and again.

Measuring system: it is a lot easier for you if you get the one that could scale in ounces, millilitres, pound’ ounce, and grams. Hence, it is handy for you with different measurement recipes. Plus, the scale should allow you to switch from one mode to another within seconds.

Weighing and removable platform: having a larger platform area would allow you to hold your food easily. It is even better if you can remove the platform part to wash and keep it for later use. However, it does not matter if your scale cannot disassemble since it is pretty rare and on the plus side, it is not a really essential part of the scale.


Whether you are a baker, dieter, cooking lover, or professional chef, you will still need a constant kitchen scale for your perfect and delicious dish. Consequently, you should consider buying it to be your kitchen companion. So, after you’ve gone through this article, we hope you will find a good kitchen scale that fits with your reference in preparing your meal and tracking your weight to achieve your goal.

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