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Suitable for a wide range of professions, a kinetic log splitter will let you have better convenience. Unlike a hydraulic machine, it provides you with multiple advantages. It also works faster that lets you save time. You don’t have to worry about tonnage as it has outstanding capacity. Most importantly, they have easier maintenance and you can even select from multiple electric models. It is ideal for handling tough logs making it perfect for commercial jobs. The following list contains the top 10 best kinetic log splitters to choose from.


10, Champion Horizontal Gas Log Splitter

Champion 7-Ton Compact Horizontal Gas Log Splitter with Auto Return TOP 10 BEST KINETIC LOG SPLITTERS IN 2020 REVIEWS

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This gas log splitter comes with a maximum splitting force of 7-ton. Therefore, you can simply utilize this machine for commercial purposes. The log splitter also comes along with a heavy-duty log cradle to hold the logs conveniently after splitting. Moreover, the machine comes along with an 80cc engine. This equipment splits through a log with a maximum length of 19-inch.

With the help of two large wheels, the splitter also helps you to glide it on different grounds. Furthermore, the low-profile equipment supports hassle-free loading. The machine comes along with 20-seconds of cycle time. The skewed wedge of the heavy-duty log splitter helps you to work with more efficiency.

  • Low profile design and high performance.
  • Integrated log cradle and auto return.
  • Cycle time of 20 seconds.
  • The durability is questionable.


9, Boss Industrial Electric Log Splitter

Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter, 7-Ton

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This electric log splitter comes with a powerful 2-horsepower electric motor. With the help of 3500-PSI hydraulic pressure, the commercial-grade splitter also supports faster log splitting. Moreover, you can use this machine by using your single hand. The equipment supports automatic ram return. The equipment comes along with 7-tons of splitting force. This unit does not emit harsh chemicals.

With the help of inbuilt side rails, the log splitter also holds the logs in a place. Furthermore, you can easily split the log at indoor spots. Therefore, the front handle helps you to move the splitter with no difficulty. The splitter comes with a sturdy industrial-grade steel frame to extend the lifespan of the unit.

  • Powerful performance with 2 HP motor.
  • Automatic return and easy to use.
  • Hydraulic system and large splitting force.
  • There is no such con.


8, Sun Joe Hydraulic Log Splitter

Sun Joe LJ10M 10-Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter, Green

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With the highest splitting force of 10-ton, thus kinetic log splitter works better than the hydraulic models. Therefore, you also do not need any gas, oil or other fuels to run the machine. Moreover, you can simply utilize the kinetic energy to split the logs with no time. The machine comes with a pair of 2.48-inch wheels to offer ultimate maneuverability.

You can also use this equipment to cut a long up to 18X8-inch length and width. Furthermore, the log cradle holds the logs in a proper place after splitting. The piston knob automatically retracts the ram return spring mechanism. This equipment comes with the construction of steel material to offer durability.

  • Durable construction for long-lasting use.
  • Easy portability and effective performance.
  • The massive driving force of 10 tons.
  • The operation will be slower.

7, PowerKing Kinetic Log Splitter

PowerKing 34 Ton Kinetic Log Splitter

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The power tool comes with a maximum splitting force of 34-ton. This kinetic log splitter also has kinetic flywheel splitter design. Therefore, the machine makes an ideal replacement for the hydraulic ones. Moreover, the equipment comes along with a reversible hitch. With the help of all-terrain chrome-rimmed tires, the unit offers better maneuverability.

The strong and temperature-resistant mechanism of the splitter also helps you to work even in cooler weather. Furthermore, the 3-seconds ram speed of the machine helps you to split the logs faster than other traditional models. The equipment produces up to 300-RPM of speed. Therefore, this machine comes along with an 8-inch steel wedge. You can easily carry this unit to your workspaces with no difficulty.

  • Flywheel splitter technology for high performance.
  • Efficient power and auto ram return.
  • Professional performance at high speed.
  • It is a completely new product.

6, Southland Outdoor Electric Log Splitter

Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SELS60 6 Ton Electric Log Splitter, Red

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This kinetic log splitter comes along with a pair of 7-inch wheels. So, you can simply roll this splitter on any terrain. This commercial-grade splitter also comes along with a robust 1.75-horsepower engine. Moreover, along with a high-power engine and 15amp induction motor, the machine delivers faster and easier log splitting. The equipment comes along with a maximum splitting force of 6-ton.

The machine also allows you to split wood with the highest length of 20.5-inch. Furthermore, the unit can perform splitting logs within 18-seconds of cycle time. With the help of a robust 5-inch steel wedge, the machine helps you to split the lumber with ease. You can simply replace your old, traditional and tiring manual log-splitting process.

  • Heavy-duty performance and easy to use.
  • Easy maneuverability due to convenient design.
  • Adjustable stroke with integrated stoke limiter.
  • There is no negative point.

5, Performance Kinetic Log Splitter

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This kinetic log splitter comes along with an oversized 33-inch work table. The professional-grade log splitter is also 4 times better than any ordinary or hydraulic log splitters. Moreover, the pin-style hitch of this equipment lets you tow this unit behind your ATVs. So, you easily transport this gear from one place to another.

The machine also splits a log within 3-seconds. Furthermore, the clutch of the tool helps you increase power without lacking safety. With the help of this system, the splitter offers continuous rack engagement. The machine comes with a maximum ram force of 20-ton. This wooden splitter comes along with a maximum towing speed of 10-mp/h.

  • Durable construction and suitable for professional use.
  • Includes a table for user advantage.
  • Better safety and cycle timer.
  • There are only a few reviews available.

4, DK2 Power Kinetic Log Splitter

DK2 Power 7HP 40 Ton Kinetic Log Splitter with Kohler Engine OPS240

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With the highest splitting force of 40-ton, this power tool produces super-powerful kinetic energy. So, you can simply utilize this kinetic log splitter to split lumbers within a second. Moreover, the commercial-grade power tool consists of an impactful engine to make your job easier and faster. Therefore, this machine organizes and loads the logs on the dual log keepers. It has an extra-large steel work table.

The bearing gliding force along with heat-treated ram also makes the machine exceptionally powerful. Furthermore, the machine comes along with an automatic retraction mechanism. The tool consists of an 8-inch expansive robust steel wedge. Therefore, the engine can produce up to 4000-RPM of motor speed to get your work done.

  • Ideal for commercial use.
  • Steel wedge for long-lasting use.
  • Auto retraction feature and dual log reloading.
  • There are no reviews available.

3, Sportsman Earth Series Gas Kinetic Log Splitter

Sportsman Earth Series 10-Ton 94cc Gas Kinetic Log Splitter

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This kinetic log splitter is able to split the logs with a maximum length of 20-inch. With the help of a splitting force of 7-ton, this machine also can handle heavy-duty timber splitting jobs professionally. Moreover, you can simply utilize this equipment for chopping wood in an organized, faster and convenient way. The splitter offers the safest and scientific way to chop off the wood.

The machine also consists of a pair of 8X1.75-inch of hard-sided rubber wheels. So, you can simply move this unit from one place to another. Furthermore, the machine includes a 2.7-horsepower engine to deliver superfast log splitting. This log-cutting equipment comes with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 100-lbs.

  • Quick performance and safe to use.
  • Solid weight capacity of 100 pounds.
  • Rubber wheels for easy movement.
  • It is a relatively new product.

2, Power King Horizontal Kinetic Log Splitter

Power King 42-Ton 7 HP 208 cc Gas Horizontal Kinetic Log Splitter

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The kinetic log splitter comes with a maximum splitting length of 21-inch. This powerful machine also comes along with a 7-horsepower motor. Moreover, the gas-powered machine offers horizontal log splitting. Therefore, you can use the equipment to serve your professional log cutting. The splitter only takes a few seconds to completely split the timbers.

This model is also an ideal replacement for the hydraulic-powered splitters. Furthermore, the engine takes very lesser fuel to run the operation. The steel frame material makes this wood splitter exceptionally durable. The 2-second cycle time takes a few seconds to complete the splitting process. This device works 6 times faster than the ordinary log splitters.

  • Fast performance for saving time.
  • Powerful engine for effective performance.
  • Heavy-duty components for enhanced durability.
  • It is on the heavier side.

1, Powerhorse Horizontal Kinetic Electric Log Splitter

Powerhorse Horizontal Double Flywheel Kinetic Electric Log Splitter - 7-Ton, 15 Amp, 120V Motor

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With the help of the highest splitting force of 7-ton, this kinetic log splitter helps you to split timbers easily. The dual flywheel design of this power tool also offers faster splitting. So, you can simply do the splitting jobs like a pro with no time. Moreover, the electric copper-wire motor with 2-horsepower produces kinetic energy for faster cutting.

The inbuilt log cradle is also able to hold each of the logs securely each time after splitting. Furthermore, the cradle helps you to save your time in collecting and organizing wood. With the help of 1500-watt output usage, the motor of this machine can cut a log within a few seconds.

  • Log cradle for safe operation.
  • Easy portability with large tires.
  • Powerful motor and double flywheel.
  • There are no reviews to judge.


Buying Guide For Kinetic Log Splitter –

Check out the following list of the main parameters while you buy a kinetic log splitter.


A kinetic log splitter must be of high-quality materials that allow you to use it for a long time. Look for the one that comes in robust construction and delivers effective performance. You can also see if it comes with towing wheels that let you have easy mobility.


A log splitter can come in different sizes. You will have to see if it has the ability to accommodate woods of different sizes. Consider the type of wood you need to split and then make your buy.


Since kinetic log splitters have no restrictions on the tonnage limit, you need to see if it is perfect for commercial use. Look for the one that is easy to operate and comes with auto ram feeding.


If you are looking to have a powerful performance from a kinetic log splitter, then make sure that it comes with an efficient motor. The motor can have varying HP and you need to select with a minimum of 2 HP.

Splitting Capacity:

This is another important feature that you will have to see while buying a log splitter. This will determine the suitability of the machine and let you choose the right one.


You can definitely don’t disregard safety as this is a vital consideration. Some of it will let you use it with a single hand. However, some can come with a two-hand operation for better safety. In addition to this, you will have to consider the power source as well as the overall design that makes it safe to use.

When it comes to splitting the log, you need to opt for a kinetic log splitter to get the job done efficiently and almost effortlessly. There are many factors to check before you buy a kinetic log splitter. That is why we have provided you with a buying guide so that you can understand the features and check all the important points before you a kinetic log splitter within your budget. Even our team has considered all those parameters and more while handpicking the products for you.

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