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A hex key set basically a simple, commonly L-shaped, hand tool used for loosening and tightening hexagonal bolts or other similar fasteners. These days, Hex Key Sets are widely used amongst professionals and amateurs who are passionate about mechanical crafts.

With overwhelming options of hex keys available on the market, you must be wondering how to choose the right one for you. In this article, we’re going to take a look at 10 best hex key sets you can easily find on the market today, as well as their reviews and essential features that you will need to look for to choose the best one.

List Of Our Best Hex Key Sets Reviews On Amazon.Com

#10.  TOPLINE 25-Piece Folding Hex Key Sets

#10.  TOPLINE 25-Piece Folding Hex Key Set

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TOPLINE folding hex keys set consists of 25 pieces of various size hex keys that are constructed of Cr-V steel material and finish with black oxide treatment for durability. The keys are designed with chamfered edges to guide the wrenches for smooth and simple entry. It also features durable rubber-side inserts for a better secure grip in hand. Additionally, each hex key is imprinted with visible size markings to easily identify its size. Moreover, the sizing measurement is available in both metric and inch.

This 25-piece folding hex keys set by TOPLINE is a suitable hand tool for assembling common pieces of furniture or repairing a bicycle. It’s compact and lightweight which is convenient to store or carry around. Also thanks to its folding design, you need not worry about losing any pieces of the key anymore.

#9. HORUSDY Allen Wrench Set 26 Pieces

#9. HORUSDY Allen Wrench Set 26 Pieces

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HORUSDY professional hand hex wrench set tool is constructed of Cr-V steel material for durability and reliable strength. The standard hex wrenches are finished with the matte surface coating, while the metric ones are coated in bright surface finish. The design of different colours makes it easier to distinguish the formats. Additionally, the hex keys are designed with a ball end and a long arm to easily reach up to 25-degree entry.

This wrench set includes 13 pieces of metric size and 13 pieces SAE size of Hex and Torx key set. The set also includes one torque handle that helps to add force during the loading or unloading of fasteners which enhances greater torque and extra reach. The various sizes of key wrenches in this set range from 05” to ⅜” (SAE) and 1.27mm to 10mm (Metric) which provides a wide versatility of applications suitable for multiple working environments or needs such as furniture assembly or bicycle repair.

#8. Lichamp 18-Piece Hex Key Sets

#8. Lichamp 18-Piece Hex Key Set

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Lichamp hex keys set contains 18 pieces of high-quality Cr-V steel constructed key wrenches that are durable and long-lasting. The key wrenches are processed with advanced heating treatment for anti-corrosion and rust-resistance protection to ensure reliable performance with a long time of use. This set features common sizes of key wrenches which includes 9 pieces of SAE keys in sizes 1/16-inch to 3/8-inch and 9 pieces of Metric keys in size 1.5mm to 10mm. They are commonly suitable for most furniture assembly, equipment installation, vehicle repair, and many more.

As for the design, the keys are designed with the ball end that allows for easy access to most narrow spaces with the 25-degree angle reach. The long arm of the key wrenches offers a better grip in your hand for an enhanced experience of operation. The arms also feature a textured slip-resistant surface to prevent slipping and improve grip when working with oily or dirty hands. Additionally, each key wrench is coated in different visible colours to easily distinguish the different sizes.

#7. Klein Tools 70550 Hex Key Sets 11 Pieces

#7. Klein Tools 70550 Hex Key Set 11 Pieces

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Klein Tools professional folding Allen wrench set includes 11 pieces of extended high-leverage blades that open 270 degrees individually. The size range you will get in this hex keys set is from ½-inch to ¼-inch, 7/32-inch to 7/64-inch, and 3/32-inch.

The square-cut of the key ends ensures a secure, full fit with the drive socket wrench to prevent accidental slip. Thanks to that, the task can now be done quicker and with less effort. Additionally, it also features a handle that is constructed of strengthened nylon to offer an enhanced and comfortable grip for easier operation. The durable alloy steel constructed body gives this hex keys set a damage-proof and long-lasting performance.

#6. HORUSDY Hex Key Sets Inch/Metric 30-Piece

6. HORUSDY Hex Key Set Inch/Metric 30-Piece

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This 30-piece Hex key and Allen wrench set consist of extended-reach keys and high-leverage short keys; 15 of each type, and in both Metric and Inch sizing measurement. They are designed with the common drive end that provides an extended reach and a better fit on stubborn repairs or fixings. Each wrench has its sizes marked visibly for easily identifiable. The sizing measurement is available in both metric and inch.

This set also includes a sturdy storage case for organization and portability as well. The storage case also features the sizes-marking spots dedicated to each key wrench as well for better organization and better access to your needed tool. Moreover, the set also comes with a beautiful packaging that can be used as a great gift for your family and friends, too.

#5. EKLIND Cushion Grip Hex T-Key – 8pc set

#5. EKLIND Cushion Grip Hex T-Key - 8pc set

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EKLIND cushion grip hex keys set provides optimal strength and flexibility to get your task done faster and easier. This industrial-grade high-quality professional hand tool is manufactured in the US. They are constructed of heat-treated alloy steel for durability, safety, and reliable performance. They are also coated in a rust-resistant finish for extra protection.

This set contains common sizes Allen wrenches in Inch sizing measurement. The T-Handle design and the long shaft of the Hex key gives a better reach and higher leverage to get your task done easier. The handles are also coated with the slip-resistant finish for a better and comfortable grip. A storage pouch is included in the set for an easy organization in your toolbox as well as for convenient portability.

#4. Owl Tools Hex Key Sets

#4. Owl Tools

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For those looking for a big wrench set, Owl Tools has got the deal for you. Their 36-piece wrench set includes both the Metric and Inch sizes with 18 pieces of each type. They come in both short and long shaft with the ball ends design. The key wrenches are constructed of industrial-grade carbon steel and coated in Chrome, for Metric, and in Black Oxide finish, for SAE. The different colour coating helps to differentiate the two types of key wrench for better distinguishment. On top of that, there is also a highly-visible marking of sizes on the case and each key wrench as well, except for the smallest ones.

These key wrenches are perfect for any mechanical enthusiasts who like doing home DIY projects. The keys are great for any assembly or repair of furniture, bicycles, motorcycles, machinery, and many more. The common size keys in the set will be all you need to get your job done easily and hassle-free.

#3. REXBETI Hex Key Sets


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REXBETI Hex key set is an industrial-grade hand tool constructed of heat-treated S2 (52-58 HRC) steel for reliable performance and ultimate durability. This material is known to be better than the general Cr-V steel in terms of toughness and torque.

They are designed with a long shaft to provide extended reach as well as high leverage. The ball ends design ensures easy access with a 25-degrees entry angle to sockets. It helps to reach narrow spaces easier with less effort. The keys are designed in L shaped, like most hex keys, however, this set also includes an extra detachable T-Handle for a more comfortable grip. The strength-helping T-Handle helps to minimize pressure points with continuous use and add comfort to provide a more convenient experience of usage. This set uses both Metric and SAE sizing measurements to suit your different needs.

#2. Stanley Folding Metric Hex Key Sets

#2. Stanley Folding Metric

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Stanley folding hex keys come in a 2-pack set that includes 8 pieces of Metric size hex keys and 9 pieces of SAE size hex keys. It is composite constructed for durability and safely reliable performance. The side features a rubber insert to ensure comfort and secure grip. Additionally, the chamfered designed edge of the key wrench acts as a guide for an easy, smooth entry to the socket. Size markings are imprinted visibly on each key for easy identification.

Stanley’s hex key set is supported by a lifetime warranty. Moreover, Stanley’s compact and portable hex keys also meet and exceed the ANSI specification as well.

#1. TEKTON Long Arm Hex Key Sets

#1. TEKTON Long Arm

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Constructed of heat-treated Cr-V steel material and finished with a black oxide coating, this compact set of 26-piece key wrenches is a great tool for a simple assembly or repair of furniture, vehicle, and many more. The ball ends design allows for a 25-degree angle reach even around complex obstructions. The long and short shafts of the key wrenches provide an extended reach and high leverage. The chamfered ends ensure a secure fit as well as a smooth entry into the fastener’s head and minimize the chance of wearing over time. Moreover, the black oxide coating finish helps protect against rust and corrosion under high-impact contacts.

The Metric and SAE sizing measurements are distinguished by colour-coded cases for a quick and easily identifiable of each series. Moreover, the size markings are highly-visible to ensure enhanced user experience.

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Buying Guide

To choose the best hex key set depends on many features such as your usage purposes, the length, and the material used.

Purposes: Identify the main purposes of what and how you will be using your hex key for will make it easier to break down the options of which hex key set you should get. Bolts and screws normally come in various sizes, which means they also require different sizes of hex keys to get the job done. If your works mostly involve working with electronic devices or toys, you’ll want to get a set with smaller Allen wrenches than the bigger ones, and vice versa if you’ll mostly work with bicycles, cars, or other big equipment.

Length: Longer hex keys are able to reach bolts and screws in narrow spaces which the shorter ones couldn’t. If your projects are complex in that sense, you will want to get the set that comes with longer shaft hex keys.

Materials Used: From the material used for construction to the coating for rust and corrosion resistance. These are a few important features to look for when buying a hex key set. The material used will define its durability and lifetime. It’d also be helpful to look for purchased reviews to see how durable the set is, especially the durability of the smallest wrenches as they’re more likely to break.


Adding one of these hex key sets to your mechanical tool collection will make any of your home DIY projects much easier. The above-mentioned hex key sets either come in a folding form or include a storage case to keep your key wrenches nicely organized. In addition to that, it also makes them conveniently portable and handy in many situations as well.

Choosing the best hex key set could be overwhelming, that’s why we’ve also prepared a buying guide for you to ease your selection process.

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