The 10 Best Heavy Duty Transmission Jacks in 2021

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Occasionally, you may need to install, take away or transport the vehicle and heavy loads. The need may arise to transmit bulky goods with weight exceeding from. For effective and efficient transmission, you require a tool that would speed up the process while also ensuring safe transmission. It is found that the heavy duty transmission jacks are usually the finest option for these types of tasks.

The heavy duty transmission jack can handle the transmission’s weight and implement a mechanism to enhance motion as well as control during the transport process. In order to ensure that your vehicle is correctly taken care of, you need a high-quality transmission jack. These jacks are critical in the process of building, revamping, or restoring your vehicle.

List of The Best Heavy Duty Transmission Jacks in 2021

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10. Iglobalbuy 2 Stage Adjustable Transmission Jack

10. Iglobalbuy 2 Stage Adjustable Transmission Jack:

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Capable to fit the majority of transmissions, this jack from Iglobalbuy is a recommended product that comes with maximum durability. It comes with a fully adjustable saddle along with corner brackets for maximizing the strength. Maximum durability is offered with the help of sturdy heavy duty steel construction.

The jack comes with great lift range telescopic type two-stage hydraulic ram, and 4-leg base along with swivel casters for enhancing the stability. The provision of lifting pedal and foot-operated pump enable a mechanic to appropriately position the transmission. This product is designed for vehicles that have huge clearance or for those vehicles that are on a lift.

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9.  OTC 5237 Transmission and Fuel Tank Jack

9.  OTC 5237 Transmission and Fuel Tank Jack:

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If you are looking for a precise and simple control heavy duty transmission jack, this is a suitable product.  The product includes an advanced folding foot pedal that provides great precision and regulation as you align or detach your transmission.

It comes with a Universal mounting head that works to offer extensive fore and after tilt range as well. The range of lifting is variable, from 37 inches to 73-3/4 inches, allowing you to choose based on your need. This product comes with a two stage hydraulic cylinder design. The jack notably decreases force needed to lift heavy transmissions.

8. Goplus 1100 Lb High Lift Transmission Jack8. Goplus 1100 Lb High Lift Transmission Jack:

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This heavy duty transmission jack from Goplus is recognized as a crucial lifting and conveyance tool, suitable mainly for the automobile maintenance as well as maintenance factory. The tool is ideal for the engine, vehicle gearbox, front and rear axle, transmission engine, etc. With the incorporation of advanced technology, its piston rod, and pump core are handled through special heat treatment as well as chrome-plated polishing. This lets this tool work as wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It can sustain the maximum load of 1100LB (0.5 TON). This jack comes with smooth casters. This allows you to cast total four 360° swivel iron casters through polyurethane for soft movement.

7. Torin Telescoping Hydraulic Transmission Floor Jack

7. Torin Telescoping Hydraulic Transmission Floor Jack:

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Equipped with durable steel and dished enamel finish, this heavy duty transmission jack is capable to transmit heavy load efficiently. The jack is designed to use with in-ground as well as above-ground lifts. It is quite easy to install or remove any transmission from car or truck, either manually or automatically.

The jack is adjustable because it comes with the 4-leg base along with 3 inches steel wheels. These wheels are capable to rotate up to 360 degrees on the ball bearing casters. Its saddle can be adjusted to suit any transmission and safety chain inclining backward, forward, and sideways.

6. Generic Low Profile Transmission Engine Jack

6.  Generic Low Profile Transmission Engine Jack:

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The aspect in which this jack is unique is that it provides an extraordinary four load support arms, and all these arms are adjustable. This jack incorporates a special pan design that is precisely designed to suit all transmission types. The product comes with safety chains and four two-inch metal swivel casters. This tool is capable to sustain 1000 LBS load capacity.

5. OTC 1793A Stinger 1,000 lbs Transmission Jack

5. OTC 1793A Stinger 1,000 lbs Transmission Jack:

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Through the help of a safety overload system, precise control is imparted on this jack to avoid its operation over its rated capacity. There are universal saddle tilts on the front to back as well as on sideways.

This jack provides optimum positioning of the load with the help of adjustable corner brackets as well as the safety chain. For effortless control, while aligning or removing any transmission, this tool comes with a foot-operated pump and lowering pedal.

4. HTJ-1000 1,000 lb Transmission Jack

4. HTJ-1000 1,000 lb Transmission Jack:

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Designed to provide superior lift range, this heavy duty transmission jack offers the facility of a 2-stage lift. You need not worry if the load to transmit is bulky. The operation is based on speedy lift and the tool makes use of a complete air-operated mechanism. For providing better control, the tool works on an accurate hydraulic lift. You can lift the load in the range from 34.5 inches to 72 inches. It can support a maximum load of 1000 pounds. This jack comes with straps to secure the transmission in a fixed place.

3.  Dragway Tools 2 Stage Hydraulic Transmission Jack

3.  Dragway Tools 2 Stage Hydraulic Transmission Jack:

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In order to simplify the transmission process, this heavy duty transmission jack from Dragway implements the hydraulic operation. With the help of telescopic adjustment, the transmission is made efficient. Right from its simple assembly, to the multi angle adjustment, to the foot pedal precision control, this product offers great convenience and lifting ease.

This tool is capable to fit the majority of transmissions with the help of its adjustable saddle that comes with corner brackets. It comes with extendable and steady 4-leg base accompanied with 4 cast iron swivel casters in order to ease the mobility. With the help of lowering pedal and foot-operated pump, positioning and aligning becomes easy.

2. Mophorn Transmission Jack 1100 LB

2.  Mophorn Transmission Jack 1100 LB:

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When you are looking for a heavy duty transmission jack with sliding doors, go for this product. With load-bearing capacity of 0.5 Ton, this tool is worth the price offered. Its sliding barn door is manufactured with a view to converting your closet or doorway into an elegant and sleek entrance. The use of stainless sliding door hardware works to save a lot of space. It allows unlocking multiple rooms without any hassle of a swinging door.

1. Pittsburgh 2000 lb. Transmission Jack

1.  Pittsburgh 2000 lb. Transmission Jack:

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Recognized as a robust, reliable and durable product, this heavy duty transmission jack from Pittsburgh is basically designed for low-profile work on vehicles. It can transmit vehicles like commercial trucks with no hassle of installation or removal of a transmission. It comes with an adjustable tilt saddle, 2,000-pound lift capacity, and is prepared with useful features to simplify the transmission process. The product is manufactured from durable metal and assists to accomplish the transmission from one place to another with ease. This jack presents Wishbone design for the extra-low.


You may usually encounter hassles of installation and removal while transmitting vehicles and heavy loads. Incorporation of any of these heavy duty transmission jacks allows you to easily accomplish transmission process.

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