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A post driver is extremely useful for driving posts and installing a fence. There are various types of post drivers available and the gas-powered ones are the most powerful. Fencing is an important part of any construction project and it is going to be difficult to erect a fence post without a powerful post driver. A gas-powered post driver is convenient to use and highly portable and has versatile applications. Depending on the size of the posts you want to install for fencing, you have to choose a post driver and its attachments accordingly. The following list contains the top 10 best gas powered post drivers below.


10, Titan Gas-Powered Post Driver

Titan PGD2875 Gas-Powered Post Driver, 3¼" Barrel TOP 10 BEST GAS POWERED POST DRIVERS IN 2020 REVIEWS

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This self-contained gas-powered post driver is very light in weight and offers exceptional maneuverability. The post driver also comes along with a 3.5-inch barrel. Moreover, the driver only weighs 30-pounds. Therefore, you can simply carry this unit to your workspaces. The impact frequency of the machine ranges from 1500 to 2000-beats per minute.

This post driver also comes along with a powerful 1.3-horsepower motor. Furthermore, the machine comes along with a 4-stroke engine. Furthermore, you can easily allow this equipment for gardening, construction sites, and other places. With the help of a 140-Fa engine, the driver works best on softer ground conditions. The handles of the machine are very much comfortable to grip.

  • It offers vibration-free fencing.
  • Suitable for soft ground conditions.
  • Consists of a high-quality and tough barrel.
  • There are mixed reviews about the product.




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This gas-powered post driver comes along with a 4-inch barrel. The unit also comes with a higher fuel efficiency of 1-quarter in an hour. Moreover, the portable design of the driver helps you to carry it around almost everywhere. Therefore, the compressor and hose-free design make the equipment easy to use. The post driver is very much easy to turn on or off.

This machine also comes with the construction of industrial-grade Aluminum material. Furthermore, the air-cushion dampening of the unit effectively reduces the vibration. This device offers recoiling-free activation. You can use this post driver on different terrains. This tool is very much useful in gardening, construction works and more.

  • Powerful enough to handle tough jobs.
  • This comes with exceptional fuel efficiency.
  • It comes with an air-cushioning dampening function.
  • It is a completely new product.


8, Rhino Gas Powered U-Channel Driver

(Made in USA) Rhino - GPD-45 Multi Pro XAU Rhino Tools Gas Powered U-Channel Driver With Top Throttle

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This gas-powered post driver is very much light in weight. The scientifically-designed driver also comes with reduced vibration. Moreover, the balanced design of the tool also helps you to use it with comfort. Therefore, the handles of the machine effectively dampen the vibration. The equipment comes along with top throttle. Aluminum material construction makes this tool exceptionally durable.

The reduced vibration also helps you to operate the machine for a long time. Furthermore, with the help of a 2.5-inch heavy wall-slotted chuck, you can simply use this unit to break away signposts. The engine of this driver comes with a 4-stroke engine. This machine consists of heat-treated and shockproof steel components.

  • Works as a U-channel driver.
  • Works nearly vibration-freely.
  • Feels very light in weight, offers better maneuverability.
  • There are no reviews available yet.

7, Post Driver, Multi-Pro, 51 lb, 4-Cycle, 26″H


Post Driver, Multi-Pro, 51 lb, 4-Cycle, 26"H

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This gas-powered post driver comes with a gasoline-driven motor with a 4 cc engine. The machine also comes with a maximum speed of 8500-RPM and a minimum speed of 5300-RPM. Moreover, the T-post driver comes with a single-cylinder structure. With the help of air-cooling vents, the motor stays cool and runs for longer. You can simply use mixing oil to make the machine active.

The machine also comes along with a 0.9-liter fuel tank. So, you can run the equipment for a longer time. Furthermore, the impact frequency of the post driver ranges from 1200 to 2200-BPM. You can use this unit for different jobs, like pipe driving, stakes, fencing, star pickets, and posts.

  • It comes with efficient air-cooling vents.
  • Suitable for farms and construction projects.
  • The speed of the motor is easily adjustable.
  • It is slightly heavier than the rest.

6, BSTOOL Gas Powered T Post Driver

BSTOOL 52 cc 2.4HP 2 Stroke Electric Gas Powered T Post Driver Gasoline Piling Driver Demolition Jack Hammer Concrete Breaker Rock Drill Punch Bit Pile Piling Driver Chisel 1.2L w/EPA Certificated

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With the help of a powerful 2.4-horsepower motor, this gas-powered post driver runs on pure gasoline fuel. With a low fuel-consumption rate, this driver also produces impact frequency from 770 to 1500-BPM. Moreover, the air cooling vents of the motor keep it running for hours without overheating. You can simply use any mixed oil to run the machine.

The gas-powered post driver also supports recoil starting for convenient use. Furthermore, the motor does not produce much noise during installation. Therefore, you can use this equipment for breaking through solid rocks, ripping up driveways and more. The chisel seat helps you to change the drill bits with ease.

  • Works on both wet and dry grounds.
  • This comes with a powerful 2-stroke engine.
  • It comes with a lower fuel consumption rate.
  • It is difficult to operate for long.

5, Yescom 2 Stroke 32.7cc Gas Powered T Post Driver


Yescom 2 Stroke 32.7cc Gas Powered T Post Driver Gasoline Piling Driver Portable Lightweight w/EPA Certificated

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Derived from long-lasting Aluminum material, the body and casing of this post driver are extraordinarily durable. The driver also comes along with one 55 and one 75mm post driving heads. So, you can simply use this gas-powered post driver for installing Y-posts, T-posts, and other ground rods. Moreover, the rubber and plastic sponge handle of the equipment makes the operation lesser hectic.

The handle also turns down the effect of the recoil force of the machine. Furthermore, the gasoline-fueled machine helps you to carry and use it almost everywhere. Therefore, the recoil starter efficiently decreases the vibration during operation. The throttle adjuster comes along with interlocking controls to support the hassle-free operation.

  • Works on different terrains.
  • This comes with different driving adapters.
  • It comes with a reduced recoil force.
  • It is a relatively new product.

4, Gas Powered T Post Driver by Bei Cheng

51.7cc 1300W 1.7hp T Post Driver 2 Stroke Gas Powered Petrol Pile Hammer Portable with EPA Fence Farm Garden

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This complete set includes glasses, gloves, spark plug, pile drivers, pile heads, oil can funnel, wrench and tool kit. The gas-powered post driver also comes along with a powerful 1.7-horsepower motor. Moreover, the internal vibration damper of the unit allows you to use the machine with comfort. Therefore, you can utilize this equipment for different fields, like construction sites, gardens, agriculture, geophysical exploration and more.

The set also comes along with 2 different sizes of post driving heads. Therefore, the adapters fit most of the posts with different sizes. Furthermore, the motor with cooling vents efficiently works for hours without overheating. You can simply use this machine with mixed oil.

  • It comes with higher impact frequency.
  • It comes with an inbuilt vibration damper.
  • Includes all the necessary tools, accessories.
  • It is rather bulky.

3, Titan Gas Powered Post Driver

Titan PGD3875, 4" Barrel

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This gas-powered post driver feels very much light in weight. So, you can use this machine with lesser fatigue. The equipment also includes a 4-inch barrel to make the fencing like a breeze. Moreover, the driver only weighs 50-lbs and this machine is suitable to handle the toughest jobs of the workspaces. Therefore, the equipment makes the fencing line easier to lift, move and carry down.

The included tool kit also makes the servicing and maintenance of the driver easier. Furthermore, with the help of a 4-inch barrel, the post driver allows you to use it with the post up to a 3-inch diameter. So, you can use this machine for installing rebars, rods, and posts.

  • Comes with 1, 2 and 3-inch adapter sleeves.
  • Includes a tool kit for easy maintenance.
  • Produces up to 1350-BPM.
  • There are only a few reviews available.

2, REDI-DRIVER BOSS Gas Powered Post Driver

REDI-DRIVER BOSS Gas Powered Post Driver/The Original/NO Compressor/NO Hoses/NO Hassle!/ Industry Leading 3 Year Warranty

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This gas-powered post driver comes with high-quality metal construction to withstand the harshness of commercial workspaces. The equipment also comes along with a removable anodized inner barrel. Moreover, the barrel comes with a diameter of 3-1/8-inch. The cast housing makes the machine exceptionally reliable. This high-performance equipment consists of an industrial-grade polymer piston.

With the help of an ergonomic carry handle, this post driver also allows convenient transportability. Furthermore, the precision throttle of the unit allows you to adjust the fencing with accuracy. To reduce the vibration during fencing, the equipment includes a fatigue-releasing damping system. This model is free of hoses and compressors. The machine consists of a 1.3-horsepower motor.

  • It comes with a detachable anodized barrel.
  • A motor with reduced vibration.
  • It comes with no compressor or hose.
  • It is slightly heavy than others.

1, Titan Post Driver w/ Honda Engine

Titan PGD2875H w/ Honda Engine - 3¼" Barrel

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With the help of an easy recoil pull-start, the trigger throttle lets you start the gas-powered post driver easily. The machine also comes along with a 2.5-inch barrel to make your fencing installation process like a breeze. Moreover, equipped with a powerful 1.3-horsepower motor, the 4-stroke engine of this post driver generates heavy speed.

This lightweight unit also only weighs 30-pounds. So, you can conveniently use this and carry it to your workspaces with ease. Furthermore, the equipment produces up to 2000-beats in a minute. The 1 and 2-inch adapter sleeves help you to drive rebar, rods, and posts smaller than the 2-inch diameter. The plastic carrying case of this machine makes transport convenient.

  • It comes with 2 different adapter sleeves.
  • Includes a powerful gas-driven motor.
  • The machine is light in weight.
  • The reviews are not encouraging.


Buying Guide For Gas Powered Post Driver –

Check the following points while you buy a gas-powered post driver.

Post Size Capacity –

The market has introduced a wide variety of gas-powered post drivers to fit the needs of people with different professions. For instance, the different gas-powered drivers come along with various capacities and weights. The chuck adapter size determines the size of your desired drivers. For versatile pole size installations, you need to for a chuck that fits different sizes of posts. Generally, the lightweight models are suitable for single post size. It is better to go for the higher-grade drivers with multiple chuck adapters to fit your needs. Some machines also let you install taller posts using a handle extension kit. A versatile post driver should drive 1-5/8 to a 4X6-inch post.

Soil Type –

For selecting a gas-powered post driver, you must determine the ground type first. A small post driver with minimum power can easily install an average-sized fence into medium weight moist soil conditions. If you want to work on heavy, dry, or solid soil, then you need a high-power model. However, the granite or tiles require the strongest machine to accomplish the job. For the toughest ground, you need to drill a 1-inch hole into the soil before installing the posts. Some models come with variable speed settings.

Maintenance –

Equipped with powerful engines, all of the gas-powered models need repairing, servicing, and maintain quite a while. A multidirectional post driver is very much easy to maintain and you only need to lubricate the engine occasionally. For hassle-free use, you should opt for a machine that needs minimal maintenance.

Number of Posts –

For regular post driving jobs, it is better to look for a model with heavier weight and higher horsepower engines. Therefore, these machines can handle the toughness of the process. You also need to monitor the time; the driver takes to install a single post. A powerful driver with a gasoline-fuel can drive a post within 30-seconds. Even, some models take about 2 to 3-minutes to install a post.

Drive Depth –

These machines come with different drive depth to offer various types of post driving. Very popular gas-powered post drivers can drive posts within the depth range of 2-inch to 3-feet. If you have to drive post deeper than this range, then it is better to look for a machine with different depth setting options. A powerful model can drive post from 2-inch to 10-feet depth.


There are different types of gas-powered post drivers available in terms of their capabilities. The buying guide is provided for the same purpose so that you can understand the features and specifications. There are post drivers available at different price tags and you should choose the one that can fulfill all your requirements perfectly and give you the best value for your money.

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