10 Best Electric Winches in 2022 Review

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Electric winches are great working tools essential for towing heavy vehicles such as trucks, trailers, USVs, or even boats. These tools are equipped with hooks and heavy-duty steel cables or nylon ropes for pulling the vehicles and loads from wherever they are stuck. The majority of the electric winches are packed with wireless remote control for efficient operating the tool from a distance.

The robust motor plus strong materials improve the tools’ torque to pull heavy loads of up to 13000 pounds. So, if you tend to travel off-road with your car, investing in an electric winch is a great choice. Which are the best electric winches on the market?

Here are the top ten best options to consider

10. Ayleid 12V 13000lb Electric Winch with Synthetic Rope

Ayleid Electric Winches

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This is a heavy-duty electric winch that you can use for pulling heavy machines like cars. The fact that the winch can pull a load of up to 13000 pounds makes it an excellent choice for car models like SUVs and some truck models. Controlling the function of the winch is smooth since it comes with two wireless remote controls.

This also makes it smooth to operate the winch from multiple angles. This electric winch is meant to be used in all-weather climates. Meaning, it has waterproof material construction, so you can still utilize it under the rain or at the rivers.

Special features

  • The winch comes with 85 feet of 3/8 inch Diameter Synthetic rope
  • The unit comes with other accessories like remotes, gloves, and synthetic cables
  • Powered by two rechargeable batteries
  • Pulls a weight of 13000 pounds
  • Comes with a four-year warranty

9. OPENROAD 13000lbs Electric Winch with Cable


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If you love traveling off-road with your family or friends, this winch will suit you in case you get stuck. The quality design plus heavyweight compatibility makes this a reliable winch for different car models. You can use it to pull 4×4 SUVs, trunks, and even trailers. Whether you are stuck in the river, mud, or rocky area, rest assured that the winch will get you out of the mess.

The 6.0 HP wound series motor plus 3-stage planetary gear system boosts its functioning and saves time. Note that this electric winch is safe to use under the weather since it features waterproof materials crafting.

Special features

  • The winch comes with both corded and wireless remote controls
  • Powered by 6.0 HP motor
  • Pulls a load of 13000 pounds
  • Comes with strong 85 feet long synthetic rope
  • Features automatic brake rollback protection

8. RUGCEL Electric 12V 2000lb/907kg Single Line Waterproof Winch

RUGCEL Electric Winches

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Although this electric winch does not cost much, it is highly recommendable for multiple automobiles and boats. The winch can effortlessly pull a load of 2000 pounds. The device is powered by 1.0hp 12v series wound motor and has a three-stage gear for efficient pulling. Still, the winch has a strong and thick 48 feet long nylon rope that clips on the vehicle and other commodities to pull.

You are not limited to the times you can use the winch, including under the rainy season. The waterproof casings secure it from water damages so you can use it in the rain or water areas. Note that this winch comes with a cable switch for control purposes.

Special features

  • The winch comes with a lifetime mechanical warranty and 3-year manufacturing warranty
  • Can pull a load of 2000 pounds
  • It is affordable
  • The winch is a multifunctional pull device

7. NEWTRY 3 in 1 Electric Hoist Winch 1100lb with Wireless Remote Control


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If you have a warehouse with top shelves or you need a lifting device to pack an item on top shelves at the garage, this winch is a perfect choice to get. Controlling it is easy since it comes with wireless remote control. You don’t need to be close by lifting your loads with the device since the remote can sense at a distance of 60 feet away. It is a reliable winch for heavy-duty works since it lifts a load of up to 1100 pounds.

The device has a safety mechanism where the safety hammer automatically switches off when you reach the limit position or load. It has two hooks, one at the base and another at the top, which swivel for easy hooking the loads. The working speed of this device is recommendable since it lifts load at 5 meters per minute to save time

Special features

  • The winch has an overload protection mechanism
  • Has heavy-duty industrial aluminum materials
  • Can lift loads of up to 1100 pounds
  • This winch works at 1500 watts

6. ZESUPER 12V 13000-lb Load Capacity Electric Truck Winch Kit

ZESUPER Electric Winches

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This is a quality on a functional off-road winch to consider getting when traveling. The material design plus the heavy-duty construction guarantees its quality and durability as well. This winch is safe to use with trucks, trailers, USV, boat utility trailers, and jeeps since it can pull weights of up to 13000 pounds.

The speed displayed by this winch is excellent since it pulls 5.8 feet when fully-loaded and 22 feet away when empty per minute. The winch is made with a 6.4 HP 12v motor that empowers it to function efficiently and quickly.

Special features

  • This winch comes with lifetime technical support and one year warranty
  • Can pull a load of 13000 pounds
  • The winch has high compatibility with various machines
  • Comes with durable synthetic rope for pulling
  • The entire unit has waterproof material construction

5. FIERYRED 12V 4500LBS Electric Synthetic Rope ATV Winch Kits


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If you have a transport truck or trailer that travels off-road areas, I suggest you get this winch to use if the car gets stuck. It may seem compact, but it is quite powerful. The winch is recommendable for towing vehicles and other machines like boats to move around. The other great thing about this winch is the affordable price since it retails at less than 200 dollars.

Controlling the winch, especially when pulling loads, is smooth since it comes with a wireless remote that picks signals at a distance. Other features that boost this winch’s great functionality are the 1.9 motor and 3-stage planetary gear systems. The tool has a gear reduction ratio of 153:1, and the planetary gear train gives it the most robust pulling ability.

Special features

  • The winch comes with one year warranty plus technical support
  • The remote picks signal at a distance of 25 feet away
  • Has a powerful 1.9 HP motor
  • Has a waterproof case

4. ZEAK 12000lb. Electric Truck Winch

ZEAK Electric Winches

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This electric-powered winch has professional crafting such that you don’t have to deal with the rope tangling when pulling loads. The heavy-duty material construction and powerful function make it possible to pull a load of 12000 pounds. The winch is good to use off-road for towing vehicles when stuck.

Using it is easy since it comes with a wireless remote controller. This makes it easy to work for a distance as the remote has strong signals. Another thing that you will love about this winch is high-speed functioning. It pulls full load at a distance of 4.6 feet per minute and 16 feet when empty.

Special features

  • The winch has a powerful 6 HP DC motor
  • Has a metal construction with a waterproof finish
  • The winch pulls a weight of 12000 pounds
  • Has a 86 feet long strong synthetic rope

3. WARN 92000 Vehicle Mounted 2000 Series 12V DC Electric Utility Winch


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If you are looking for a compact winch to tag along when traveling by a small car, this model is a great choice. It is crafted in a compact size, so mounting it in a tight space is comfortable and smooth. The winch is super strong and can tow a load of up to 2000 pounds.

The permanent 1.6 HP magnet DC motor empowers the tool to function well and quickly to save time. The winch only weighs 19. 4 pounds, so moving to carry is relatively easy and convenient. It is compatible with most power adaptor since it connects to a 12 volts adaptor.

Special features

  • This tool comes with a 35 feet long rope
  • The winch only weighs 19.4 pounds
  • It can pull a weight of 2000 pounds
  • The tool is affordable

2. VEVOR Truck Winch 12000Ibs Electric Winch

VEVOR Electric Winches

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This winch has sturdy and durable materials construction with a black finishing that secures the rust and corrosion tool when used close to wetness. Unlike other models, this winch is equipped with a steel rope that measures 85 feet long for convenience when towing the vehicle from a distance.

This tool has dynamic brakes to secure the load from moving backward when moving it. Also, note that the winch comes with a remote for smooth control from a distance. A 12V 6.6 hp motor powers this winch plus 3 stage and planetary gear train system for convenience functionality.

Special features

  • This winch can tow a load of 12000 pounds
  • Has a powerful motor
  • The winch has a waterproof coating
  • Has 85 feet long steel pulling cable

1. TYT New 13000 lb. Advanced Load Capacity Electric Winch


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One thing that stands out on this winch is the dual control mode. You can opt to use the wireless remote control or use the wire handle for those who want to control it manually. This is a heavy-duty winch that you can use with trailers, trucks, jeep, and USV vehicles considering it can tow a weight of 13000 pounds.

Also, note that you can use this winch under the weather since it has a waterproof finish to secure it from rust and corrosion even when used in muddy or wet areas. Unlike other traditional winches, this model is equipped with an 85 feet long steel cable for smooth pulling the vehicles.

Special features

  • Has waterproof and sand proof construction
  • The winch can pull a weight of 13000 pounds
  • Has three-way gear patenting system
  • Comes with a wireless remote control


These are our top best electric winches for 2022 worth investing in. The winches have different weight-bearing capacities whereby some are strong to tow weight of 13000 pounds while others are the only ideal for small weights of 1000 pounds. These winches are safe for different regions since they have durable materials that cannot get damaged by outdoor climates.

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