Best Cordless Chainsaws Reviews

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If you are planning to work on a room renovation or DIY woodworking projects, a necessary tool you will need is the cordless chainsaws. It is simply a mechanical saw with sharp teeth on a rotating chain that is used to cut wood.

There are many different types of chainsaws available on the market. However, in this article, we would like to introduce you to a list of ten best cordless chainsaws that have been carefully selected by our editor team based on their impressive quality. At the end of this article, you are invited to read a buying guide, in which you may find useful information regarding how to choose an ideal cordless chainsaw.

List Of Our Best Cordless Chainsaws Reviews On Amazon.Com

#10. Craftsman Compact Cordless Chainsaws

#10. Craftsman Compact Cordless Chainsaw

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To begin with, let us check this cordless chainsaw from Craftsman. This is a 20V chainsaw that comes with a battery and a charger. It is powered by a high-performance 4.0Ah lithium-ion battery that is capable of cutting up to 60 cuts per charge. This black and red cordless chainsaw features a 12-inch bar and chain that can cut any wood up to 10 inches thick. The bar and chain can be removed and replaced after many uses.

Its compact size makes it very ideal for cutting in small spaces as well as for easy storage. Moreover, this cordless chainsaw is also lightweight as it only weighs less than 15 pounds. Craftsman’s chainsaw also features an auto oiling and a tool-free tensioning system. This one comes with a three-year limited warranty and is backed with a 90-day money-back scheme.

#9. LiTHELi Powerful Cordless Chainsaws

#9. LiTHELi Powerful Cordless Chainsaw

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Moving on, we have another top-quality cordless chainsaw, which is from LiTHELi. This 40V chainsaw uses 4Ah lithium-ion battery packs to power itself. It features a 14-inch chain that is made from high-quality steel. LiTHELi is made from a powerful brushless motor that can deliver torque at the speed of 6000 RPM. What makes this extra special is that it has a tool-free tensioning knob which makes it easy to adjust the tension of the chain. Moreover, it also has an auto oiler that will add the oil to the rod and chain automatically when needed. The maximum capacity of the oiler is 180mL.

This chainsaw has an overall weight of fewer than 12 pounds. Plus, it comes with an ergonomically designed handle that is integrated with the brake system. Not only that, but there is also an instant kill switch which will stop the motor immediately after you release the trigger. These are the safety features that prevent you from any accidents during work.

#8. Oregon Tool-free Cordless Chainsaws

#8. Oregon Tool-free Cordless Chainsaw

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Coming up next, we have this cordless chainsaw from Oregon, which is powered by a powerful brushless motor and 4.0Ah lithium-ion battery. The charger of the chainsaw is provided in the package. Each full charge will allow you to make up to 600 cuts that are under 3 inches thick. It has a 16-inch guide bar, which is a perfect size for almost every project.

Similarly, it also features a tool-free chain tensioning and auto-oiling system. The oil tank has a maximum capacity of 4.1 ounces. Oregon’s chainsaw is convenient to use and it feels light and comfortable in your hands. The overall weight is just about 12 pounds. What’s more is that it has a sharpening system, which allows you to sharpen the saw in just several seconds by just pulling a lever.

#7. EGO Power+ Tough Cordless Chainsaws

#7. EGO Power+ Tough Cordless Chainsaw

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We also strongly recommend a cordless chainsaw from EGO Power+ too. As for this one, it also features a 16-inch Oregon bar and chain. It is normally supported by a 56V lithium-ion battery; however, the battery and the charger are not included in the package. You may buy them separately. EGO Power+’s cordless chainsaw uses a high-efficiency brushless motor that could perform at the speed of 6,800 RPM. With a single charge, you can perform up to 300 cuts. It is made from weather-resistant materials. It weighs less than 10 pounds.

Like many others, it also has a chain tensioning system that does not require any tools to adjust. Plus, this one also has a chain kickback brake which ensures your safety and prevents any accidents while cutting. EGO Power+ offers a five-year limited warranty for the system and a 3-year warranty for battery and charger package.

#6. Makita Cordless Chainsaws with LED

#6. Makita Cordless Chainsaw with LED

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If you are looking for another top-grade cordless chainsaw, then maybe you should check Makita out. Makita offers a cordless chainsaw with a brushless motor that is powered by two pieces of 18V lithium-ion battery. The motor could deliver at the speed of 940 FPM. So, the total power is 36V, which will grant you a longer running time. It comes with a Dual Port Rapid charger. Makita is a type of chainsaw that produces no emissions and less noise (less than 100dB) while working. Since it is a high-quality product, it undoubtedly requires less maintenance.

The guide bar of this one is 14 inches and its overall weight is around 20 pounds. Makita also has a tool-less tensioning adjustment system, which is quite convenient. There is a front hand guard that is designed to prevent the blade from accidentally engaging while actuating the brake. You will also find a built-in LED switch on the motor. Moreover, there is an auto power-off function that will automatically shut the motor off when needed. The oiling tank is transparent, so you can easily check the level of oil.

#5. Worx Cordless Chainsaws

#5. Worx

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Next, let us take a look at a cordless chainsaw from Worx, which is a 20V chainsaw, powered by one lithium-ion battery. It is super compact and lightweight yet very powerful. It weighs just less than 7 pounds, making it easy to handle. Despite its lightweight, it can cut through an optimum-sized log and branch at a speed of 12.5 feet per second. Worx’s cordless chainsaw also uses an auto-chain tension system which requires no tools to adjust.

Also, there is an auto-chain lubrication system that will add an efficient amount of oil automatically to the chain when needed. There is also an indicator of the oil level as well. Its handle is ergonomically designed, and it will give you a comfortable grip while reducing fatigue. You may consider buying an additional extension pole, which is actually optional, but it is of great use for higher places.

#4. Greenworks Cordless Chainsaws

#4. Greenworks

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Now, we want to introduce you to Greenworks, which is one of the most well-known brands of the chainsaw. Greenworks also offers a premium-grade cordless chainsaw that is both lightweight and powerful. It operates on a 40V lithium-ion battery that can be recharged with the provided charger. With a single charge, you can make up to 75 cuts. It features a 12-inch bar and chain that is made from heavy-duty steel and a 3/8-inch chain pitch. Additionally, there is a tool-less tensioning system and auto oiler. The oil tank provides a clear view of the oil level. It is quite easy to use this one. This one weighs just only 6 pounds. You may look for an alternative for this same model. Greenworks has another cordless chainsaw that comes with a 14-inch bar and brushless motor.

#3. BLACK+DECKER Cordless Chainsaws


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This list would not be completed without a chainsaw from BLACK+DECKER. This one here is a cordless chainsaw that comes with a 40V lithium-ion battery. It can stay charged five times longer than many other chainsaws. The charger is provided. Once it is fully charged, you will see the green LED indication. It has a 12-inch Oregon bar and chain made from industrial-grade steel. This lightweight cordless chainsaw also features a tool-free chain tensioning adjustment system. In addition to this, there is an auto-oiling system which gives the chain and bar constant lubrication. BLACK+DECKER is an ideal chainsaw that will assist you in any projects without any hassles.

#2. BLACK+DECKER Cordless Chainsaws


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Here is an alternative cordless chainsaw from BLACK+DECKER. As for this one, it is a little bit smaller than the previous one. However, the quality is pretty much the same. This one comes with a 10-inch Oregon kickback bar and chain. With this one, you can also adjust the tension of the chain easily and quickly without using any tools. There is also a transparent oil tank for lubrication of the bar and chain too. The wrap-around handle is ideal and safe for both horizontal and vertical cuts. It also uses a 20V battery, but the battery is sold separately. Having this cordless chainsaw will help get your job done quickly and efficiently.

#1. Greenworks Cordless Chainsaws

#1. Greenworks

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Last but not least, we would like to highly recommend another product from Greenworks. This one comes with an innovative brushless motor that is powerful and could perform at an extensive lifetime. It also uses a 40V lithium-ion battery. With this one, you can cut up to 150 cuts per charge. The motor can deliver up to 30% more torque. It also offers up to 70% less vibration than chainsaws that are powered by gas while working. The bar and chain of this chainsaw are 16 inches. It has an overall weight of around 10 pounds. Besides this, it has a 0.0375 chain pitch, metal bucking spikes, and a chain brake. On top of that, you can also find an automatic chain tensioning system and an automatic oiler. The oil tank has a transparent window so you can see the level of oil at any time. Greenworks will definitely be worth your investment.

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Buying Guide

Whether it is true or not, some people find it a little bit challenging to find the right cordless chainsaw. For this reason, this little section may help you get some ideas regarding what to expect in an ideal one. Here are some factors you should take into consideration before buying a cordless chainsaw.

Weight could determine how comfortable or how tiring it is to work with the chainsaw. You may not wish to use a heavy chainsaw for long hours. Therefore, it is best to choose a lightweight one. The products introduced above are all lightweight and easy to handle.

Tool-free tensioning system: This is a great feature since you do not need any tools to adjust the tension of the chain. This could help you save time and effort.

Power and lifetime: This factor refers to how powerful the battery of the chainsaw is. With a powerful battery, you can perform better and longer. Moreover, the batteries shall be rechargeable, and the charger should be provided as well.

Safety functions: Accidents cannot be seen, but it can be prevented. Therefore, an ideal chainsaw shall have safety functions such as auto-power off, kickback brake, or front handguard that will prevent accidents.

Auto oiler: You may look for this extra feature, but it is not necessary. With this feature, the right amount of oil will be automatically dispersed to the bar and chain, so it lessens your time and works as well. It is also absolutely okay if the chainsaw does not have an auto oiler as long as it has an oil tank which you can lubricate your chain and bar.


To sum up, this article has provided you with a great detail of ten best cordless chainsaws and a buying guide. After walking through the list above, we see that each cordless chainsaw has its own special feature. However, they are all ideally constructed and very practical for any woodworking projects. Besides having their quality guaranteed, they are also sold at reasonable prices too. Therefore, you should not hesitate any longer and check one of these out for your projects.

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