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When building or making your own furniture from scratch, it is very crucial to have the right Circular Saws in order for you to stay safe and piece together the perfect furnisher. One of those essential tools includes a hammer, tape measurer, a circular saw, and many more. A circular saw is a better alternative to a normal, traditional saw because it helps cut through wood faster and in better and precise shape.

List Of Our Best Circular Saws Reviews On Amazon.Com

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#10. POPOMAN Cordless Circular Saws with Rubber Handle

#10. POPOMAN Cordless Circular Saw with Rubber Handle

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First up on the list, we have the POPOMAN Cordless circular saw designed with a safety switch and a blade guard that reduces the possibilities of a heavy injury. With its soft rubber handle and auxiliary handle, the saw is able to decrease the chances of having hand fatigue and increase the preciseness of the cut. Furthermore, the accuracy of the cut is assisted with the use of the laser guide and the parallel guide. With its lightweight and fast feature, weighing only 2.7 kilograms and the speed of 4300RPM whilst using only 20 volts, this saw is a great tool for cutting various woods and materials.

Instead of cables, the cordless circular saw uses a 4.0Ah lithium-ion battery that is replaceable and works with other POPOMAN products. The adjustable cutting depth and angle provide a broader range of options. The angle can be adjusted from 0 to 45 degrees and a cutting depth of 52mm at 90 degrees along with a 35mm at 45 degrees. In addition to that, the saw comes with an outlet that allows you to attach to a vacuum for convenient cleaning.

#9. Milwaukee Circular Saws

#9. Milwaukee Circular Saw

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Next item, we have the durable and stylish Milwaukee circular saw that has simplistic designs for comfortable use. The saw is 7.2 pounds making it cut through tough wood and other materials like bamboo easier. Furthermore, the saw is engineered with an arbour lock that allows you to change the blades to the ones that you prefer.

The M18 battery is long-lasting so it does not disrupt your work when you run out of battery. With the battery power, it makes this circular saw run time 30 times longer and an added 40 per cent more power than a normal brush saw. In addition, the saw has a tilt lock that allows you to cut with an angle accurately and precisely.

#8. HYCHIKA Sharp Circular Saws

#8. HYCHIKA Sharp Circular Saw

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Making it on number 8 of the list, we have the 120V HYCHIKA circular saw that has the speed of 4700 RPM which can save you a lot of time. The durable and sharp blade can cut through wood, plastic, and even metal. The saw comes with a hex wrench that allows you to change blades depending on different needs and functions. When angled at 90 degrees the saw can cut through 65 mm in depth and when angled at 45 degrees it can cut through 45 mm. The dual blades allow you to cut through easily.

As for accuracy, the saw has two built-in laser guides controlled with buttons and a scale ruler for a more professional cut. Its safety features include an aluminum guard, as well as a double safety, switch to prevent heavy injuries. In addition, the handles are designed to reduce hand tiredness and provide a better grip to prevent slipping while using.

#7. Meterk Circular Saws with Red Laser

#7. Meterk Circular Saw with Red Laser

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Next up, we have the Meterk circular saw that is equipped with a red laser guide to give you a clearer and more precise cut. The saw has powerful motors that make cutting faster with a speed of 4700RPM using 120 volts and 1800 watts of electricity. The two cutting blades are sharp, one with 24 teeth and the other with 40 teeth.

Along with the aluminium guard that provides extra security, the Meterk saw has a comfortable handle that provides a stronger clamping. In addition to that, the saw has a double safety switch that provides a sturdy grip to prevent harmful accidents. When using at a 90-degree angle the saw can cut through 67 mm of wood or other materials. On the other hand, when using at a tilted angle of 45 degrees it can cut through 45mm. For a cleaner workspace, the saw has a dust outlet that allows you to attach with a vacuum cleaning all the sawdust that is released when cutting wood.

#6. Skil Cordless Circular Saw with LED

#6. Skil Cordless Circular Saw with LED

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Here we have another circular saw from Skill that uses a power core of 20 Lithium batteries. Its main purpose is to cut thoroughly and easily through the wood which plays a part in the DIY projects at home, work, and more. Furthermore, the bevel capacity for cutting is 0 to 50 degrees as it also allows you to cut through at 2-13/32 inches deep.

Additionally, this product comes with a thin-kerf, a carbide-tipped blade with 24 teeth, a saw line visor, a lock-off lever, LED lights, and an ergonomic design for the handle which assists you to operate more firmly and accurately to plan. The saw line visor is aimed to help keep your cuts straight so that they can be even more closer to your preferred perfection. Speaking of perfection, the LED lights also play a part as well as it helps you see your cutline even under the dim sky. Besides, for even stronger security and assurance, a lock-off lever is promised.

#5. ENERTWIST Circular Saws Cordless 

#5. ENERTWIST Cordless

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ENERTWIST’s cordless circular saw uses a 4.0 Ah Lithium battery that is then accompanied by a 3.5 A fast charger. Furthermore, this product includes a laser guide, a parallel guide, a vacuum adapter, a 24-teeth carbide-tipped blade, a 60-teeth soft-metal blade, a diamond blade, and an Allen key which makes it very efficient and convenient when building your furniture. The blade sizes are 4.5 inches with a speed of 3500 RPM able to cut through 2-inch wood. At 90 degrees, it can cut up to 1-11/16 inches and at 45 degrees, it can cut up to 1-1/8 inches.

For safety issues, this saw includes a safety switch on the handle which not only allows us to control the saw but also gives us a firm grip. With weighing only 4.5 pounds, this easily-maneuverable saw is already 50% less in weight and volume compared to a regular circular saw which is very ideal and should not be missed.

#4. Dewalt Atomic Circular Saws

#4. Dewalt Atomic

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The Dewalt Atomic circular saw is sleek and trendy fitting for high-end users. This brushless saw has a motor that is capable of cutting 339 linear feet at 3/4 inch with the speed of 4500RPM which enhances a speedier production. On top of that, it best matches a DCB205 battery for better sustainability and durability.

Likewise, to have better control over the saw, simply remove the auxiliary handle and proceed. Whereas, on-blade storage is there to serve the purpose of a more convenient and free blade swap. Furthermore, it comes with a hanging hook that resolves the worries of many regular saws users about saws turning into clutters at home.

#3 SkilSaw Southpaw Circular Saws

#3 SkilSaw Southpaw

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Further, along with the list, we have the Skilsaw southpaw circular saw that gives you accurate and fast results. To obtain those definite results and cuts, the saw is built with a blade sidewinder that is in charge of making the cut more clear and straight and high-quality torque that enables higher speed. Not to mention, that sidewinder blade clears up the cut scene and works best with soft or hard engineered woods.

Likewise, there comes with a built-in 15 amp motor that reduces the risk of overheat. Plus, it is made of magnesium material that is lighter and sturdier when in usage and does not tire you out like normal saws. With max cut at 2-7/16 inches and up to 56 degrees bevel range, the saw is best suited to cut frames for ceilings, decks, and sidings.

#2. Dewalt Circular Saws

#2. Dewalt

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Moving on, the Dewalt saw kit is sturdy and tough featuring up to 5150 RPM speed which saves time and increases accuracy. Using only one 20 volts lithium-ion battery, the saw kit surely is productive and powerful. Of course, the battery can be charged as a 110V charger is provided. Meanwhile, a bevel that ranges from 0-50 degrees is also included which means the kit can maintain aggressive cuts.

In addition, during long hours of usage, no concerns are needed due to the magic of a magnesium shoe that makes sure the saw remains long-lasting and strong. Plus, long hours of gripping won’t add damage to your energy as the handle is sealed with a rubber cover providing the softest yet firmest grip. If any mechanical problems arise within 3 years of purchase, coverage will be provided.

#1. Rockwell Circular Saws

#1. Rockwell

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Last but not least, we have the Rockwell RK3440K series circular saw that is vigorous and fits all purposes. This saw is built with a 4 amp motor which can be charged using electricity at 120 volts voltage. Likewise, the saw works at 3500RPM and performs well with diverse textures such as floor tiles, wood, metal, plastic, and so on.

Not only is it strong in power, but it also gives its user comfort and eases when used. The handle is firm and made thin with the purpose of steadier grips and command. Furthermore, a laser pointer is included to make sure that no crooked cuts will take place. For even more secured cuts, a pivot guard and dust extraction are built-in enhancing clearer views when cutting which aids in the protection and safety of the users.

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Buying Guide

To assure you in buying the correct and high sustainability circular saw, we have come up with a list of the factors that should be taken into consideration.

Speed and size: Speed and size are very important because the power of a saw can be too high or too low. Getting a small and slow saw while having many constructions in line will only take up a lot of time and effort as it is slower to get things finished one by one. Likewise, a too big and too fast saw can ruin the accuracy and straight cut of the project as it can be caused by us having too little control over them.

Weight: Circular saws have more and more high-end built-in equipment that can result in a heavier weight. It is crucial to check for the right weight so that you can work actively and accurately without wasting too much energy.

Features: Additional features such as bevels, levers, dust extraction all aim to make cutting easier and safer. Other features such as laser pointer should be well checked as well because who doesn’t want a safe and easy job.


We have introduced you to the top 10 best circular saws that surely provide you with many benefits that will ease in house or workplace makeovers. If any of the detailed descriptions above matches your preferences, please do not hesitate to reserve yours now before it’s too late.

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