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Replacing air filters every time they get dirty is very expensive. It is also time-consuming since you have to stop whatever you are doing and run to the store or order one online. Well, the air filter cleaner is designed to provide a solution to this problem. They cleanse air filters, thereby, making them look brand new and work surprisingly well.

With that being said, the next time your filter is dirty, you may consider not replacing it with a new one. Instead, get an air filter cleaner. Most air filter cleaners come in kits. These kits normally have an air filter cleaner and air filter oil. They come completely to make sure you have no hard time keeping your filter clean and performing optimally.

Ideally, an air filter cleaner works by dissolving dirt and fine dust. It does this so the clogged material can come off easily when the filter is rinsed. This eliminates the need for a high-pressure hose, which can damage your filter. Interested in buying one? The following reviews will help you make the right decision.


10, aFe Power Air Filter Restore Kit (MagnumFLOW 90-50001)

aFe Power MagnumFLOW 90-50001 Air Filter Restore Kit (Single, Blue) TOP 10 BEST AIR FILTER CLEANERS IN 2020 REVIEWS

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If your air filters are by aFe Power, this air filter restore kit is for you. The kit does an exceptional job of keeping reusable and washable air filters clean and in good condition. It includes highly refined and powerful filter oil that captures very fine dirt particles yet still allows for maximum airflow.

The oil has a blue color, and it is formulated to work with all aFe PRO 5R air filters. The manufacturer of this air filter restore kit recommends that you recharge your air filter after every 20 to 30,000 miles.

Reasons to Buy:

  • The price is affordable
  • Works as advertised
  • The instructions, it comes with, are easy to follow
  • It is delivered really quickly
  • Includes a cleaner and blue oil aerosol


9, Maxima Pack of 2 Air Filter Aerosol Combo Kit (70-799202)

Maxima 70-799202-2PK Air Filter Maintenance Aerosol Combo Kit, (Pack of 2)

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Maxima Air Filter Combo Kit includes a 15.5oz Maxima Air Filter Cleaner and a 13oz Fab1 Spray-on Air Filter. The Maxima Air Filter Cleaner is an emulsion-type heavy-duty cleaner made to give both fabric and foam air filters thorough cleaning. The air filter cleaner does that without damaging foam cells, glue, or paper. Besides, this cleaner removes dirt and oil from air filter elements for easy washing out with water. And this means it is very convenient to use.

The FAB1 synthetic air filter oil (spray-on), on the other hand, has the same tested and proven formula as FFT. It protects against contaminants. Moreover, this spray-on air filter oil can be used both on fabric and foam air filters. The water-resistant formula of this air filter oil will not migrate off of filters while catching fine dust and dirt. Also, it will not plug foam cells.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Works surprisingly good on air filters
  • Great value for the money
  • Highly recommended by professional mechanics


8, Uni Filter UFM-400 Filter Oil & Filter Cleaner Kit

Uni Foam Filter Oil & Filter Cleaner Kit ATV Dirt Bike Chemical Cleaner UFM-400

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Uni Filter UFM-400 Kit includes 5.5-ounce aerosol filter oil and 14.5-ounce aerosol filter cleaner. It is a complete kit that comes with everything you need to service Uni foam air filter elements. The kit’s cleaner has powerful agents that quickly strip away dirt and grease. What’s even better, the cleaner does that without damaging air filters.

The spray-on filter oil is very easy to use. Simply leave it to soak in and then rinse off. The filter oil traps dirt particles. Furthermore, the filter oil will not have any effects on airflow when it is properly applied.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Both the cleaner and oil work wonderfully
  • The cans have a clean and uncluttered design
  • The spray does not have a strong smell
  • Instructions are easy to follow
  • The spray comes out smooth and even

7, K&N 99-0624 Synthetic Air Filter Cleaner and Degreaser

K&N Synthetic Air Filter Cleaner and Degreaser: 32 Oz Spray Bottle; Restore Engine Air Filter Performance, 99-0624

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K&N 99-0624 is a good purchase for those with synthetic K&N air filters. It cleans these types of filters nicely. What’s more, K&N 99-0624 is multipurpose. It works great both as a cleaner and a degreaser. This means when you have it, the performance of your air filters will be restored. Well, K&N 99-0624 restores performance by getting rid of the build-up of filter-clogging.

It also restores the efficiency of the airflow. By so doing, the air filter cleaner & degreaser will help your K&N air filter perform like new. The product works by dissolving and loosening grime, dirt, and build-up on synthetic filters. Well, this makes it easy to rinse away filter-clogging much with water. It is important to note that K&N 99-0624 is also available in a quantity of 4.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Improves performance on an epic scale
  • Makes cleaning extremely easy
  • Leaves the filter looking brand new
  • Helps prolong the life of air filters
  • No inconvenience of running out of cleaner before oil or vice versa

6, Spectre 884820 Accucharge Filter Kit

Spectre Performance 884820 Accucharge Filter Kit

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One reason why most people like this air filter kit is that it is very affordable yet high quality. The kit is a complete one. It includes 8 fluid ounces of filter oil and 12 fluid ounces of cleaner. The filter oil is made from food-grade material oil, and it has no animal fats or petroleum products. Well, this is a clear indication that, despite the low price point, this kit is a good one.

The kit is designed for all Spectre HPR racing and replacement air filters. So, if you are looking for an air filter cleaner to clean and care for your Spectre HPR filter, look no further than this product. The graduations on the bottles mean you will always achieve precise measuring with ease. As if that’s not enough, the kit includes spray top bottles to make the application a no-brainer.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Cleans filters as promised
  • Comes with instructions for easy use
  • Makes it cheaper to run Spectre filters
  • Oil is clear – not dyed
  • Reapplying the oil is a cakewalk

5, Air-Care C.E.F 32oz Electrostatic Air Filter Spray Cleaner

Air-Care C.E.F Electrostatic Air Filter Spray Cleaner 32oz

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Keeping your Air-Care electrostatic air filter performing like a new unit is now a walk in the park. All you need is a high-performance air filter spray cleaner like this one right here. Once you have it, use it as directed for years of trouble-free filter performance. Remember that if you do not clean your filter, its effectiveness will be reduced.

But again, not all air filter cleaners are designed to the same standard. And that’s where the Air-Care Electrostatic Filter Cleaner comes into play. It comes in a 32-ounce bottle, which is large enough to let you use it for a long time. It is also powerful enough to get rid of biological agents, cooking by-products, soil, nicotine, and other contaminants. Moreover, this cleaner works without affecting the antimicrobial action.

Reasons to Buy:

  • It is easy to use
  • Cleans filters nicely without leaving behind any residues
  • The cleaner is shipped on time; therefore, no long, anxious waits

4, AEM 32 oz. 1-1000 Air Filter Cleaner with Trigger Sprayer

AEM 1-1000 Air Filter Cleaner with Trigger Sprayer - 32 oz.

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AEM 1-1000 Air Filter Cleaner works by loosening and dissolving grime and dirt buildup on synthetic filters. By so doing, the air filter cleaner allows you to easily rinse off dirt and grime from your filter. All you need is clean water and you are good to go. The cleaner is not only suitable for AEM Dryflow air filters but also works great with other synthetic filters.

It comes in a 32-ounce bottle, and its price point is surprisingly low. Well, this is really great, especially if you are on a budget yet you want to enhance the performance of your air filter. The bottle, in turn, has a trigger sprayer for easy application of the cleaner.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Eliminates the need for a high-pressure hose, which can damage the filter
  • Extremely easy to use
  • The spray nozzle is well made and will no doubt last longer
  • Directions are on the back; hence, they are easy to access
  • Directions are worded clearly

3, K&N 99-0621

K&N Air Filter Cleaner and Degreaser: Power Kleen; 32 Oz Trigger Spray; Restore Engine Air Filter Performance, 99-0621

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K&N 99-0621 is designed to clean all oiled K&N air filters. It enables the filter to work exceptionally well again. It does that by getting rid of filter-clogging buildup. What’s more, this product also works great as a degreaser. It is a highly effective and powerful degreaser, which dissolves filter buildup and old oil in no time.

By so doing, the Power Kleen allows you to rinse off the filter grime without breaking a sweat. Additionally, this air filter cleaner & degreaser is available in various sizes. It comes in 1 gallon, 5 gallons, 12 ounces, and 32 ounces. It comes in a bottle with a trigger spray for easy and precise application. If the filter of your vehicle is K&N cotton media filter, K&N 99-0621 is for you. It is vital to note that the use of other air filter cleaners other than K&N 99-0621 on K&N cotton media filters can void the warranty.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Directions are on the bottle for ultimate convenience
  • One treatment leaves the filter clean
  • It is worth the money
  • Cost-effective – eliminates the need to buy a new filter

2, K&N 99-5000 Air Filter Cleaning Kit

K&N Air Filter Cleaning Kit: Aerosol Filter Cleaner and Oil Kit; Restores Engine Air Filter Performance; Service Kit-99-5000

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We love the fact that the K&N 99-5000 Air Filter Cleaning Kit is available in two versions; Aerosol Kit and Squeeze Kit. These two versions allow you to easily settle on what is suitable for your needs. Ideally, if the air filter of your vehicle is by K&N then this cleaning kit is for you. It is like any other cleaner by K&N. This means it removes the buildup of filter-clogging, thereby, ensuring exceptional performance.

Furthermore, this kit includes Power Kleen – a highly-effective and powerful degreaser, which dissolves filter buildup and old oil in no time. The degreaser does this so filter grime can be rinsed away easily with water. Using this cleaning kit is amazingly easy. All you need to do is spray the Power Kleen and then rinse with water. After that, allow the filter to dry before applying fresh filter oil.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Included instructions are simple and easy to follow
  • Cleans and primes the filter quickly and easily
  • Gets filters back to as new as can be

1, Maxima 64oz

Maxima 70-79964 Air Filter Cleaner - 64 oz.

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Maxima 70-79964 is an emulsion-type heavy-duty cleaner that is ready to use. It is designed to clean both foam and fabric air filters. And it does that without destroying foam cells, glue, and paper. It removes dirt and oil from the air filter. As such, it makes the air filter very easy to clean.

Furthermore, the Maxima 70-79964 Filter Cleaner is available in all sizes. Well, these include 64 Ounces, 46.5 Ounces (Pack of 3), 15.5 Ounces, 186 Ounces (Pack of 12), 62 Ounces (Pack of 4), 31 Ounces (Pack of 6), and ½ Gallons (Cases of 6). It is crucial to note that this air filter cleaner is designed to be used with petroleum-based oils.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Cleans both dirt and previous oil from the filter
  • Does exactly what it is supposed to do
  • The cleaner comes well packaged
  • It is exactly what the description and title say
  • Perfect for dirty oiled filters



Most, if not all, air filter cleaners are cheaper than the air filters themselves. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to buy an air filter cleaner to care for and maintain your filter. These products do a wonderful job of making sure all the dirt, oil by-products, and other elements are removed from the filter.

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